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Verisimilitude by YvonneKindle
Verisimilitudeby Yvonne Kindle
I am taking Neil Gaiman's MasterClass. This is my "For My Novel Notebook" and "Writing Exercise Journal" for the class. I have fear about sharing my...
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Endless by huzailazahid
Endlessby huz
"When silence is quiet, you finally hear the echo." Ranked#4 in stopthehate
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Let it be pink - Jjk by SugaisSleepy
Let it be pink - Jjkby SugaisSleepy
'Have you ever had a boyfriend?' 'That's brave to ask for someone who's never had a boyfriend himself' 'Poppy I'm straight'
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Sovereignty by Amaani_A
Sovereigntyby Amaani Ajmayeen
Cara must face a dangerous opponent in order to gain what she wants. However, in fear of her weakness she is determined to appear strong, but things take an unexpected t...
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The Red Book by sunflower-spn
The Red Bookby Fin
Words that my heart has screamed.
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Types of Vulnerability Assessment by infosavvy
Types of Vulnerability Assessmentby info savvy
Given below are the different types of vulnerability assessments: Active Assessment Active assessments are a type of vulnerability assessment that uses network scanners...
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to be opalescent. | BOOK OF POEMS by okcarebear
to be opalescent. | BOOK OF POEMSby caro 💕
"poetry carries the satisfaction of speaking without sharing a word." "it's every thought I've said, that no one's ever heard."
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Global Security and Vulnerability Management Market by bshirke
Global Security and Bhaskar shirke
Security is the safeguard of the assets of an organization, using training and technology.
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Sunflowers by Ink_Bendy
Sunflowersby Sense of Whimsy
In the span of mere days, Linnea Broderick is forced headfirst into a rehearsal process unlike any other. She is introduced to a world where nobody is competing to be be...
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Lilly by UmberLove
Lillyby Umbreon09
Lilly is a story about a girl soon to be dead. No one paid attention to her, no one knew she existed. Of course, she never knew what she was going to become. Don't wish...
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DARK MIND by riaunique777
This is a book of poems about the feelings that i was so scared to explore. These feelings always made me so insecure. I was scared to explore the darkness in me. But no...
a minor ‖ preston peng by PrestonPenguin
a minor ‖ preston pengby Preston Peng
equating experiences to music terminology. reflecting through this poetic outlet. sharing scraps of my life. giving insight. loving.
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Empty Spaces by jerezsherry
Empty Spacesby jerezsherry
A woman visits an island home of a man she met at a birthday party, there she finds the vulnerable Remnants...
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The Theory of an Inevitable Pause by averyjmorgan
The Theory of an Inevitable Pauseby Avery J. Morgan
Andrya had always been loud and whimsical, a perk to her roles in the school plays as the designated comic relief, but for her senior year, she was chosen to be the lead...
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don't remember me by BritGunthard
don't remember meby Brit Gunthard
A poem about rejection, losing a romantic partner and the sadness and pain that it stirs up.
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Unspoken Genuinity by littleweirdviolet
Unspoken Genuinityby LemmeNap
I used to dislike poetry It disinterested me Now here I am Writing I found a new love A new love of my life I hope I pray That this love won't diminish That this love wi...
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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in USA by weborion
Vulnerability Assessment and Weborion Cyber Security
Discover what is a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) and how WebOrion™ help you reduce application security risks. WebOrion™ offer Vulnerability As...
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Me or the policy  by BoomieMiles
Me or the policy by BoomieMiles
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Letters to you by thegoddessdiaries
Letters to youby thegoddessdiaries
A collection of nostalgia and love and the things we wish we had realized when we had the chance.
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Vulnerability Assessment by Dosarrest007
Vulnerability Assessmentby Dosarrest007
To avoid the cyber-attacks and damage caused by it, a vulnerability assessment is essential. Vulnerability assessment is a process in which vulnerabilities in network in...