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My Vocaloid Lover (Len Kagamine X Reader Fanfic) [ON HOLD] by MegaBlazethecat
My Vocaloid Lover (Len Kagamine X...by MegaBlazethecat
Have you ever wonder what's it like to have a Vocaloid in your life. Think of all the things that you would do with them like you can befriend them, dance and sing with...
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Ask The Squad! by _Secretly_A_Siren_
Ask The Squad!by ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑕE
(Cover by Yeetthebee) Pretty self-explanatory. Also, Rin and Len are in my version of the Meme Squad, so don't be surprised that they're here with the others lol.
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Vocaloid Shizzposts by _Secretly_A_Siren_
Vocaloid Shizzpostsby ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑕE
This is basically a book of random ideas I came up with that wouldn't be able to make a complete story.
Our Forbidden Love: A Lenku Fanfiction {Vocaloid} by ArielLynn1014
Our Forbidden Love: A Lenku Fanfic...by ✨🖤Keith🖤✨
Started: 4/23/15 Finished: ??? Len has always had a huge crush on Miku Hatsune but there is one small problem. She doesn't know he exists! But when his English brother O...
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(OLD AND DISCONTINUED) "Forgotten" (Vocaloid Piko X Flower) by _Secretly_A_Siren_
(OLD AND DISCONTINUED) "Forgotten"...by ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑕE
(I apologize in advance for shipping these two) Piko is a "forgotten" Vocaloid. He's a Vocaloid that isn't used very much, except for covers and things like th...
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1 / 4 | Kaito x Reader | Vocaloid Fanfic by banana_lenn
1 / 4 | Kaito x Reader | Vocaloid...by Lori or Len
(Y/N)'s application to the famous Mirai High was accepted! Within a week, she makes new friends and enemies. What drama unfolds when she begins to catch feelings for Kai...
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vocaloid - summer school! by littlehappyotaku
vocaloid - summer school!by littlehappyotaku
miku is a girl with amazing singing abilities and huge potential, but don't have any good friends or social life. when she comes to an special summer school for kids lik...
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Vocaloid Headcanons by _emeraldbreeze_
Vocaloid Headcanonsby breeza
Guess who just got even more original. Yes, I'm painfully aware like nine hundred people have done this, but I wanted to do some of my own. Hope you all enjoy! [...
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(OLD AND DISCONTINUED) Stranded (A Vocaloid Fanfic) by _Secretly_A_Siren_
(OLD AND DISCONTINUED) Stranded (A...by ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑕE
18 Vocaloids get stranded on an island. In order to stay alive, they must get along and do their best to survive.
Leek-Flavored Ice Cream (Kaito x Miku)✓ by carrymid
Leek-Flavored Ice Cream (Kaito x M...by hiatus
From Korea to Japan, Miku Hatsune has moved back into her home-country. She's been there for about a month, preparing for the upcoming school year. One day, her childhoo...
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Hospital Of Horrors | A Vocaloid And UTAU Fanfic by _Secretly_A_Siren_
Hospital Of Horrors | A Vocaloid A...by ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑕE
Defoko wakes up in a hospital with 19 other people, all of which had gone through injuries and incidents that left them knocked out. As quickly as they can barely fathom...
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❀  A new path - A Lenku fanfic  ❀ by Hatsuneite
❀ A new path - A Lenku fanfic ❀by Sparky
Len Kagamine, known as the nightmare patient in Crypton Hospital due to an accident in order to prove himself to his sister Rin meets Hatsune Miku, a once world wide Vir...
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Daughter of Evil {abridged} by michaelaglassred
Daughter of Evil {abridged}by michaelaglassred
An explanation of Mothy's Daughter of Evil series, retold in simple story format with added in details for the sake of storytelling. The core story is the same but I bas...
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Rival Lovers [Pikase Fanfic]  by Euqurio
Rival Lovers [Pikase Fanfic] by Euqurio
Context: After highschool, Utatane Piko and Fukase shall move in together, complete strangers to one another, dispite the differences will they get along, no, can they...
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A Totally Serious Vocaloid Fanfic by _Secretly_A_Siren_
A Totally Serious Vocaloid Fanficby ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑕE
Warning: This story contains • Overused anime tropes • Complicated love triangles • Characters with inconsistent personalities • Poorly written lemons Read with caution.
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The Kagamine's Basement by amazingstarwars321
The Kagamine's Basementby Timo-chan :)
We all know the two lovely Kagamine ''twins'' as the mass popular Vocaloid idols. But how would their lives have looked like if they were going to an idol school? Well...
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How I Sing {Vocaloid OC} HIATUS by MahBoiNagisa
How I Sing {Vocaloid OC} HIATUSby sen3.14
WARNING: NEEDS EDITING⚠️ Haruka Kita is a grouching vocaloid, however, her songs play everywhere in Japan due to how edited her songs are. No one could ever notice she g...
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(OLD AND DISCONTINUED) The Bottom by _Secretly_A_Siren_
(OLD AND DISCONTINUED) The Bottomby ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗩᑕE
(I'm not gonna be continuing this story, but I'm most likely going to be remaking it in the future, since it had potential to be good, but I wasn't very good at writing...
Vocaloid One-Shots!! by kagamine101
Vocaloid One-Shots!!by Um...
I don't see much of these, and good ones are rare, since people usually aren't serious about it. So here you go! ||Cover by the amazing @BalladPhoenix! She/he makes amaz...
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Robotic Heart (Vocaloid Fanfic)(RinXLen) by Shainy_151
Robotic Heart (Vocaloid Fanfic)(Ri...by Jeiny
I open my eyes. I see nothing but steel. I am the entertainment for millions. But I am not real? My code name is Len. And this is the story in which my robotic heart me...
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