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Sugar man & Canday Boy{Unicode & Zawgyi}Complete by Thitthitsandar
Sugar man & Canday Boy{Unicode & moon
Xiao Zhan -seme Yibo -uke (Zhanyi)
Quarantine by Spotfy
Quarantineby Emmanuela Ahianti
This is just a fanfic that I made while bored out of my mind in quarantine. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Our Houseboy {Mpreg-YiZhan FF} by pricelessjew
Our Houseboy {Mpreg-YiZhan FF}by Stainless
Xiao Zhan's parents was an ordinary house maid in Wang mansion. Mr Xiao was Mr Wang's driver while Mrs Xiao was a cook. they both met and fell in love each other when Mr...
Captured by him by zxwxxxxxx
Captured by himby zxwxxxxxx
xiaozhan is a normal college student who lives a normal life until he met wangyibo who is a high class murderer which means that he is rich and is really experienced at...
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မမုန္းရက္ႏိုင္ေသာ ခ်စ္ရသူ by KyawtKayZin8
မမုန္းရက္ႏိုင္ေသာ ခ်စ္ရသူby Kyawt Kay Zin
"ေယာက်္ားေလးျဖစ္ျပီး မိန္းက ေလးထက္ေတာင္ ပိုလွျပီး ႏုဖတ္ေနထဲက ဘာမွ သံုးစားလို႔ရမွာမဟုတ္ဘူး ဒီလိုေပ်ာ့ဖတ္ဖတ္ သူမ်ိဳးကိုလဲခ်စ္လာစရာအ ေႀကာင္းမရွိဘူး မင္းကိုငါလက္ထပ္တာ င...
Wang Xian + Xi Cheng by christinzheng
Wang Xian + Xi Chengby christina
Wei Wu Xian meets his favorite actor Lan Wang Ji. Jiang Cheng starts to feel something for the tempt teacher, Lan Xi Chen. I'm not good of a writer, some of the grammar...
Just Right (Jackson Imagine) (GOT7) by easybabybird
Just Right (Jackson Imagine) (GOT7)by Haeju
{Your name is Kim Haeju} You're just a normal GOT7 fan.. nonetheless, when you attend a GOT7 concert, you catch someone's eyes.. He's not your bias, but little did you k...
Until The Day You Fall (YiZhan Fanfic) by jamessandra4eva
Until The Day You Fall (YiZhan SANDRA SMITH
A Gusu College student/Star, Wang Yibo. The name that can make anyone shaken. Hyperactive in sport especially in BasketBall but really slow in subjects. However, he go...
The Return of the Pampered Wife by cozy_offline_books
The Return of the Pampered Wifeby Offline Reading
The moment everything went downhill was the moment Dongfang Ru Huo realized all her mistakes. Whether it was her choice in trusted aids, friends, all her choices led her...
Princess Medical Doctor by sumijiang
Princess Medical Doctorby
Lanjutan dari chap >750 jumlah chap : 1014 ( complete ) Dia adalah tunangan sang pangeran, tetapi pada malam pernikahan dia diboroskan kedua kakinya, dan mantan dewa...
Our Life Together (wangxian fanfic) by jamessandra4eva
Our Life Together (wangxian fanfic)by SANDRA SMITH
After the death of meng yao, Lan wanji get to talk Wei Wuxian to stay in gusu. Lately, evil corpse been quiet , this is making every cultivators suspicious. However, w...
Love You Forever  by AranyaAgnihotri
Love You Forever by AranyaAgnihotri
Wang Yibo is a detective while Xiao Zhan is a renowned doctor. Xiao Zhan's father is Meng Yao who is CEO of Meng Company. But one day Wang Yibo kidnaps Xiao Zhan. So far...
🎇Love In Shanghai💍 by Urwaxi
🎇Love In Shanghai💍by WeiYing♥️Wangji
BxB Zhanyi Xiao Zhan : top; seme Wang Yibo: bottom; uke Love in Shanghai -- is a story of love and romance with a little pinch of supernatural events. Wang Yibo's dream...
Arranged Marriage //WangXian// by cen00xen
Arranged Marriage //WangXian//by cen00xen
Xiao Zhan finally came back to China after a lot of years. He went home suprised at the sudden marriage bestowed upon him and he only knew about it the night before his...
Eternal Love by Iamstandingonaplasti
Eternal Loveby Let's The Game Begin
The story about a poor man who won the heart of a Prince.
Bumping Into You || Jackson Wang by Lushii02
Bumping Into You || Jackson Wangby someone
Facing towards the beautiful bay, she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds around her. "What happened?" Her sister asked as she looked at her, furrowing...
Got7 Imagines by anyac01
Got7 Imaginesby anyac01
Just some Got7 imagines filled with fluff, angst, sweet moments and more. Read to find out. Hope you enjoy! Started November 25, 2019. Completed June 25, 2020. Highes...
what's is it about him? || Jinkook by seokibratz
what's is it about him? || Jinkookby (closed)
Jin is a normal 19 year old omega. Actually no he's not normal, he's the opposite. He is very independent, strong, and couldn't give two fucks about any Alphas! The oppo...
My Love is A Flower by Iamstandingonaplasti
My Love is A Flowerby Let's The Game Begin
" Yibo, I love You " " Boring " " Ai...Yibo , I said I love you to you. How can you be so rude ? " " I don't want to talk to you &quo...
My teacher? Nah he's my husband by newheartqree
My teacher? Nah he's my husbandby Aiden
Jackson (23) -> Hot teacher Mark (17) -> Dumb kid a little review from the story~~ "What do you think you are doing in there?!" "Fuck off!! I do wh...