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Breeding Project || Klance Omegaverse by TJH323
Breeding Project || Klance Omegave...by TJ.
The war is over, and omegas have never been more valuable. The Galra empire severely dwindled Earth's population, and now omegas were required to have at least one pup w...
The Heart of Voltron (VLD)(Shiro x OC) by FantasyWriter345
The Heart of Voltron (VLD)(Shiro x...by FantasyWriter345
Zoey Ellis is the top student at Garrison Academy. She's a good friend to Pidge and knows Pidge is a girl. Somehow, her life takes a turn when she turns out to be the pi...
Refuge  [Voltron LD] by TheDragonPatronus
Refuge [Voltron LD]by Rae
{Shiro X Galra OC Slowburn} Takashi Shirogane promised himself after he escaped imprisonment that he would never let a Galra get anywhere near him ever again. But what e...
Broken ~ Klance by somegayvoltronshit
Broken ~ Klanceby somegayshit
Youre from a broken home and then all of a sudden your life changes. What do you do? - None of the art/music is mine and Belongs to the rightful owners - - Also I am sup...
Over My Dead Body! by VinVictory
Over My Dead Body!by VinVictory
"Hey, Keith? Are you done yet?" Lance asks from behind the door. "Can I come in?" "Yeah, I'm done changing." Out of curiosity, Keith looks...
Our Boundaries (Shidge/Klance AU) by ThatOneServant
Our Boundaries (Shidge/Klance AU)by You Love You
Five cursed lions with claws of poison to pass on their curse to others. Pidge happened to be a girl at the wrong place and got scratched by Green, the lion of Nature. S...
Abducted (Shidge/Mallura AU) by ThatOneServant
Abducted (Shidge/Mallura AU)by You Love You
(AU where instead of Matt and Samuel Holt, it was Katie and her mother who went with Shiro for the kerberos mission.) They were rotting away in a cell. Katie could hear...
When Stars Align [Shiro x Male Reader] by RollerCoasterWords
When Stars Align [Shiro x Male Rea...by RollerCoasterWords
Hi 2 any trash babies lookin @ this. I got a request 2 make my story with a male protagonist and because I crave Validation and have a need 2 be liked I'm doin it so wad...
Celestial Witch (Shidge/Klance AU) by ThatOneServant
Celestial Witch (Shidge/Klance AU)by You Love You
Magic Users and Blade Wielders coexisted together and attended one school. They still had old disagreements flowing through their blood, but that didn't stop some from b...
Daily Dose Of Klance *COMPLETED* by HahaNotTrash
Daily Dose Of Klance *COMPLETED*by Classy Trash
Hello~! I'm your pharmacist. It seems you are sick, is this true? Don't worry, I have the perfect medication!^^ I have this this prescription here. It's called Klance. J...
The White Lion [Voltron Various X Reader] by pastichemochi
The White Lion [Voltron Various X...by 🏳️‍⚧️Kai🏳️‍🌈
[Y/N] [L/N] was in the Galaxy Garrison alongside Lance, Hunk, and Pidge. She had come to this school with her best friend but she should've known that things, including...
Voltron Preferences (SLOW IRREGULAR UPDATES) by Purplemetahuman
Voltron Preferences (SLOW IRREGULA...by Olivia~~
Hi! Okay so these are just a few preferences for Voltron Legendary Defender. I love this show so much and so I decided this is going to be my first book! No hate please...
A Fight To Finish (Shidge/Klance AU) by ThatOneServant
A Fight To Finish (Shidge/Klance A...by You Love You
They were just living their life until the virus started spreading. Now, six teens fight for their survival. One by one they discover each other and make a ever-lasting...
Get a Room {Klance} by TheGaysexual
Get a Room {Klance}by Actually Complete Trash
Lance has finally moved away from his mothers house and into his own apartment with a roommate. These two will have to learn to get along since they will be living toget...
Dancing between the stars - Klance AU by NaniTheQuiznak
Dancing between the stars - Klance...by Ard
Dance!Klance AU There are two types of people in this world; those who dance and those who do not. Alcohol was in both of their systems when they grind their hot bother...
A Space In-Between (Shidge/Klance AU) by ThatOneServant
A Space In-Between (Shidge/Klance...by You Love You
Katie (Pidge) was tricked and sent to another world through a weird mineral machine. A world of secrets and mysterious people; where a man waits for her and the other th...
Klance- A war ripped love by Pine_Tree_Fan
Klance- A war ripped loveby Noya
Galra!Keith x Altean!Lance The races known as Alteans and Galra work together as best they can, but when something happens to cause tension between the two races, war br...
A Burning Flame (Shidge/Klance AU) by ThatOneServant
A Burning Flame (Shidge/Klance AU)by You Love You
She fell in love with a prince, but magic ran deep in her veins, calling out to her. Witches were hunted, chained, and burned at the stake. She was told many times to sh...
Ask And You Shall Receive (Langst/Klance)  by JolyFuckinFuck
Ask And You Shall Receive (Langst...by Practally Deactivated
Lance isn't good enough. So he changes, laughs and smiles fade into cuts and nodding. (Inspired by a tumblr post because im trash) And maybe, he jumps. And he heals. But...
Caribbean Dream (A Klance Dance AU!) (DISCONTINUED) by sopeeeeworld
Caribbean Dream (A Klance Dance AU...by nct we mobbin'
"Keith! We need to leave soon!" "Where are we going?" "To my zumba class." - Klance dance au! - Keith is forced to go to his mom's zumba c...