WAKE ME UP | COLORFUL by eleanora_evans
QUARTO LIVRO DA SÉRIE WAKE ME UP: Como uma simples amizade poderia se transformar em algo colorido, quando tudo parece ter a mesma cor? Gab e Bruna eram apenas amigos, c...
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One Direction Preferences by Kenzie17
One Direction Preferencesby McKenzie J.
[Slow Updates. Sorry!] This is my One Direction preferences. I will take requests. Enjoy! *03/2018 Now using this as practice for my writing as mini writing prompts. Ho...
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Project Proteus by Niktzad
Project Proteusby Nikola J. Krolowka
How are we defined by others, except by that which we wear, the features that imprint us onto others' memories, our highest achievements and most crushing failures? Eyes...
  • fading
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A Dream Come True (Au Sanses x Reader) by DC_Wolfie
A Dream Come True (Au Sanses x Rea...by DC_Wolfie
Hi! my name is -Y/N-! I'm a huge fan of Undertale and its Au's I often like to think that they're real no,I belive that they're real!
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 • ωαкє υρ ¢αℓℓ / киʝ χ кѕʝ / • by Shennai_saranghae
• ωαкє υρ ¢αℓℓ / киʝ χ кѕʝ / •by ⋆. ∘∙ᴊᴀᴇᴊᴀᴇ∙∘. ⋆
[Message from Unknown] Unknown: Are you related to yoda? Cause yodalicious :) Me: uh who are you? Unknown: Just your wake up call :)) --- Where a random person texts Nam...
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Wake Me Up | Theo Raeken by SCarolinaCrown
Wake Me Up | Theo Raekenby SCarolinaCrown
"Can a psychopath ever have real feelings? Or is this all just apart of his games?"
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~can't help falling in love~{Pokemon X failed!mew!Experiment!reader} by Leafycake101
~can't help falling in love~{Pokem...by *crying*
You are (Y/N) or as the scientists call you failed number (2), you are a failed mew experiment just like ditto, so they kicked you out....but they were stupid too do tha...
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Extraordinaire  by americanaa_exotica
Extraordinaire by jay
❝I CHOOSE WHETHER ITS A CURSE OR GIFT❞ A girl in a dystopia of supernatural powers tries to find out where she fits in with her curse. The seemingly too ordinary boy als...
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Art book 2 by RoseLavender69
Art book 2by Rose Lavender
finally ._.
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annyeonghaseyo [ rants and personal ] by Hyuniversal
annyeonghaseyo [ rants and persona...by emotional
joneun bangtan sonyeondan hanggeum maknae jeon jungkook imnida- jeon jungkook
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Lyrics by 18thFallenAlien
Lyrics is still on-going... The Author is too lazy to find for song lyrics so she depend on suggestions lol...
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Zodiac Flare by Imcoldd0
Zodiac Flareby Icey Coffee
A real threat has risen from the depths of the Multiverse. All the upper gods now must choose there subjects to weld the power of a myth. The Zodiacs. Symbols of animals...
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Eddsworld Ships One-shot book by MagicalPride
Eddsworld Ships One-shot bookby Maria||マリア
Welcome to my personal heaven. :)
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r aNT BOOk by Helloimposiedon3
r aNT BOOkby Sexy Kawaii Potato
Bc so many other people made them and I want to feel special
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All Twice Lyrics by damagargarita
All Twice Lyricsby Min_Min
ONE IN A MILLION!! The Word's Only, Unique TWICE!! TWICE music lyrics!
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Tender || Ironfrost by meinestorry
Tender || Ironfrostby m
Tony wakes up in the middle of the night to find Loki standing next to his bed. SFW
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Sherwood's Sharpshooter.                 Book One of the Chronicles of Sariel by ElianTheThirteenth
Sherwood's Sharpshooter...by Elian the Thirteenth
Welcome to Sariel Academy, the most esteemed school in Blightmoor, known for turning out the most famous heroes, and villains, of all time. Nobles and commoners alike dr...
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<Crazy Love>😘😗😙😚😍😍😘😗😙😚😗😘😍😁😁😂🤣😃 by bbqueenbianca
😘😗😙😚😍😍😘😗😙😚😗😘😍😁😁😂🤣...by Bianca Faith young
hi everyone when I say hey bitches I'm not calling you a bitch I'm just being funny???and guys comment if you like carson+annie=cannie better or johnny+annie=janni...
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Waking Up Next To Him by neverwonit
Waking Up Next To Himby Ariana Omnomnom
Finally feeling comfortable
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..._-Random-_... by AyumuImukuni
..._-Random-_...by Ayumu Imukuni
Random stuff for everyone. Different pages may have your interests.
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