Time of tears by dustycloud
Time of tearsby dustycloud
She lost her mother at age 5 because of the war going on. And now she travels alone in the world trusting no one. Can hope save her from the dark spell she's under?
  • sword
  • war
Rebellion by GeneralFangorus
Rebellionby GeneralFangorus
A land torn by war and corruption. An elite group of Warriors. Will they succeed in putting in end to a reign of tyranny?
  • spies
  • war
  • dragons
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Sultan Murad The Magnificent by amberanwar
Sultan Murad The Magnificentby amber anwar
Murad III, Sultan of The Orkum Empire, known for his bravery and great brutality was a powerful king to ever go down in history. Murad was born in Istalfah, the son of S...
  • romance
  • empire
  • war
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Samantha by liza_georgina
Samanthaby liza georgina
Samantha is the only daughter of Robert the blacksmith, she's to get married to Terence the prince of Elltoria when she clocks 22, their marriage has been arranged has...
  • erotica
  • possessive
  • ancient
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Imperial Compass by AnneeSparrow
Imperial Compassby anha
When a bounty is put upon Prince Caspian Wintry's head, Cora Ayers is more than happy to volunteer to capture him for her master. But when plans go array and Cora is for...
  • love
  • race
  • attraction
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the destruction of the magical kingdom. by HALOREACHOUT
the destruction of the magical kin...by Team Riechous.INC
Reach lunches a full blown attack on little Kelly's kingdom. I don't own all of the people that are in this.
  • ck
  • ld
  • war
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Into Shadows and Escaping Ash by StormRidden
Into Shadows and Escaping Ashby Aria Brynn
The earth is careening straight down the tracks to hell and the humans are at fault. Trapped in the dungeons of an ancient burial grounds and tortured to the brink of in...
  • love
  • fire
  • adventure
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Now What? by CarolineEvermore23
Now What?by Caroline Evermore
Winning a battle can make anyone abandon their goals. Written for a prompt: Write something from the point of view of a villain sitting alone in their tower. They've jus...
  • war
  • battle
  • shortstory
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The Tyranny by _xenos_official_
The Tyrannyby Xenos
  • friends
  • adventure
  • famine
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As We Fall by cara_criss
As We Fallby dark_lover08
Hannah is a 15-year-old highschool girl who lives in a world of noncoulours, destroyed by a bloody war. She lives in a poor family, and her best friend, Clay, the son o...
  • power
  • fight
  • fantasy
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Your Second Chance by Nseletaria
Your Second Chanceby Nseletaria
Mr. Cassanova meets Ms. Assumera Si mr. Cassanova na laging nagiiba ng girlfriend at si ms. Assumera na mayrong paghanga sa kanya Mr. Manhid meets Ms. Palaban Si mr. Man...
  • love
  • war
  • pain
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End Times  by monreveuse
End Times by finn
A whole country is messed up, terrorist attacks happen everywhere and the government retreated. Population of death increase everyday. Whether it's a war or apocalypse...
  • yeri
  • vrene
  • war
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Back For You by LStyles13
Back For Youby Ꮮ
ისტორია ვითარდება 18ს-ში. გენერალი ჰარი სტაილსი შეხვდება გოგონას,რომელიც მის შეხედულებებს თავის ცხოვრებაზე და მის მიზნებზე სრულიად შეცვლის. ის მასთან ერთად გაქცევას და მ...
  • love
  • ქართულად
  • ოჯახი
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Unspoken Love by Omglexi2417
Unspoken Loveby Lexi Sierra
Megan has a full life ahead of her, but she never noticed what she's capable of let alone who and what she is. A young cunning guy appears and as it is written in the st...
  • bitterness
  • eternal
  • drama
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Beautiful Destruction by _Ommy_
Beautiful Destructionby K.C. Ommy
❝Save her before she destroys you.❞ One girl who destruction follows like two magnets drawn together. Chaos lays in her path, waiting for an end so gruesome not even Sat...
  • war
  • secrets
  • werewolves
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Until My Last Breath by Coordinator_MayMaple
Until My Last Breathby Mayline Lindberg
First of, for making a fantabulous cover, hats off to @LunaRowlet. Thank you so much!! Warning: This book is written without editing, so proceed with caution. ••• 'All i...
  • magic
  • adventure
  • war
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Lost Battle by kayecetee
Lost Battleby Katie
We can all agree that all is fair in love and war. EVERYONE will lose in the war of love. There are broken heart and broke souls. Loving him was like losing in a battl...
  • battle
  • love
  • war
Dread - Drift x Headhunter - Fortnite Fanfiction {INCOMPLETE} by DaFortniteN00b
Dread - Drift x Headhunter - Fortn...by sadchild
The nation of Castayan has divided into two, and the North and South are declaring war. Headhunter and Drift share common and opposing interests. And together, they paci...
  • fortnite
  • headhunter
  • drift
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The Harvest Wars - Book 3 - Siege by MarcoBaier
The Harvest Wars - Book 3 - Siegeby Marco R. Baier
Siege - Book III of The Harvest Wars Series. Mighty Covenport, jewel of the Boiling Sea, has fallen to the walking dead. Yet in the Scarred Empire, that most powerful an...
  • combat
  • adventure
  • dystopian
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Breach by Catttie_1
Breachby Longlivethequeen
Life was never intended to be easy, but this, this was hell. I was always told to live with no regrets but when all you've ever known and loved is taken from you all you...
  • war
  • survival
  • family
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