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The Law of Attraction [Chris Beck] by UnderMySkin
The Law of Attraction [Chris Beck]by S.
Dr. Alice Blake is the psychologist at NASA who worked closely with the crew of each Ares mission. When Mitch Henderson offers her the chance to join the Ares 3 mission...
Life on Mars // Chris Beck by TheQuietHufflepuff
Life on Mars // Chris Beckby TheQuietHufflepuff
Melina Gray is a chemist chosen for the Ares III mission. But when a storm comes, not all goes according to plan. Two are forced to fend for themselves on a planet whe...
If Tomorrow Never Comes by TheQuietHufflepuff
If Tomorrow Never Comesby TheQuietHufflepuff
Esmeralda, Esme, Watney works with Mindy Park as a satellite engineer. Her high school sweetheart, her husband, is on the Hermes on a mission to Mars. When she receive...
The Haunting of Liechtenstein by EternalPride
The Haunting of Liechtensteinby EternalPride
Liechtenstein sees them everywhere. In the mirrors, the windows, and in her nightmares. They want to get to the other side, and they won't stop trying till she lets them...
Rowdy 3 Headcanons by optima_decipio
Rowdy 3 Headcanonsby optima_decipio
Just my headcanons about Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency's Rowdy 3!
titan attack!  by billstaart
titan attack! by Alles in één
What if there were more titans? What if there were more magic systems? What if there were more characters? All of that is explored in this alternative version of Attack...
Rowdy Love (Martin x reader) by SuperHamWriting
Rowdy Love (Martin x reader)by Mickey Smith
As the best friend and roommate of Amanda Brotzman, your life was a series of ups and downs. When you returned from picking up Amandas prescription one day, a strange va...
Martian One Shots by fantasyfan38
Martian One Shotsby Peregrine, or Peri
Basically just a bunch of one shots about the Martian by Andy Weir. I take suggestions!
Vogel im Käfig by ManedJerk
Vogel im Käfigby ManedJerk
Život za hradbami. Jako vězeň, neznat vnější svět. Kdybychom jen vyrazili ven a nebyli zkušení, sežerou nás obři. Co by se stalo, kdyby se kadetka, co se přidá k Vojens...
Finn Vogelsänger by FickDichLucas
Finn Vogelsängerby Fick Dich Lcuas
A short story about telling about one of the many magical advectures of the Vogelsänger. A Fantasy Novel by FickDichLucas