Fallout: End Of The Line (Fallout 4/Avengers) by insaneredhead
Fallout: End Of The Line (Fallout...by insaneredhead
In the year 2287, 210 years after "The Great War", which caused catastrophic nuclear devastation across the United States, Liberty Stark emerges from a long-te...
  • marvel
  • future
  • banner
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They Call Me Alpha by Shyly_Stargazing
They Call Me Alphaby ♡ Prejudice ♡
"You're the one. You're mine." After moving to California, away from the only life she's ever known, Andrea doesn't have many high hopes for the year to come...
  • love
  • coast
  • rivalry
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Spiderson Irondad Oneshots by ExistentialStar
Spiderson Irondad Oneshotsby baguette boi
A collection of oneshots revolving around irondad and spiderson content because I've vaguely got my shit together despite all the depression after infinity war. I take r...
  • peter
  • spiderson
  • homecoming
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Running • RP by -WaveClan-
Running • RPby >>WaveClan<<
"Running as we forever do, we are all moor cats, as are you." A warrior cat's roleplay
  • cats
  • rp
  • war
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Jaune arc the forgotten hunter halo and rwby crossover by Jacob-sat
Jaune arc the forgotten hunter hal...by Jacob-sat
Jaune arc was a student at beacon academy and he was loved by those around him before Cardin revealed he faked his way into beacon once everybody found out he was beat a...
  • hatred
  • ozpin
  • rwby
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An Omega Novel: The Fall (Book 4) by Amy_theHybrid
An Omega Novel: The Fall (Book 4)by Amy
It has been four years since Fang Peak moved to Pittsburgh with his new pack. Wolfgang, Blood Ridge and Mount Peak have merged to become one large pack called Trinity. T...
  • mxm
  • kidnapping
  • sacrifice
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Perfect Strangers | The Walking Dead Louisintine (louis x clementine) by KyndallSmithBlog2018
Perfect Strangers | The Walking De...by Kyndall Smith
What if Lee comes back and still chopped his arm but he never get infected? What if Lee go in Ericson School? (eeeeehhhh I dont know whats the spelling) What if Lee meet...
  • apocalypse
  • ship
  • fluff
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Prosjektmorder: A Semi Literate Roleplay by FREAKAZOID_4285
Prosjektmorder: A Semi Literate Ro...by Freakazoid
Hanna Brisk was scared for her country She was also a genius She was sadistic and cruel And loved violence She started a Project To create soldiers Super Soldiers Emot...
  • brainwashing
  • action
  • fighting
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What do We do? by NourWalaa
What do We do?by Nour Walaa
After infinity war.... "I assure you brother , the sun will shine on us again " " He's been dead before , but I think this time it might be real " &q...
  • loki
  • thanos
  • infinitywar
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War Orphan -- A Tomás Araya Story by SallyMason1
War Orphan -- A Tomás Araya Storyby Sal
THE PREQUEL NOVELLA TO WAR BRIDE Life has been a struggle for Tomás Araya. Orphaned after the execution of his parents by the new regime of Malaguay, he elbows his way u...
  • crime
  • teenpregnancy
  • war
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The Lost Realm by ray_of_sunshine9
The Lost Realmby ray_of_sunshine9
Pardita. A land where witches rule the skies and mermaids haunt the seas. A land where dragons slumber in canyons and bloodthirsty beasts known as wisps lurk in the sh...
  • -romance
  • youngadult
  • love
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A Dragon's Burning Heart (RWBY X Male Dragonborn Reader) by MrWitchHunter89
A Dragon's Burning Heart (RWBY X M...by MrImmortal89
Y/N L/N the last Dragonborn he is one of the most feared and loved people in Tamriel but his inner darkness is about to grow what will happen?
  • xmalereader
  • elderscrolls
  • skyrim
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Salvation (Peter Parker x Reader) by Omgnoboo
Salvation (Peter Parker x Reader)by Hanji
"I thought I could fall in love with you Peter. But I'm starting to doubt that." They were made for each other. At least it seemed. They had to learn the hard...
  • marvel
  • tony
  • peterxreader
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The Pokèmon War by Katie387750
The Pokèmon Warby Katie387750
"A terribly long time ago..." "There was a man and a Pokémon. He loved that Pokémon very much." "A war began." "The man's beloved Poké...
  • pokemonadventures
  • pokemontrainer
  • pokemonwar
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❝ Stained with memories of her past, her hair stood above those who would dare stand against her. Blood stained her lips, yet disappearing in her hair just the same. Si...
  • war
  • adam
  • marvel
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Kids of Thunder by WolvesandMoons
Kids of Thunderby Madelynn Tudor
Most people flee from the sounds of battle, Toby is trained to run into the line of fire. Having grown up watching everything he knows torn to shreds, Toby chose a path...
  • uniquewerewolf
  • wizards
  • death
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Deadly Squad  | bucky barnes by gmudblood
Deadly Squad | bucky barnesby lils
"Onlar mı? " Diye alayla sordu kızıl saçlı çekici kadın. "Onlar hakkında aldığımız en büyük istihbarat Dünya'nın en seksi ve ölümcül timi oldukları."...
  • fanfiction
  • shield
  • hydra
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Madam President by Made1ineHatter
Madam Presidentby Made1ineHatter
Althea Louisa is the first female president, but she wasn't actually trying to be. Having sent out the campaign as a joke and accidently winning the national vote, the...
  • mistake
  • love
  • unexpected
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I Am Not A Gun (RWBY Crossover) by QROW-THE-DRUNKLE
I Am Not A Gun (RWBY Crossover)by Sonny Sodani
"an alien from mars you say? well, tell me what he looked like?" Ironwood said as he laughed in the man's face. "It was a giant metal man and he had glowi...
  • experiment
  • rwby
  • army
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What Evil Causes (Book 3, Finale) by RyanJersey
What Evil Causes (Book 3, Finale)by RyanJersey
Y/N has lost so much, now he wants revenge on Eris, he must stop her before she can conquer all of Remnant.
  • trilogy
  • abused
  • goddess
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