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Playing With Fire (A Merle Dixon Story) by Aint_It_Fun
Playing With Fire (A Merle Dixon S...by Aint_It_Fun
Merle Dixon never needed anyone. Neither did Harlow Dalton. But when the world goes to shit, all bets are off. (Merle Dixon/OC) #wattys2015 #feels
Your Mine ( Merle Dixons Love story) by JacksonDaysey
Your Mine ( Merle Dixons Love stor...by JacksonDaysey
Merles tough and a player no one can understand this unpredictable man....except for the unpredictable women Willow Jade Daysey who comes from about the same background...
Carl Grimes One Shots (carl x reader) by CoralGrimesPoppa
Carl Grimes One Shots (carl x read...by Carl Grimes
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED ONLY FOR NOW! I've been really busy and have requests to catch up on! Carl grimes one shots!! This is my first time writing anything on Wattpad but I...
Life I Left Behind (A Daryl Dixon Story) by Aint_It_Fun
Life I Left Behind (A Daryl Dixon...by Aint_It_Fun
Charlie Asher has stayed true to her small town roots, despite her new big city life. All that changes though with the onset of the "epidemic"...aka the zombie...
Our Last Hope ( The Walking Dead / Carl Grimes ) by DreamsOfMind
Our Last Hope ( The Walking Dead...by Cerys☯
Megan Neil is a badass zombie slayer and a perfectionist at killing and survival. It's been a couple of lonely months for Meg but when she comes across a prison fence it...
Crossbow meets sword by Terra_is_me
Crossbow meets swordby faith
It all happened to fast for anyone to stop and take a moment. The sound of screams filled the air, the awestruck faces as we all watch people that died become resurrect...
The Lost Grimes Sister by Mhasimp4life
The Lost Grimes Sisterby hi
When the apocalypse started carla was at home with her brother and mother when their fathers best friend told them they had to leave.In season one when the saw their fat...
The Dixons Little Burden by chlo_bo25
The Dixons Little Burdenby chlo_bo25
When you're Merle Dixon's Daughter, in love with a boy that hates you and trying to survive a zombie infested world... things might get a little tough. Cherry Dixon know...
Thank You by owenharpersgirl
Thank Youby owenharpersgirl
What would've happened if Daryl found Sophia? Could be seen as Caryl relationship or Caryl friendship. One-shot
The Truth Comes Out by owenharpersgirl
The Truth Comes Outby owenharpersgirl
Daryl has known ever since they reunited that Carol had a dark cloud over her. Can he get her to tell him what happened during their time apart? Just a little prediction...
It's Us and Them by grimeslovestory
It's Us and Themby grimeslovestory
❝I knew it all... right then, at that moment. He was it.❞ © grimeslovestory 2014. Characters and excerpts from AMC's "The Walking Dead" are all subject copyrig...
WICKED THING | D.D. by _venicebitch
WICKED THING | D.D.by _venicebitch
what a wicked thing to want someone so much ➶ in which a young woman frees herself in a world full of dead men walking ➶ ! slow updates !
Negan's Daughter by 4evergrimes
Negan's Daughterby 4evergrimes
Although it may be hard to admit, we all love Negan. Now imagine if he had a daughter just as callous and sharp as him. 16-year-old Millie is a fearless young girl, who...
Sacrifices by MiracoloDiGigi
Sacrificesby Zak
Sergeant Abraham Ford has been in the military for years... But, it's beginning to tear his life apart.
Cheerleader of the Apocalypse by esm3rald
Cheerleader of the Apocalypseby esm3rald
Charlie is the stereotypical college cheerleader: a blonde bombshell with a perfect body and a perfect life. At least that's what she wants everyone to think. While watc...
Kickin With Dixon: A Collection of TWD Fanfics by WinchesterWonders
Kickin With Dixon: A Collection of...by Wonderfulwinchester
Here you'll find a collection of my Walking Dead fics. These were originally posted on Tumblr under my Walking Dead Blog URL: Kickin-With-Dixon. SMUT posts marked *** T...
Love After Days End by MadisonTreadway7
Love After Days Endby Madison Treadway
Zombie Apocalypse. Alone. Not for long. Madison soon finds herself in a new group, which is different considering she has been by herself for so long. Luke and Ashton tr...
Gone (a Carl Grimes fanfiction) by carllpapa
Gone (a Carl Grimes fanfiction)by carl grimes/chandler riggs
When Luna is found a alone in this world she goes into trouble. What happens when she gets in trouble and gets saved by Carl? Will they become friends or much more? Wha...
Lost by LyannaStarks
Lostby harley
The dead prey on the living and the living prey on the weak. In a world full of flesh eating corpses roaming around, who do you have to worry about more, the living or t...
Cassidy Grimes by ThatJuanDaydreamer
Cassidy Grimesby ThatJuanDaydreamer
Cassidy Grimes is the twin sister of Carl Grimes, older sister of Judith Grimes, and the daughter of Rick and Lori Grimes. Stuck in a world filled with death and uncert...