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Linked In. A Yugioh Vrains Story  by xyzmountaindragon
Linked In. A Yugioh Vrains Story by MylesDenton18
As a victim of the lost incident, Hibiki Okida knew that his life would never be the same. Left with nothing but a deck of strange monsters and a broken spirit. His only...
The path to the truth: Male Reader X Naoto by Shockman21
The path to the truth: Male Reader...by Shockman21
It's gonna be another Yu-Gi-Oh!/Persona Crossover! This time you're a duelist from the modern (VRAINS) dimension that uses a Armatos Legio (Lightning) Deck and eventual...
Link To Her Heart [Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker X Female! Reader X Revolver] by epiphanymoon_93
Link To Her Heart [Fujiki Yusaku/P...by Maria ♡
You are his right hand, the one he could always rely on, you are loyal to him, but most importantly, you are someone he's willing to do anything for. Yes, Revolver, the...
Decoded Pain (Aoi Zaizen x Male OC Reader) by Dysonal
Decoded Pain (Aoi Zaizen x Male OC...by Dysonal
Riku Kanashimiki was one of the Lost Incident victims who were kidnapped and tortured 10 years ago. But even now he still has trouble recovering from the trauma. His exp...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains x Male Reader by Xtreme64998
Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains x Male Readerby Yusuke Igarashi
You are a person living in the real world but somehow get teleported to the world of Yugioh Vrains. The deck you use in the beginning Salamangreats and before you say th...
Yugioh Vrains: Link Warriors by Trishula97
Yugioh Vrains: Link Warriorsby Trishula97
Sukio Yujaku, a boy with missing memories, ventures to unlock the secrets of his past in an ever evolving world, Link V.R.A.I.N.S. In this virtual world, he teams up wit...
The signer into the vrains( Aoi zaizen x male reader x emma bensho by Arthurpendragon285
The signer into the vrains( Aoi za...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n Fudo Izayoi is the son of Yusei fudo and aki izayoi who are team 5DS now grown up, Y/n won amazing duels cause has instinct from his father but a figure appear was a...
Dark Mansion, A Yu Gi Oh Crossover Fanfiction  by AnimeXEncano
Dark Mansion, A Yu Gi Oh Crossover...by AnimeXEncano
When a large group of people woke up in a mansion without any memory how they got there, they must work together and find a way out of the mansion... if only that was ea...
Yugioh Vrains x Male Reader by Banepower2
Yugioh Vrains x Male Readerby DemonofNihilism
Y/N was a cheerful young boy but that all changed when he was kidnapped by a group of people and underwent extreme pain the only reason he persevered was one friend and...
Aoi Zaizen (Blue Angel/ Blue Girl) x male reader [Discontinued] by Dark-Lucifer
Aoi Zaizen (Blue Angel/ Blue Girl)...by Dark-Lucifer
In Link VRAINS you are known as Miserea and you play a cubic deck (I do not own any of the materials in the story, only the oc cards)
Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists x Reader Oneshots by Kloplove63708
Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists x Reader One...by Kaylove 62108
I'm deciding to write another book. This story will be all about your life... with all the Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists, so enjoy and have fun with them! Only for Yu-Gi-Oh prot...
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Virtual Armageddon (Male Reader x Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS) by ShiningGlory574
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Virtual Armagedd...by ShiningGlory574
Y/N Akaba was a cheerful and kind kid, until one day he was kidnapped with five other kids to be forced on duel and tortured in in a program called "The Lost Incide...
The Entertaining Demon by SparkyZero24
The Entertaining Demonby SparkyZero24
Thomas Sakaki was an ordinary child with a nice life, until one day he was kidnapped by unknown assailants with six other kids. All of them were forced to participate in...
Aoi Zaizen (Blue Angel/Blue Girl) X Male Reader by Lunar_Legend
Aoi Zaizen (Blue Angel/Blue Girl)...by Lunar_Legend
You're known in Link VRAINS as Phoenix and you use a Nephthys Deck.
Child! Yu-Gi-Oh x Reader One shots by Kloplove63708
Child! Yu-Gi-Oh x Reader One shotsby Kaylove 62108
This book is inspired by the ones who made their own. But if not, I might as well be the first one to write this book! This story will be about you having fun with your...
Snow White & the Seven Princes (Yu-Gi-Oh) by Tsukiko05
Snow White & the Seven Princes (Yu...by Tsukiko🌙
We all know about the Show White good old story... ...But this story is different... This is story about one girl named y/n who will meet seven boys...
Yu-Gi-Oh: Smash or Pass by Tsukiko05
Yu-Gi-Oh: Smash or Passby Tsukiko🌙
A bit fun with the characters ^^ Who will you smash (It's with other meaning), who will you pass?
Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader (FAMILY ONE SHOTS) (ALL SERIES) by inari-emperor
Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader (FAMILY ONE SHO...by t r a n z
I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Family one shots featuring all series! Take a look at the Information chapter for more info! #27 in variousxreader (May 28th, 2018) #6 in YGO! (May...
Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader (ALL SERIES) (BOOK: 4) (REQUESTS CLOSED) by inari-emperor
Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader (ALL SERIES) (B...by t r a n z
Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader All series Reader can be any gender! AU's are allowed! #11 in YGO (May 12th, 2018) #1 in YGO (May 27th, 2018) #34 in yugioh (June 16th, 2018) #7 in Yu...
🌺 It's Summer! 🌺 (Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader) (ALL SERIES) (REQUESTS CLOSED) by inari-emperor
🌺 It's Summer! 🌺 (Yu-Gi-Oh! x Re...by t r a n z
It's summer, and how would you guys celebrate it? Outside obviously, but you chose to read this book smdh. In this collect, it's you x the YGO characters! This is full o...