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Wakingup Stories

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One Direction Preferences by Kenzie17
One Direction Preferencesby McKenzie J.
[Slow Updates. Sorry!] This is my One Direction preferences. I will take requests. Enjoy! *03/2018 Now using this as practice for my writing as mini writing prompts. Ho...
  • fanstasy
  • fighting
  • love
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shortest horror story by liz_luv1
shortest horror storyby liz_luv1
  • horror
  • school
  • wakingup
In Shadows Unnoticed by C-lary4photos
In Shadows Unnoticedby Clarissa Courval
Ember Amor Cadwell(basically meaning ember's of love) like many others before her has been graced with having to go to a new school. In the middle of the year. And just...
  • depression
  • singleparent
  • unexpected
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Reality by megapp34
Realityby Megan Hope
I had never been a big fan of sleep. It was almost as if there were two parts to every person's life. One that was more realistic and logical, and another that was more...
  • wakingup
  • romance
  • action
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The Boy, the Swamp and the Crane by AlexGithiora
The Boy, the Swamp and the Craneby Alex Githiora
A nostalgic recurring event that used to happen in my country side where I grew up until I was about 7years old. It is set in the mid July rainy season, when the rivers...
  • night
  • theboy
  • wakingup
Thank You by MrStark88
Thank Youby Gustavo Rodriguez
Time is a luxury we can't afford; sometimes we forget how to be thankful. Here are some of the things that make me see things in a different light
  • wakingup
  • grateful
  • time
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You Knew! by Natty_Inoue17
You Knew!by Zee
How hard was it to accept that even if he knew he pretended he didn't know. Everybody knew.
  • oneshot
  • complete
  • fought
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Drunk by PinaySmallFry
Drunkby PinaySmallFry
Derived from truth and sold as fiction Yes, I like someone but he doesn't like me as much as I like him. Rated PG13 for the drinking. Comment/vote/like/rate:)
  • liquor
  • tension
  • awakenings
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Best Friend  by Stylishwriter_
Best Friend by Stylishwriter_
Can you survive this friendship?
  • bestfriends
  • wakingup
  • anime
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!Wake Up! by DaingizzIsyraf
!Wake Up!by DaingizzIsyraf
Wake Up is a Short Story of me or imaginary
  • aboutme
  • social
  • morning
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Waking Up by TheNamelessKiller
Waking Upby TheNamelessKiller
(This is the Sequel for BenXSally) The story begins after Sally wakes up from her coma now it's up to her to catch up...new enemies new characters and maybe a new love t...
  • benxsally
  • hello
  • tragedy
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☮☮ = LOVE SQUARE = ☮☮  by Rosetta
☮☮ = LOVE SQUARE = ☮☮ by Cheila
  • kissing
  • arraged
  • privatejet
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The Shipper Wars by tyjo_joseph
The Shipper Warsby tyjo_joseph
ama zon and evie bay also known as ebay and amazon wake up in an arena and have to kill people they ship together and ship them off to real or fake worlds. lowercase int...
  • amazon
  • ebay
  • wakingup
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Story Time by TheNamelessKiller
Story Timeby TheNamelessKiller
Alright, this is the third book of the Ben X Sally series. NO this book does not include any ending for the last book whatsoever. This is just a collection of stories th...
  • tragedy
  • benxsally
  • creepypasta
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The Process of waking up. by RemiOshibanjo
The Process of waking up.by Remi Oshibanjo
What its like to wake up.
  • being
  • wakingup
  • tiredness
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