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Animal Instincts by Strasta
Animal Instinctsby Alycar E. Beledr
Voldemort finally got what he wanted sadly it doesn't bode well for Harry. *Written by Andrew Q. Published by Elvira B.
Bellatrix's Doll by BellatrixRiddleQueen
Bellatrix's Dollby Bellatrix Lestrange
Muggle-borns are really kidnapped, pureblood children. Bellatrix finally takes her daughter home.
Pawn to Queen - Tom Riddle by Lyra_Nightshade
Pawn to Queen - Tom Riddleby Gale✨
Life is like a game of chess. A war of the mind, twists and turns, you lose pieces , move others away, and of course Use them to win. But for victory, sacrifices are mad...
Dirty Blood Dynasties (Draco/Ginny & Theodore/Hermione) by FearlessUntamed
Dirty Blood Dynasties (Draco/Ginny...by FearlessUntamed
AU. Voldemort Wins. The British magical community is deeply shaped by Lord Voldemort's blood purity obsession. Thirteen families now rule, maintaining a conservative, ca...
That's An Order by whitebleachedjeans
That's An Orderby whitebleachedjeans
Hermione and Draco made an Unbreakable Vow. (Dramione one-shot)
a cold and lonely light // drastoria by thestarseer
a cold and lonely light // drastor...by thestarseer
When Harry Potter dies, Astoria Greengrass makes an impossible choice. She turns against her Slytherin bloodline and joins the fight against Voldemort's regime. Unfortun...
We Never Said Goodbye (D.M) by hap1414
We Never Said Goodbye (D.M)by hap1414
Three years after the Battle of Hogwarts the war rages on with no end in sight, countries taken over, cities burned to the ground, and thousands of muggles massacred...
The Fallout  by athenaswisdom_
The Fallout by Yanita
Because nothing was like everybody thought. Those naïve, poor souls. Oblivious to everything happening around them or worse they were all refusing to acknowledge it. One...
Green Light by littlest_nightmare
Green Lightby Erica [On Hiatus]
In a world where the Dark Lord wins the war, Petunia Evans Dursley first finds out about her sister's death through mocking, black - cloaked figures that wear gleaming s...
The Remaining Gaunt by heretoselfinsert
The Remaining Gauntby Rowan
Exandria Gaunt transfers to Hogwarts after her remaining trusted family member passes away and she moves in with her godfather Rabastan Lestrange and starts her 5th year...
Ashes, Ashes (we all fall down) by littlest_nightmare
Ashes, Ashes (we all fall down)by Erica [On Hiatus]
The Dark Lord won the war. Now, Frank and Alice Longbottom are just trying to keep their family together - no matter the cost. This isn't exactly a simple endeavor. (Or:...
The Girl Who Died- Draco Malfoy Love Story by lupinedragon
The Girl Who Died- Draco Malfoy Lo...by 💜Armyforever💜
What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What if that night in Godric's Hollow, Voldemort decided to mark her as his equal by naming her his heir? Harry still has his sca...
I KNOW THE END.  by folkmore
I KNOW THE END. by kait
it's here. pansmione - post war voldemort wins au
Adoring Her, the Moon by n3r1s5a
Adoring Her, the Moonby ris :)
She was never meant to remember. *** Hiya!! This is a Blaise Zabini x oc fan fiction! sadly, there won't be any smut because idk I cant write it well. ANYWAYS, not all o...
Hiding from a Traitor by WartyHogs101
Hiding from a Traitorby WartyHogs101
The Battle of Hogwarts doesn't go as planned and Voldemort wins. Pure bloods and halfbloods must become Death Eaters or they are killed. Muggleborns are killed. So what...
Non Sequitur by fireworks_underwater
Non Sequiturby fireworks_underwater
Harry Potter is dead. The Dark Lord is sovereign. Draco Malfoy struggles to earn his place in the ruthless, chaotic society of Death Eaters, all the while haunted by the...
Why? by love_my_baby_
Why?by I'm an angel I swear
HI my name is Rose Luna I don't have a last name because I've been in and out of homes since I can remember. , I'm 15 and I'm emo. I have 12 piercings,my eyebrow lip,ea...