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Sabotage by mlgmajora
Sabotageby mlgmajora
When 19 year old Aaron Brown thinks he has what it takes to be a soldier, he is quickly proven wrong. his family tree consists of almost all men joining an army and fig...
  • action
  • civil
  • war
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Czy istnieją granice pomiędzy prawdą a fikcją? - Transformers by shadowfree1
Czy istnieją granice pomiędzy praw...by shadowfree1
Czy istnieją granice pomiędzy prawdą a fikcją? To pytanie zadawałam sobie kiedy zaczełam swoją służbę. Odebrana rodzicom ze własnej woli. Wychowana przez roboty pod ziem...
  • życiejakocyborg
  • pochodzenie
  • war
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No More Wars  by PrabhjotManu
No More Wars by PrabhjotManu
Today , everyone is talking about revenge . First of all , this concept is based on the "Pulwama Terror Attack" So , we all know Pakistan has been giving...
  • believeingod
  • indian
  • revenge
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Tales from Hatricha by gyuszy4
Tales from Hatrichaby Gyula Maloveczky
A book of the Legends and Myths of Hatricha, a world filled with magic and rather strange creatures. In the book you will read about the creation of the world, gods, and...
  • hero
  • history
  • god
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A place we can live by Bakugayisabitch
A place we can liveby Bakugayisabitch
A deadly disease spread in the entire world, killing more than half of the population, almost the last survivors were immunes of the disease. So the government form a pa...
  • eijirou
  • romance
  • kiribaku
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The Eyes that met Yours by GandaBerunda
The Eyes that met Yoursby GandaBerunda
Is it easy to kill your Spouse in war? As Husband and Wife, it is easy to fight within the house. Is it easy to fight on the battlefield as enemies? Fate made Hi...
  • treasure
  • pearlawards2018
  • history
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GUTS AND GLORY by thealienoverlord
❛IF YOU WANT TO GO FAST GO ALONE. IF YOU WANT TO GO FAR GO TOGETHER.❜ ( african proverb ) In which the Crown Princess Antheia Marisol Andromeda must prove herself as a w...
  • demons
  • galaxy
  • adventure
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Dragonfly  by Game_Erotica
Dragonfly by Game_Erotica
Cide has always been poor. She lived on the streets and begged to get any money but with the coming of a holy profit marrying the ruler her world may just change as she...
  • fightforlove
  • lezdom
  • lesbian
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Demon of Life (Reaper Series #2) by fluffycat0607
Demon of Life (Reaper Series #2)by Lana S-B
There's a new Grim Reaper in town, just in time for World War IV. With an Angel running rampant, a wide-scale family feud, and panic in both the Lands of the Living and...
  • paranormal
  • yafiction
  • angel
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The Warrior | ON HOLD by _Ommy_
The Warrior | ON HOLDby K.C. Ommy
❝Save her before she destroys you.❞ ***** Edith lived a simple life in the woods with her grandmother while she was growing up, but she finds herself being thrust into t...
  • curse
  • territory
  • adultromance
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Aleden by DragonFur08
Aledenby DragonFur08
  • hamilton
  • war
  • fighting
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The End | 3 by Sweet_Sydney14
The End | 3by Sweet_Sydney14
Ori sat next to Thor. The two were silent. Thanos had completed his mission. Half the universe wiped out. Half of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, gone. No one knew what they...
  • thegang
  • war
  • natasha
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All is Fair in Love and War by SparklzDaUnicorn
All is Fair in Love and Warby SparklzDaUnicorn
Valentine Hart The spirit of family How ironic considering she never knew hers...
  • rotg
  • family
  • war
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Rebellious by Ghost_Of_Ashes
Rebelliousby 🌙ƦЄƛƤЄƦ☠
[Please read Twisted first before you read this] Bellatrix and The Wild Ones are back. It's been six months since Bellatrix and Andy arrived. The Wild Ones have now rise...
  • wildones
  • survival
  • witchcraft
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Rose Rouge by batoul_d
Rose Rougeby Batoul Dias
"I'll be your darkness, I'll be your deepest fear." <x>.<x>.<x> Morgana Dale is a timid twenty-year-old who finds herself i...
  • luxury
  • money
  • death
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Unlike The Others-WWII Story by Fishyface05
Unlike The Others-WWII Storyby Miss Jackson
Unlike The Others is a World War 2 story about a two boys who are stuck in it all. One, a unloyal nazi, and the other, a jew, are pushed together by the fates, the most...
  • lgbtq
  • war
  • ww2
BLACK Magic: Incognito by Ayojaesus
BLACK Magic: Incognitoby H1R0
Incognito /ˌinkäɡˈnēdō/ adj. Having one's true identity concealed. Seeking for vengeance, a well-known gang leader disguised himself as he returns to the place where hi...
  • blackmagic
  • mafia
  • vengeance
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A.B.W. by Deception2550
A.B.W.by Deception2550
A.B.W. (After Biochemical War) It's been Twenty years of War through out the World. This is the worst one in all of history. All nations on every Continent, of every cor...
  • cameronblack
  • johnathanblack
  • fantasy
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Together by Ross_s
Togetherby Rosse
Alice Dawson was always ready for anything thrown her way, but even she didn't expect to find love on the battlefield.
  • femalepilot
  • wwii
  • pilots
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Glory in Our Defiance • Zarry by dattumblrgal
Glory in Our Defiance • Zarryby dattumblrgal
"These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume." In the mids of a berserk war, two prince...
  • princes
  • harrystyles
  • king
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