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Abyss of Fire by JagPanther44
Abyss of Fireby JagPanther44
A soldier from the grim dark of the 41st Millennium dies in servitude to his god, The Emperor of Mankind. His life was forfeit from his birth, as the words of his people...
Male reader (Ork) x My Hero Academia Disclaimer: I do not own the vids, pics, Orks from Warhammer 40k and My Hero Academia. It belongs to their respective owners (vids a...
The Freeblade Gamer of Remnant by The97OtherDudes
The Freeblade Gamer of Remnantby The97OtherDudes
When Y/N died, he didn't know where he was going, maybe he was going to heaven or reincarnate into another world. Unfortunately, Y/N got the latter option, now on a miss...
hololive English -Myth- meets the man-emperor of mankind.  by Demonemperordazed
hololive English -Myth- meets the...by Jerry Ledesma
Man-emperor of mankind meeting of hololive English 1st generation. When Amelia Watson screwed up and sends all of them in 42nd millennium were the EMPEROR is still sitti...
The Breakfast Of Champions by JaggedLynx
The Breakfast Of Championsby JaggedLynx
A Chaos Marine's quest for a big bloody bowl of KHORNE FLAKES.
The marine RWBY x Male reader by saian2001
The marine RWBY x Male readerby The Commandant
A suspicious object lands in the forest. Team RWBY is sent to investigate. Their discovery could quite possibly change not only their lives but the course of Remnant
Jaune of the imperium by kain0710
Jaune of the imperiumby Kaïn0710
Jaune wanted nothing more than to become a huntsman but when it is revealed that his transcripts are falsified, most students turned their back to him some tried to kill...
Da Biggest Boss Dat Ever Lived!Abused Ork-Human Hybrid Male Reader X Rwby by BrawlBismarck
Da Biggest Boss Dat Ever Lived!Abu...by BrawlBismarck
I don't own rwby or Warhammer 40k (Y/N) (L/N) was adopted into a loving family in patch on remnant, who loved and cared for him. But than they changed, they started abu...
Imperium To Remnant by FZH048
Imperium To Remnantby FZH
A place to store my one shot stories about RWBY X Warhammer 40K. Or the 40K alone. Or any other 40K crossovers. Just please, read this shit
Romancing Walker Saga : Petite Princess Cocoloo by ar0012
Romancing Walker Saga : Petite Pri...by Angelo Ryusei Date Raymundo
A fan-made fiction for Petite Princess Yucie. The Story is all about cocoloo, princess of spirit world and the war of avernum and muithermne.
Perturabo & Child by Wolflord2020
Perturabo & Childby Warriors of Legends
Perturabo was doing a scouting mission with Will incase any of his traitored sons had went into hiding along the way they encountered a rift and met a woman with a small...
Gate x 40k: Thus the war of annihilation was fought there by Warbrand1
Gate x 40k: Thus the war of annihi...by Warden
Deep in the underhives of Krieg, a mysterious gate appears. But before anyone can act strange men with ancient armor and weapons come out of the gate. Will the 45th Sieg...
the emperors Phoenix(male space marine reader x crossover) by lonewander1
the emperors Phoenix(male space ma...by lordchungus
the imperium of man has many great warriors weather they be the space marine chapters and there primachs or the mightly Titans of war but one of these space marines was...
humanity's devourer or savior? (Male tyranid hybrid X fate grand order) by HalosDestiny117
humanity's devourer or savior? (Ma...by Halos Destiny117
when chaldea's master decides one day to summon on a banner for fun, she accidentally summons a strange boy who is.... different. How will she control the boy who claims...
Rip and Tear at Chaos Until None are Left (Doom Slayer Space X Warhammer 40K) by Theoddspacemarine
Rip and Tear at Chaos Until None a...by Theoddspacemarine
I don't own Warhammer 40k or the Doom Series or any of the art or fanart in this book
FOR CHAOS (Chaos Space Marine Male Reader x Massive crossover) by TitusML
FOR CHAOS (Chaos Space Marine Male...by DragonGodML
You are a Chaos Space Marine that fights for the forces of Chaos and the dark gods will. you will meet many adversaries that the Chaos gods set in place for you, good lu...
The Return of the Second Legion by Halogamer1337
The Return of the Second Legionby Halogamer1337
In the 41st Millennium there is only war. Humanity hangs on by a thread, being bombarded with constant attacks from Xenos and Heretics alike with no hope for the future...
Primarch's Abuse (abused primarch reader x female primarch sisters x rwby) by BrawlBismarck
Primarch's Abuse (abused primarch...by BrawlBismarck
I don't own Warhammer 40k or Rwby. Y/N L/N was the 19 primarch of the Empress of Mankind's children, but he was lost to the stars and landed on a planet called remnant...
The shield of humanity (RWBY x Space marine reader) by thepimp64
The shield of humanity (RWBY x Spa...by thepimp64
My second book. Well I just saw the overlord been pretty enjoyable, and I thought, what if I made a story about a space marine lost in the world of remnant? we'll see h...
Star Wars: The Korpsman (neuer Art) by KaiserPanzer
Star Wars: The Korpsman (neuer Art)by Perpetual Korpsman
Aurick Veitz stared at the incomplete Warp portal. Its vortex had shifted from wild red and purple energies to a stable golden spiral. (Male OP OC x Star Wars harem) He...