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28 days in Christmas Town✔ by jasminestars
28 days in Christmas Town✔by Jasmine Haastrup
*Completed* Abigail "Abbie" Duke learnt to depend on only one person. Herself. Growing up to always being second choice to her older sister, Abbie watched her...
Hope by AlwaysDream128
Hopeby AlwaysDream128
A innocent out of the box kind a girl, no one knows her story outside she's a good person, goes to school and is just herself but on the inside... She's terrified and a...
A Second Chance | ✔️ by xguitarstringsx
A Second Chance | ✔️by Kavs
13.08.2018 #79 in mystery/thriller. || A dorm mate found dead. Her murder mistaken for a suicide. Nothing could go worse than that for Zerena, or so she thought. #ASA202...
Captured Feelings! by ButteryButteryFly5
Captured Feelings!by ButteryButteryFly5
#Wattys2019 Myriads of feelings invade my mind, difficult to neglect still they make me who I am.... Emotions felt by heart so deep, Some buried deep down, ...
The Little Wolf {On-Hold} by Queen-Aphrodite
The Little Wolf {On-Hold}by ♕ Madeline ♕
❝ Let me worship you, let me caress your skin with the frigid touch of the gods. Catherine, I want to love you. ❞ ❝ The gods do not hold a frigid touch, only the servant...
Countdown: A Dinosaur Story ✓ | COMPLETED by ElijahCole11
Countdown: A Dinosaur Story ✓ | CO...by E. C. Millington
HIGHEST RANK #84 IN ACTION! (3/10/18) It is true that any creature fears what they cannot understand. Mystery seems to be the darkest void of the world, for if any heart...
The Fall of Ocilyce {COMPLETED} by Saskatchewan7
The Fall of Ocilyce {COMPLETED}by Hendré Basson
APHORA LEGACY ONE [COMPLETED] One Man. One Mission. One Fatal Mistake. A young man seeking the mysterious disappearance of his older brother has led him into the oasis c...
Midnight Blues by twelfthgirl
Midnight Bluesby twelfthgirl
Everyone's thoughts; in a daily basis.
LOST IN THOUGHT✔       #WATTYS 2018 by AkiraBee
🏆 3rd place in RECOGNITION AWARDS 2018 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Take a dive into my untamed mind Where the beast within seems abstract and unheard the only rel...
BLOOMING THOUGHTS by Sserendipity98
"Letters blooming into words and words into poems" "Every poem has its own story" -Sserendipity98 I write to break stigmas. I write for all the peop...
From Tango to Flower by Olivia_Lavender
From Tango to Flowerby Olivia Lavender
With the arrival of spring, the fairies fulfill their secret mission of awakening all the flowers of the world. However, this year one curious fairy will put aside his l...
It wasn't just friendship(#wattys2018) Published | ✔ by shivu2207
It wasn't just friendship(#wattys2...by Shivani. R
The edited version and the full book is now out in amazon. Recently ranked #179 in romance hot list❤❤ This is a love story of two lonely hearts Dhruv and Ritika who meet...
SACCHARINE by xEmiliaForestx
SACCHARINEby Emilia Forest
。- Collection of poetic notes. Art if you like. Expect irony within - 。 No. Veto. I watched, as wet dried, As scented sinned, Justice broke free. 。01-22-2018 - ONGOING。...
The Brothers of the Sword, The Waking Destiny. by SwanJFHBylanderIII
The Brothers of the Sword, The Wak...by Solinvictus
Two Brothers destined as avatars of fate. One brother bound by honor and duty to an ancient holy empire that seeks to regain lost glory in a time of Total World War. He...
Her Mask by cupcakemastrz
Her Maskby Taylor
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #38 in Action #19 in Fantasy Adventure #3 in Fantasy Action ~~~~~~~~~~~ Summary: Adventure, action, romance, and secrets. Many, many secrets. An assa...