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"He's not the Only One" - Marvel Story (Fanfiction) by Kirima17
"He's not the Only One" - Marvel S...by ChocOreos134
It was cold, dark and I couldn't remember anything. I was alone, afraid and tired. Tired of running, tired of orders... Who am I? Am I a person? Am I the bad guy? I w...
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War dog | E. Killmonger  by playgourlmulaan
War dog | E. Killmonger by Mad ting
"I will help the king take back his throne don't think otherwise" "Even if that meant killing me?" "Yes even killing you" She's a war dog...
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Backfire | Bucky Barnes | c.s. by parkitaddy
Backfire | Bucky Barnes | c.s.by 에일리 (ailee)
Four months have passed since Earth's Mightiest Heroes defeated Thanos, and brought everyone back, but the rubble refuses to settle. Bucky Barnes is still trying to brea...
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Far From Wakanda by Azremi20
Far From Wakandaby Remi
When Wakanda is under attack by an outside threat, the Royal Family must flee to California with the aid of two War Dog families. There, Young T'Challa meets Nakia, alon...
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The Guardian by BrokenMirrorReality
The Guardianby BrokenMirrorReality
The Guardian is a Marvel Universe fan story. Meaning it takes place in the Marvel Universe, however, it's not *completely* centred around the Avengers. ~~**~~**~~**~~ T...
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Together We Fall  by Cedarwisp29
Together We Fall by Cedarwisp of Riverclan
When an old enemy returns and allies start going missing, Canada will have to go into the outside world and seek help from Earth's Mightest Heros. (Marvel AU where Than...
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The Wolverine and her Weather God by TheVillageboy48Jag
The Wolverine and her Weather Godby Lebron Mayday
When Laura and Tray makes it back to the school after Captain America failed to arrest her in Target X Laura Slowly fell in love with Trayvon for saving her (My Oc who's...
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Wind Rider |Erik 'Killmonger' Stevens| by Melaninaide
Wind Rider |Erik 'Killmonger' Stev...by Taylor
She's a walking storm, a hellraiser if you pushed the right buttons. He just wanted justice for all of his fallen brother and his sister. _ Ororo Munroe was a mutant...
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Todas las Estrellas by Madara-Nycteris
Todas las Estrellasby Madara_Nycteris
-¿Qué es lo que tu corazón más desea, pequeño M'Baku? Sólo una vez en la vida, Lord M'Baku, Señor de las Tierras Altas, Protector del Santuario la Montaña Sagrada y Caud...
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La princesa de la Atlántida| Bucky Barnes by Anna_Chess
La princesa de la Atlántida| Bucky...by Anna Chess
Selene era la princesa de la Atlántida, bueno, solía serlo. Sin embargo, tuvo que huir para evitar un matrimonio concertado por sus padres. Necesitaba esconderse y la ún...
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-Call it fate- by ArtimisWarrior
-Call it fate-by Artimis
Takoda orphaned at 12 when her parents died due to the fall of shield was taken in by the black panther-King of Wakanda, T'Challa. Takoda is starting school in america n...
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I love you, Bucky! by Madara-Nycteris
I love you, Bucky!by Madara_Nycteris
Su amor desafió las barreras del tiempo, el odio y el miedo; Su amistad cambió el mundo. Una colección de momentos entre Steve y su Bucky. *Drabbles divergentes desde TW...
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REUNITED ~ STEVE ROGERS [4] by PrincessofWakanda
Book Four in The Lies Series (Black Panther Fan Fiction) "Come on, T'Challa," I said quietly, urging him on. T'Challa, with determination flipped M'Baku over...
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Knightress by aishabxby
Knightressby aishabxby
They laughed at me. They shoved me to the side. They spat on me. Now here I come. Omolara Afolabi always dreamed about becoming a Royal Knight for King Ade, however, she...
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