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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancƩ over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
š’•š’‰š’† š’Žš’Šš’“š’“š’š’“ by UKIYOYO
š’•š’‰š’† š’Žš’Šš’“š’“š’š’“by ā€“ š‘ ā€”
ā š‘– š‘ š‘Žš‘¤ š‘šš‘¦ š‘Ÿš‘’š‘“š‘™š‘’š‘š‘”š‘–š‘œš‘› š‘š‘™š‘–š‘›š‘˜ āž įµƒ įµ—įµƒįµ‰įµįµ’įµ’įµ į¶ į¶  ā•‘ā–Œā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā–Œā”‚ā•‘ā–Œā•‘ā–Œā–ˆ ā†’įµ‡įµ‰Ė¢įµ— ā±āæ Ė¢įµ˜įµ–įµ‰Ź³āæįµƒįµ—įµ˜Ź³įµƒĖ” ā±āæ įµ‡įµ‰Ė¢įµ— įµ‡įµ—Ė¢ įµ‡įµ’įµ’įµĖ¢ įµƒŹ·įµƒŹ³įµˆĖ¢ ā†’Ā²āæįµˆ ā±āæ įµ‡įµ—Ė¢ įµ‰įµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³įµ‰įµƒĖ” įµƒŹ·įµƒŹ³įµˆĖ¢ Ā²ā°Ā²ā° ā†’Ā²āæįµˆ ā±āæ įµ‡įµ—...
š‰š„š‹š‹š˜-šš„š€š | š‰š„ššš€ įµ—įµ›įµˆ by -peachyberry
š‰š„š‹š‹š˜-šš„š€š | š‰š„ššš€ įµ—...by Źžpį“‰_ŹŽlį“‰l
š‰š„š‹š‹š˜-šš„š€š | š‰š„ššš€ā”ā” { šŽš š‡šŽš‹šƒ ā”€ā”€ from april 13th, 2021 } āœ¦Ėš*Ė–. | ā pfft..you idiot, should've gone for the head..! āž | .Ė–*Ėšāœ¦ Sachi was a bank...
Sootputra: The Unsung Hero by drawingwitheraser
Sootputra: The Unsung Heroby Deepak Kumar
Battle was fierce. He didn't lose yet he still dies. Now on the last breaths of his life, his soul refuses to leave. Any other person would want to struggle, To stay ali...
My Own Way by strength0629
My Own Wayby Chantal Fredette
*This is the spin-off to Runaway Bride. I recommend reading it before starting to read this one.* Locked in a small room with her mother since birth, Amanda quickly lea...
Wake Me Up | Theo Raeken by SCarolinaCrown
Wake Me Up | Theo Raekenby SCarolinaCrown
"Can a psychopath ever have real feelings? Or is this all just apart of his games?"
My dreams... by ViperAkemi
My dreams...by šŸ–¤ ViperTheWeebu šŸ–¤
I'm alive and for it to kinda stay like that I will be posting the original writing and a story like telling of the vivid crazy dreams I've been having! Ever since this...
Markiplier's Wakeup Call (Markiplier X Reader) by DanielAlfieJayTaylor
Markiplier's Wakeup Call (Markipli...by Daniel Alfie Jay Taylor
You're just a small trans boy who adores Markiplier, your hero. But when you finally get the chance to meet him, it all goes wrong...or does it? Trigger Warning: Mention...
š’ƒš’–š’” š’“š’Šš’…š’†š’” by UKIYOYO
š’ƒš’–š’” š’“š’Šš’…š’†š’”by ā€“ š‘ ā€”
ā š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘‘š‘Ÿš‘–š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿ'š‘  š‘›š‘œš‘” ā„Žš‘’š‘Ÿš‘’ āž įµƒ Źøįµ’įµ’āæįµā±āæ į¶ į¶  ā•‘ā–Œā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā–Œā”‚ā•‘ā–Œā•‘ā–Œā–ˆ ā†’ Ā²āæįµˆ ā±āæ įµ‡įµ—Ė¢ į¶œŹ³ŹøĖ¢įµ—įµƒĖ” Ė¢Ź·įµƒāæ įµƒŹ·įµƒŹ³įµˆĖ¢ completed:-
Shitpost Book by fluffoffy
Shitpost Bookby Kinkyhopemanchain
just random stuffs Cover made by me
10th member of Twice outfits. by travelkpopculture
10th member of Twice outfits.by Travel ā€¢ Countries
If you were the 10th member of Twice what out fits would you wear?
Scream by Not-a-Spy
Screamby Anxiety Filled Freak
Poetry, so far only one of my poems I might add more
Why Are You Here? by LAwrites07
Why Are You Here?by LAWRITES07
Schlatt was bored, Wilbur decided to take matters into his own hands, resulting in him climbing a tree. honestly you could read this as platonic too so dw. also mother p...
When the Night Falls - Genshin Impact by pukkira
When the Night Falls - Genshin Imp...by Mizzy
Childe x Zhongli They have a jolly old time in Mondstadt I guess Slight Spoilers for "Farewell, Archaic Lord" quest I have no idea what I'm doing lol and soz...
I woke up by createyourthought
I woke upby utsha chakraborty
A poem that talks about all the strange feelings one gets, a feeling only felt on the very insides of the body. It hurts the body as much it pains the mind. A life of a...
Wake Me Up by ms_gurl128
Wake Me Upby Niki
Stella Valdez has a brain cancer called meningioma 3rd year college sila ng malaman na may brain cancer siya kaya nagpasya sila na pumunta ng u.s para Don magpagamot at...
The Pendant by diyamnr0210
The Pendantby Diya M
Athmika, buys a pendant from a shop which came from nowhere and the next day it disappears.
Poems To Quotes  by thatcrazeegrl_2699
Poems To Quotes by Jazia Butaney
This book contains of a variety of Poems and Quotes ..... they're mostly personal and can relate to anyone ā¤ *All original quotes and poems *
Existentialism  by thatcrazeegrl_2699
Existentialism by Jazia Butaney
The existence of philosophers in non-existent, so this is my philosophy of the things I understand and discover.
Mother by kevinuser
Motherby kevinuser
A mother wakes up because of a crying in the distance.