ArShi FF : The Mafia Princess by KoeliDalmiya
ArShi FF : The Mafia Princessby Koeli Dalmiya (AppyIndy)
Best Rating : #4 Watty2018 08/07/2018 #45 Blood 08/07/2018 #37 Erotic Romance 01/07/2018 In order to save his girl friend he has to kidnap the sister of his greatest ene...
  • gangs
  • ipkknd
  • isspyaarkokyanaamdoon
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The Unkillable King by BuddyTheFox
The Unkillable Kingby ᗷᑌᗪᗪƳ丅ᕼᗴᖴᗝ᙭
The story concludes of a king who is deemed to be a ruthless and cold-hearted psychopath. The king however, is also deemed unkillable due to a plethora of reasons. The k...
  • abilites
  • swords
  • dictator
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Destined to be mine by Sweetlytreats101
Destined to be mineby Shadow
It has been seven years since sophomore year. The year that Tom got kidnapped and the year that Tord never got arrested and since then he has never been seen. Tom always...
  • tomtord
  • tomedd
  • choices
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Royal Roleplay by I_have_arrived
Royal Roleplayby ᑕᗩᖇᖇIE
Join as a: Queen, King, Princess, Prince, Knight, or an invader in this new Roleplay!
  • royal
  • war
  • love
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Flowers Bloom from Battlefield by Sky_Season
Flowers Bloom from Battlefieldby Sara
Synopsis: Across the land of Ming Kingdom, who wouldn't know the name of the most useless lady, Jun Hua, a little girl who only has pretty face without talent? Many peo...
  • revenge
  • martialarts
  • beautifulprotagonist
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The Soulless  by kada11
The Soulless by ka da
Some things are best left hidden. Jenny has spent her life wondering about the soulless and why everyone fears them. When she delves into the secrets, the world wants t...
  • scifi
  • girl
  • readforread
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Insurrection by DarkPurple22
Insurrectionby Shan Manuelle III
Third Book of Illusion Six years has passed and the war never seemed to reach its end. While they took their advantage for the side of the unreal, humans took a stand a...
  • taylor
  • safeandsound
  • haylor
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Black [Theodore Nott] by Lebasy_Nella
Black [Theodore Nott]by Y
"A little mischief won't hurt..." A Black in Gryffindor was never good. And they're right. Carina Black's name isn't as famous as the Boy-Who-Lived, she was...
  • voldemort
  • animagus
  • harrypotter
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A Reckless Force [H. POTTER] by reloading-
A Reckless Force [H. POTTER]by #day1
Leo Black, a reckless force to be messed with. Or "Leo Black; the Auror that MACUSA is dumping on us" to his new colleagues at the Ministry of Magic. But now h...
  • voldemort
  • potter
  • harrypotter
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Sent to die. by AnUnholyBeast
Sent to die.by
A Krieg Guardsman is transported to a far away planet to fight the Xeno menace. However, during this venture his transport is attacked and damaged. This accidently pulls...
  • ruby
  • xmalereader
  • rwby
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Guns and Roses(RWBY Military AU) by IXTOR23
Guns and Roses(RWBY Military AU)by
(Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long) (Weiss Schnee x Reader) Military AU, Reader-Insert: Assigned to Excursion Team 7929, callsign RWBY, you meet Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and...
  • rwby
  • military
  • malereaderinsert
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Winter {Wattys 2018} by ZRoseO15
Winter {Wattys 2018}by ZRoseO15
People fear what they cannot control, and peace is a shot in the dark when everyone wants you dead. We have to stay in hiding for fear of execution, so leaving this barr...
  • dragonrider
  • newplanet
  • fire
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Camelot: The War of Kings (Fate/GO Sixth Singularity Fanfiction) by Wolfsun97
Camelot: The War of Kings (Fate/GO...by Wolfsun97
When Ryan and company arrive at the Sixth Singularity, they were immediately greeted by giant sphinx, assassins, and knights fighting a war at the end of the world. The...
  • fatestaynight
  • kingarthur
  • fanfiction
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Super Sentai War by LupinPurple
Super Sentai Warby Dragon Rose
Showa Rangers vs Heisei Rangers
  • sentai
  • super
  • war
Highschool Dxd Gamer by LordJeremiah
Highschool Dxd Gamerby LordJeremiah
Our mc was killed by a goddess so as a way of saying sorry she makes him, her champion in a contest between her and her brother and gives him the abilitys of the Gamer
  • highschooldxd
  • ốc
  • godlike
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Returning Rival: Realm Doors Book Two by ALMcGurk
Returning Rival: Realm Doors Book...by Angela McGurk
War has come to the four realms, and while the mortals of the Mundane remain unaware of the risk to their freedom, the vampire race knows they must fight back before the...
  • romance
  • princes
  • realm
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The War | The Sister Book #4 | Harry Potter Fanfiction by Aloha--Mora
The War | The Sister Book #4 | Har...by Taylor
~The ones that love us never really leave us~ The wizarding world is not as it once was. War is peaking in the cracks between normality and chaos and Clara, Harry, Ron a...
  • romance
  • war
  • hogwarts
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Up In Blood - Nba Youngboy - by kiyahlanaee
Up In Blood - Nba Youngboy -by kiyah . 💞
description coming soon ⚠️❗️
  • hardships
  • nbakd
  • hoodlove
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Cocaine Romance  by TheTellTaleHeart17
Cocaine Romance by TheTellTaleHeart17
Marcella Boone, also known as sweetie, went to prison for selling drugs. When she is broken out of there by masked men and taken to a different state to meet a drug cart...
  • attraction
  • handsome
  • selling
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