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Jessica Voorhees by trioptimim
Jessica Voorheesby Trioptimum
A man had an encounter with a monster long forgotten, but now she's living with him. He might have gotten a little more than he bargained for.
❤ Slasher one shots by javacoffeebitch
❤ Slasher one shotsby mocha
FEEL FREE TO SEND REQUESTS! The characters I write about are: -Jason Voorhees -Michael Myers -Brahms heelshire -Thomas hewitt -bo sinclair -Vincent Sinclair -Lester Sinc...
Slashers x reader by Samaroni1996
Slashers x readerby Samantha
the slashers x reader! Smut, fluff, and such! I take requests
Summer Nights (Jason Voorhees x reader) by RaevynEden
Summer Nights (Jason Voorhees x re...by Baybfayce
***Under extreme editing, I wrote this in 8th grade and now that I'm older I need to fix it*** Whenever social anxiety ridden (y/n)'a mother sends her to Camp Crystal La...
Friday the 13th Gay X Reader by joshler554
Friday the 13th Gay X Readerby joshler554
You decide to go to Camp Crystal Lake. You're a horny teenager that desperately needs to be touched by a man. Will you push aside Jason Voorhees' killer tendencies so yo...
slasher preferences  by simpforscott
slasher preferences by simpforscott
the characters included are: Ghostface (billy loomis) Micheal Myers Freddy Krueger And Jason Voorhees
Bounty by redsapphire123
Bountyby Red Sapphire
Michal x reader x Jason the slashers join together to kill a rough slasher. they see this girl and don't know why they so are drawn to her. they can't keep her out of th...
Slasher House (Completed) by worldsfinestadmin
Slasher House (Completed)by Admin
This is going to be a book about a girl who finds herself trapped in a house with some of the world's most notorious horror/slasher characters. This book is going to inc...
Jason's girl by AmySmithEllis
Jason's girlby Amy Smith Ellis
I don't own Friday the 13th
Slasher Preferences, Scenarios, And Headcannons by Gears_Circuits
Slasher Preferences, Scenarios, An...by Mama Kat
GUESS WHO'S BACK That's right baby! I'm back in action and better than ever. MORE motivation. MORE characters. MORE scenarios. MORE. OF. EVERYTHING. For those of you who...
Killers Need Breaks Too {Jason Voorhees x Reader} ON HOLD by Blorgh
Killers Need Breaks Too {Jason Voo...by Blorgh
This story is for females..... ok, let's get some basics out here. You went to Camp Crystal Lake as a child, and you make friends with Jason.(like every fan fiction) You...
I Don't Mind the Rain Anymore- Jason Voorhees x Reader by Jasz_Rice
I Don't Mind the Rain Anymore- Jas...by 🎃 Jazz 🍚
You were an optimistic young woman heading to Camp Crystal Lake with one goal in mind: Help the children. As you loved children, you immediately jumped to volunteer. Un...
Jason x Reader Scenarios by yuri-chr
Jason x Reader Scenariosby 💕
!REQUESTS OPEN! Different scenarios of you and the large, hockey mask wearing killer. From being super clingy-yandere to a sad lug looking for comfort. (Most are Jason x...
Slasher x Reader Oneshots [ON HOLD] by cherryycloudz
Slasher x Reader Oneshots [ON HOLD]by k i t a n a
🚨SLOW UPDATES🚨 I WILL DO SMUTS! This is my first oneshot thing and I decided to go make it with my favorite thing... SLASHERS!!! Hope you enjoy~
Light over comes darkness by AmySmithEllis
Light over comes darknessby Amy Smith Ellis
What happens when Jason, Freddy and Micheal fall for the same person? I know this sounds like someone else's story but I'm not good with explaining stuff.
Jason meets vamp girl by AmySmithEllis
Jason meets vamp girlby Amy Smith Ellis
What happens when Jason Voorhees meets a lonely sad vampire girl?
resurrected for you. fem Jason Voorhees x Male reader  by GOSlayer
resurrected for you. fem Jason Voo...by GOSlayer
you and your friends go out to camp BLOOD/ Crystal lake . but you feel watched the whole time with 3 guys and 2 girls your the only one without şőmeőńę
Lost and found by AmySmithEllis
Lost and foundby Amy Smith Ellis
A sad Jason Voorhees misses his mother, he loses his mask one day, something unbelievable happened Read to find out. I don't own anyone in this story except my character.
Everything you need to know about Jason Voorhees by GavinBerg321
Everything you need to know about...by Gavin Berg
This story is about everything you need to know about Jason Voorhees. Whether you're looking for his backstory, his weakness, or the summary of the entire 12 movie serie...