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Wants and Needs  by therealfinesse
Wants and Needs by Finesse$$$
Twenty-five year old Emerald Young has worked hard all her life and is finally indulging the fruits of her labor. But of course with great success betrayal, lies, jealou...
Sweet Escape by Bobbiejelly
Sweet Escapeby bobbiejelly
"So... My daddy's here, and he wants to have me over for dinner. Or rather, my step-mother wants to have me over for dinner with him. My father. Who has a whole new...
The Demanding mafia wants me as his (book two) ( on hold ) by possessiveloverfever
The Demanding mafia wants me as hi...by Moon_possessive_
"Ciara baby when will you ever listen"? Get in the car. His deep dark voice spoke. "N no". "Do I have to tell you twice"? He demanded . I d...
people kept asking me to make an art book so here you are, thots by samseaa
people kept asking me to make an a...by what 💫
Alternatively known as; atrocious art
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What The Heart Wants Danny Phantom Danny X OC Alexis by destinycopley13
What The Heart Wants Danny Phantom...by Chasity Copley
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
Blue by HouseOfCards23
Blueby HouseOfCards23
As she struggles to move on Elaine stumbles upon an unknown world; not your usual melodramatic highschool. But the mystical and dark world of werewolves. However, one th...
AOT Eren & Mikasa. I've lost you forever. (Editing) by ModoriRosemary
AOT Eren & Mikasa. I've lost you f...by Mori-chan
Eren starts to feel guilt and love for someone that was now gone...
Trust (GOT fanfic) by Funnyfia2
Trust (GOT fanfic)by Sofia
Sansa Stark waits in the Vale. She waits to claim her home. She waits for news of what occurs outside of the mountain castle. But, most importantly, Sansa waits for Pety...
Air Conditioning by FlowingPastYourStuff
Air Conditioningby Blythe Sky
Vent poetry It's frowned upon putting your heart on your sleeve with such a weak code like a three number pin. For both of our sakes I hope you aren't the type to spend...
One Micro Fiction Story each Day by LillyRose2020
One Micro Fiction Story each Dayby Lilly Rose
I have decided to force myself to write every day. I've tried to start a novel countless times, so I have reached the conclusion that it's better to write short stories...
Teenage Love by benzmm27
Teenage Loveby Mridula Bahri🌟
As you enter the teenage phase of your life you get to know many new things and the world around you completely changes. You turn 13 and you start a journey in which yo...
Acting On Your Best Behaviour by Bobbiejelly
Acting On Your Best Behaviourby bobbiejelly
Meredith/Addison. In a cabin in the woods...
Lie To Me by dandan101
Lie To Meby Danielle
Stting on her balcony one night Jamie is visited by the man of her dreams, the only problem is he lies--compulsively. She knows that he wrong for her--it's blatantly obv...
What the Heart Wants. by Rinpoo
What the Heart Wants.by Rinpoo
Marco's deep depression over Star's relationship with Tom forces him to leave Mewni castle in search of solace, but when he happens upon a sacred place that seems to off...
What A Girl Wants by leilaaadams
What A Girl Wantsby Leila Adams
want /wänt,wônt/ verb 1. have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for you wanna get ya girl? she doesn't have a vsco to stalk? here's the basics.
•°•|Sonorous|•°• (Oikawa X Iawizumi) by floppy_needles
•°•|Sonorous|•°• (Oikawa X Iawizum...by author/simp
Sonorous (adj.) an imposing deep and/or full sound -TW- •mentions of suicide •abuse •hard love
relation-rants 💙💍 by -kygotti
relation-rants 💙💍by d a d d y ‼
eh , read mf or don't :/ idrgaf
Is There A Chance? BoyxBoy by Romarasaurus
Is There A Chance? BoyxBoyby Romarasaurus
Rick secretly loves Ryan. Ryan secretly loves Rick. There love seems doomed; especially since they're shape shifters and everyone knows shape shifters are meant to find...
Poems by LittleMissReadAlot3
Poemsby Tazzy
Just a series of thoughts and experiences put into words