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Gotham Yearbook by 1108fang
Gotham Yearbookby 1108fang
Best Fox's show ever like the origins of our favorite heroes and villains of Gotham City. Where the city might not be the GCPD will help those need.
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BETA by TingTing_17
BETAby E J R Compton
Hehe An Alpha comes into town, get ready get set cause shits about to get fucked! DISCLAIMER:: Netflix Series, The Order is owned by Dennis Heaton. I own none of the ch...
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Moon  by AlianaGrey
Moon by Tiana Marie
"You're time is near child, i just hope you're ready for what you will endure on this journey. You are the change this world needs, rid it of the darkness with your...
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Humble Beginnings  by PapiFenton
Humble Beginnings by Joy Fenton
A boy moves to a new place and discovers beautiful things. But he slips away into the wrong hands by a gangster. He meets a weird friend and this changes everything.?? T...
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The Silver Seed by wynndrome
The Silver Seedby wynndrome
"I have learned... that the fruit of our actions, begin as small seeds, which eventually take root within our hearts..." - Flyn...
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the hunt:  by lockheedhenesy
the hunt: by lockheed henesy
20 years ago after planet sarris's rise to incursion the led to a defeat by the negetive ace pilot rodrick Brule 106th fleet settle on the planet to begin a restore the...
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Malachi by funtimeLJ6789
Malachiby funtimeLJ6789
A story about a boy by the name of Malachi Gonzalez. He has been cursed with the spirits of the dragon of war and the dragon of magic, but soon much more occurs to lead...
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Lorem Ipsum by Navy-Knight825
Lorem Ipsumby Navy Knight
"Who am I?" "You are Worker Number Twelve." "But I could've sworn my name was Lauren." "It was...but not anymore." ******** She d...
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Steel Cobra  by jcdog321
Steel Cobra by J.c.dog
It is 1984. The Soviet Union has been fighting a guerrilla war against Afghanistan insurgents for nearly five years. The United States, fearing any direct involvement c...
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the kingdom of games by nekrosangelos
the kingdom of gamesby lovely
In the Kingdom of Games, there are 6 provinces who each specialize in one game. That being poker or chess. The 6 provinces all despise eachother as everyone is competiti...
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Empire of Shadows by rosiethebard
Empire of Shadowsby Rosie Glass
A dethroned emperor. A servant seeking revenge. A woman whose touch can kill. An escaped death-row prisoner. A resurrected ex-assassin. One impossible quest. (updates on...
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Where Nothing Was Everything by ComfyDayDreamer422
Where Nothing Was Everythingby egr422
In a far away land that sits between everything and nothing, a strong protected city stands tall. The people that reside here are, interesting. Some have scales instead...
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Swallowed by darkness by FoxReadZ
Swallowed by darknessby FoxReadZ
This is a percy jackson fanfic. What happenes when percy is taken in a battle on the Argo II? What happenes when Gaea uses him......
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Whispers Of The Gods by MissLCstorm
Whispers Of The Godsby MissLC
This is the story of how I die... well kind of. Serena Cataline has been locked away from the world for almost all of her life with no parents and being left at the temp...
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Wicked Minds by significances
Wicked Mindsby significances
Tabytha Wilson wants nothing more than to escape her problems that keep following her. But things spiral out of control as she finds her mate, the Alpha of the pack that...
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Professor Jackson by demiwizard_2007
Professor Jacksonby demiwizard_2007
Everyone was lost in the war with Gia. Sally and Paul were killed by one of Gia's minions. Hecate pulls Percy from a deep state of depression and sends him to Hogwarts t...
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Trust by Designerjg
Trustby J G
~~Strong Language Warnings and Trigger Warnings are Present~~ The Avengers are taking out any and all Hydra facilities that didn't get the memo after Ultron's attempt at...
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Winter's Moon by tinkertaydust
Winter's Moonby — 𝙏𝘼𝙔.
The stories were wrong; Jack Frost was evil, and the Aldalern twins would end his war, even if that meant dying on the battlefield alongside him. original story | ©tink...
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