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Keeping me Sane {Draco Malfoy} by Outinsider
Keeping me Sane {Draco Malfoy}by Bee🐝
"Vow to me you'll keep quiet about what you saw." "A vow? An unbreakable vow? You're mental." ••• Cassidy Milburn never thought her deadliest secret...
HELL NO!!! I'm Never Gonna Get Married To You! by tauralicious
HELL NO!!! I'm Never Gonna Get Mar...by 0_o
Be careful what you wish for, because sometimes wishes come true... especially if you wish for something NOT to happen! Andy Carter ends up in the bed with Austin Blake...
I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards 2011) by staplesfan
I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards 2...by Kristin
Imara Fox has a dark past. If she can't control her necromancy, she will have a dark future a head of her. Turning to Hogwarts for protection, she meets people, whom she...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
Frozen: A Vow to Keep (Elsa x Male Reader) by Chinsangan
Frozen: A Vow to Keep (Elsa x Male...by Chinsangan
All you can do is run and hide. That's what you thought, anyway. What can one man do alone? Well, you aren't alone. While fleeing to Arendelle - beaten and bruised - you...
The Faery Vow by saturn137
The Faery Vowby Mel-Belle
Being Half-Fae Laila, has always avoided the fae like the plague, hating them for taking her father from her. Now a chance has come to get him back. The deal? Pretend t...
Duty-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book II ] by MinaParkes
Duty-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book...by ♡ M i n a (she/her) ♡
The war has ended and the reign of stars and roses has crumbled. Return to the Holy City in the sequel to Blood-Bound! **Warning** Spoilers follow for those who have not...
"In Still Waters" by Gretchenmarieman
"In Still Waters"by Sugarsandgurl
Romantic Poetry (Sonnet)
The Big Bad Luna by MellowDramatic
The Big Bad Lunaby Ehren R Lungs
The Luna That Lived... Book III in The Big and The Bad series
Dance your heart out (a one direction story) by purplepop23
Dance your heart out (a one direct...by purplepop23
Valerie Thompson was born to be a dancer. That was, until the not so accidental accident. That's when, homeless, her best friend in the world Danielle Peazer took her in...
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Creatures of Hell Book 1: Whispers in the Dark by MysteriousGoth
Creatures of Hell Book 1: Whispers...by Countess Spongebob
"P-please don't kill me!" I cried, closing my eyes and waiting for the pain of his teeth, sinking into my skin. Candice is a normal eighteen year old girl, sh...
I'm Just Happy It's You (Revenge Fan Fiction)(Editing in progress, read the one with "edited" on the chapter) by JustPH
I'm Just Happy It's You (Revenge F...by JustPH
Amanda Clarke was just a little girl, when her father was framed by the Grayson. She was taken to the foster care, and life never goes well since then. She grows up thin...
Inevitable Moments of Collision (g x g) by Heymurve
Inevitable Moments of Collision (g...by Heymurve
"The moment of collision affects the far greater moments in your life that may or may not actually happen. The moment of impact is, for example, when you unexpected...
Camren Mini Series (Book 2) by chocobump
Camren Mini Series (Book 2)by chocobump
My second compilation book about Camren. This book is more serious than the first one and it will not have a lot of smut. Again, all ideas are originally mine, if it hap...
Still ANYTHING for me? ~Seth Clearwater Love Story~ by wspg23
Still ANYTHING for me? ~Seth Clear...by wspg23
This is a sequel to Anything for YOU (Seth Clearwater Love Story). Kaya moves back to La Push finding herself in very sticky situations. She has a lot on her hands than...
Blood-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book I ] by MinaParkes
Blood-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book...by ♡ M i n a (she/her) ♡
A LINE UNBROKEN. A TRUTH UNSPOKEN. Born into wealth and privilege as the niece of an Emperor, Starborn Lady Mhera never dreamt that tragedy would shatter her world. But...
The Unbreakable vow by Potterfan7
The Unbreakable vowby Potterfan
"Well, you can't break an Unbreakable Vow...." "I'd worked that much out for myself, funnily enough. What happens if you break it, then?" "You d...
Vo-ka-she: The Sword Moves Once by BentheScribe2513
Vo-ka-she: The Sword Moves Onceby BentheScribe2513
He has sworn to kill his enemies with only one swing. He must also defend his tribe from invaders who wish to take away their wealth or defeat him in battle. Can he kee...
Hiraeth |EPISTOLARY| by euryskaden
Hiraeth |EPISTOLARY|by 💃
I have loved you. Hugged the care, lesson, and the love you gave. But there is a shift happening, that thing pushed me to stay away from you. At some point, I could have...
Eternal Vows  by Sajal_ameena
Eternal Vows by Ameena
Love is not what the mind thinks but what the heart feels. This is what I feel and want all my lovely readers to feel while reading my works. In this book...