Kill Him With My Love by yieeeeeeeeeeee3
Kill Him With My Loveby meymu
Don't judge people by their past, people change. People always change.
  • red
  • curse
  • blood
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|| LONGING || [Peter Parker] by GhoulishPizza
|| LONGING || [Peter Parker]by Jess Hall
  • war
  • wattys2018
  • buckybarnes
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She Belongs To The King by xxxenakis
She Belongs To The Kingby moting💫
"Everyone knows that she belongs to the King" Date started: September 14, 2018 Date finished:
  • badboy
  • together
  • action
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Drown by -CrystalGalaxii-
Drownby -CrystalGalaxii-
Beneath the surface of the ocean, it's calm and still. When the surface is rough, unstable and wavy, all lies quiet down below. I came from the ocean and the ocean is wh...
  • war
  • sadness
  • boat
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Empire That Fell by DanielEvans01
Empire That Fellby Daniel Evans
"Luca Matthews is innocent. He is. I swear. He would never do anything like this in his life." Luca Matthews was sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. H...
  • teenfiction
  • falling
  • dystopian
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LOVE & WAR { REWRITTEN}by Lydia van Niekerk
■■■■■■■■■■COMING SOON■■■■■■■■■■■ " In a land of Gods and Monsters, a female werewolf with nothing left to live for shall fall pregnant with a K...
  • war
  • hatelove
  • hare
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Of Gods And Men | by JossAbbs-Brown
Of Gods And Men |by JossTheWriter
**HIGHEST RANKINGS:** **PHILOSOPHY: 2** **SOCIETY: 10** **HUMANS: 20** _________________________________________ "There will be NOTHING left. We will make sure of t...
  • paranormal
  • war
  • talentscouts
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New Life by Honeychild50
New Lifeby Honeychild50
Timothy is a new werewolf and an Elite. When there's a fight with allies. They get taken. Then he signs his life away for 3 years. Will he learn to love his father again...
  • sexual
  • nazi
  • death
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War For Dominance :- Revenge by AmbitiousWriter15
War For Dominance :- Revengeby 💫Jeetshri💫
Enmity. Jealousy. Betray. The ultimate war of the supernaturals and the robots and the humans! Who wins? And who loses? Who survives? Who dies? Who do you support!? The...
  • sciencefinction
  • ultimatewar
  • space
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Protect the Queen, Monica by MiraHarlson
Protect the Queen, Monicaby Ugomma
In which a country is in chaos. The north and the south threatening to burn. Where the Presidents son has a Queen who would stop at nothing to save the country and to sa...
  • hot
  • romance
  • steamy
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The Echo by AureliaAislin
The Echoby Aurelia Eva Aislin
♡Mystical Awards July 2018 winner (Highest Rank: #19 in Adventure, #237 in Mysterious, #320 in dystopian) Being Echoed means that you will get to live in a palace and a...
  • royals
  • dystopian
  • humor
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Rise of Fire by RosaleeRain
Rise of Fireby Rain
Dragons had long since been gone from the world, the stories of demons had all but faded from memory. For the humans that is. Times were changing quickly, cities burned...
  • rider
  • wizard
  • prophecy
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FANTASY RP ➸ Realm 01 by DungeonsAndDrakens
FANTASY RP ➸ Realm 01by K R A K E N
[ALWAYS OPEN FOR ALL] Are you looking for an easy & organized medieval/fantasy RP? Then welcome to our 1st RP realm, THE KINGDOM CAMELOT! Why choose this book for rolepl...
  • elf
  • werewolf
  • drakenwinterson
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FANTASY RP ➸ Realm 03 by DungeonsAndDrakens
FANTASY RP ➸ Realm 03by K R A K E N
[ALWAYS OPEN FOR ALL] Are you looking for an easy & organized medieval/fantasy RP? Then welcome to our 3rd RP realm, THE DARSIDER'S DEN! Why choose this book for rolepla...
  • drakenwinterson
  • fun
  • medieval
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The Deer God by FrostGrove
The Deer Godby FrostGrove
"You were borne of a God. A God who fell in love with a human. Your blood is polluted, and you'll never live a normal life." His eyes settled on the symbol tha...
  • hades
  • godofdeath
  • powers
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FANTASY RP ➸ Realm 02 by DungeonsAndDrakens
FANTASY RP ➸ Realm 02by K R A K E N
[ALWAYS OPEN FOR ALL] Are you looking for an easy & organized medieval/fantasy RP? Then welcome to our 2nd RP realm, THE WINTER'S EDGE! Why choose this book for roleplay...
  • werewolf
  • roleplays
  • war
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A Prisoner of War by Azzahra061005
A Prisoner of Warby Siti Nur Aisyah Azzahra
2018 This year, a big scale war has begun internationally. Many conflicts happened. Every countries fight to fulfill their necessities and survive the war. During these...
  • innovate
  • conflicts
  • spy
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BTS Project- Bound To Suffer by blackheartwhitesoul
BTS Project- Bound To Sufferby blackheartwhitesoul
When a sudden meteor hits a peculiar location in which yoongi lives, his life immediatly changes possibly to the worse judging by what occurred. He is sent to an undergr...
  • bts
  • humor
  • jinmin
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I Will Protect What Belongs to Me by KaliCutiePie
I Will Protect What Belongs to Meby KaliCutiePie
Everyone has something to protect, to cherish, to love. They would do everything in their power to not let them be taken, stolen or be killed by anything or anyone. Onl...
  • love
  • fiction
  • wattpride
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