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Commander Unto The Multiverse by LaskehHasmet
Commander Unto The Multiverseby Laskeh Hasmet
A teenage boy walking and minding only his own business, unfortunately he fell to a manhole. Expecting death to come after him a shimmering blue portal opens and swallow...
Ex-Doctor Of Rhodes Island by zero252
Ex-Doctor Of Rhodes Islandby Zero
The Doctor of Rhodes Island is a good man, but even good men can be broken. He tried to endure the loneliness and resentment, but his patience and goodwill ran dry. Fol...
Gate x 40k: Thus the war of annihilation was fought there by Warbrand1
Gate x 40k: Thus the war of annihi...by Warden
Deep in the underhives of Krieg, a mysterious gate appears. But before anyone can act strange men with ancient armor and weapons come out of the gate. Will the 45th Sieg...
Typhus The Great Hero (WH40k Female x Male Perpetual Reader) by Pcu58750
Typhus The Great Hero (WH40k Femal...by Ahh That’s Hot
During the Great Crusade, the Empress of mankind sets out to the stars to reclaim her lost demigod daughters, the Primarchs. During this Crusade to reunite humanity, the...
Starwarhammer: Book 1 Arrival by Shadow_trooper
Starwarhammer: Book 1 Arrivalby Shadow_trooper
Star Wars the clone wars X Warhammer 40k
Rise of The Second (Warhammer 40k Fanfic) by ElPresidente015
Rise of The Second (Warhammer 40k...by El Presidente DeArmas
In this, the 2nd Legion was never struck from the imperial records. Now they rise to prominence in service to the Emperor of Mankind. They shall strike down his enemies...
Rebirth of a Dynasty by VonLeporace
Rebirth of a Dynastyby VonLeporace
I woke up in a galaxy at war in a body that doesn't belong to me, I don't understand how it happened, but I'm in the body of a Necron Overlord in a crumbling tomb, with...
Ruby of the death Korps by Icypanzer
Ruby of the death Korpsby Icypanzer
we all know Ruby the cheerful happy 15 year girl who wield's a deadly scythe but what if she met another Ruby out there one that has no emotions one who's name is 015-71...
Warhammer 40k: Primarch of the Golden Damned by Holy-Thunderer
Warhammer 40k: Primarch of the Gol...by Holy
"I've been for who knows how long...My Mother....my sisters....I've begin to feel lonely here on this planet in the eye of terror everyone in my legion is Gone it's...
The Slayer King Of Remnant  by Nolandiserens
The Slayer King Of Remnant by Nolandiserens
(Male Dwarf Reader x RWBY)( Total War Warhammer dwarfs.)
What is your duty by The_Unamed_Commissar
What is your dutyby The_Unamed_Commissar
A phrase always followed by 'To serve the Emperor's will'. Yet for these marines, the statement changes. Meet the 21st Legion of the Legiones Astartes. Created during th...
Highschool DXD: FOR THE EMPEROR! by Marsboi23
Highschool DXD: FOR THE EMPEROR!by MarsBoi
This will be crappy but what ever BUT, You are a relatively normal dude until a Fallen Angel attempts to kill ya. But then at the same time (Somehow) a spirit of a space...
The Isis Heresy by Shadow_trooper2
The Isis Heresyby Shadow_trooper2
A genderbent version of the 40k universe. This is a smut 18+
Forges of Remnant [RWBY x Adeptus Mechanicus] by GuardianBreadCooker
Forges of Remnant [RWBY x Adeptus...by Guardian of the Bread Cooker
What would happen if there was a third god present on Remnant besides the two brothers? What would happen when the servants of this "Machine God" would separat...
I am DOOM. (Male Reader X Crossover.) by Elytra_gaming
I am DOOM. (Male Reader X Crossove...by Elytra Knispel
Commander Y/N of the Ultramarines. A mighty warrior, an angel of death, highly respected... Though, mostly looked down upon due to his lack of seeking Glory, not does he...
 warhammer. male prince reader insert. by maniacsaiyan
warhammer. male prince reader ins...by maniacsaiyanassassin
Being the prince of the empire, Y/n must journey and find new ways to secure his place. He must forge alliances and conquer enemies. But can he stay true to his people?
Hands of creation (A steven universe x original male diamond character story) by Toxicologist-
Hands of creation (A steven univer...by Toxicologist-
Subsequently dropped into Godhood with no explanation or warning at all, our once human now ascended young adult was given the chance to create and destroy anything at t...
FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN (Goblin Slayer Genderbent X 40k) by SpaceNazi
FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN (Goblin Slay...by 11
After fighting in a gruesome battle and dying, the Lord Commissar wakes up in a whole new world.
Percy is not a child of Sally and Poseidon, he is instead Sanguinius! Scion of the empress(I'm going to use fem emp and the other Primarchs for the humor aspect) he is...