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Electric Angel (Kagamine Len X Reader) by curnewha
Electric Angel (Kagamine Len X Rea...by Wowie
When your skill is discovered, and you are transformed into a vocaloid, you are forced to join a famous group of singers. However, falling in love with Kagamine Len was...
OliKase FanFic  by Kurumi_the_Neko
OliKase FanFic by Kurumi the Neko
Is it real? Am I really doing it? YES! I am finally doing it! I'm writing an OliKase book! So if you wanna know what happens you gotta read to find out cause I'm not put...
Give Me A Chance by MxHatsune
Give Me A Chanceby Ray Hatsune
Megurine Luka a popular girl at school. She has everything, friends, a boy friend, and a stable job. One party ruins Luka, leaving her questioning. This is a mikuxluka...
❎🚫 ERROR 121❎🚫 by Redwoulfe
❎🚫 ERROR 121❎🚫by Red
Y/N, a young engineer has been granted a Vocaloid Prototype from his company. Hatsune Miku Model 1, will he fall head over heels with a pop star or simply discard her as...
Jaune Arc The Blue Vocaloid Also Known as KAITO by ChristianneFaeRemias
Jaune Arc The Blue Vocaloid Also K...by lilygreenfae
After saving Cardin he exposed a fake transcripts of Jaune going to Beacon academy everyone started to hated him. Poor Jaune his friends were going against him most of t...
Vocaloids x reader one shots and preferences by Emmalikesvocaloid
Vocaloids x reader one shots and p...by Emma rose Spencer
Various vocaloids x male,female and non binary reader. Requests are open!
New Vocaloid (Len X Reader) by PikaGirl103
New Vocaloid (Len X Reader)by KitKatLover103
This is a Len x Reader story. You were an ordinary anime fan when you found out an announcement about vocaloids and humans. What will happen when they chose you to be th...
Vocaloid Boyfriend Scenarios by Honeywhip
Vocaloid Boyfriend Scenariosby Honeywhip
❥ Boyfriend scenarios with all your favorite Vocaloid boys. Requests welcome!
He Came From The Computer (Kaito Shion x Reader) by katpad01
He Came From The Computer (Kaito S...by Lots Of XReaders
You decided to download the vocaloid Kaito Shion on to your computer, but what happens when Kaito shows up in your room. I don't own any pictures (except if I draw a pic...
Giving this a rest to write for other fandoms to hopefully pull me out of this writing funk I've been in for over a year I'm basically selling my soul for you guys. All...
CORRUPTED FLOWER || Various x Reader by realityphantom
CORRUPTED FLOWER || Various x Read...by ► 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘𝐄𝐑 𝟏
[CLOSED; OLD BOOK] This book of reader inserts for various one-shots of various characters are meant for you to enjoy! Cover edited by me.
Fictional character X readers by adventuretimefanitc
Fictional character X readersby Eyebags
Various oneshots with fictional characters from anime, games, vocaloid and cartoons. Requests are CLOSED for the time being, if I don't get to yours right away don't wo...
Mega by Populous21
Megaby Populous21
Izuku Yagi was quirkless but her sister Izumi yagi was not as they headed home. Izuku wanted to be a hero but his sister and her friends are worried about losing him so...
The World's Greatest Detective [ L x Reader ] by Electropop777
The World's Greatest Detective [ L...by Excelsior
You are the world's greatest detective, even above L. Your abilities were only reserved if the world was to have another World War so, as a hobby, you are the top pop Id...
ϴῠr gαrδϵͷ (V4 Flower x Female!Reader) by Ni-tress
ϴῠr gαrδϵͷ (V4 Flower x Female!Rea...by Venti Smitten
Art of Flower on the cover belongs to Ghost on YouTube and their song 'Appetite of a People Pleaser' (Trap/Secretive Gender Flower) Entranced by his rebellious nature an...
The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Reader 】 by LorenoSan
The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Read...by Nickel
Kagamine Len. Currently 16, Blonde hair and Electric Blue eyes. Known as a Vocaloid, and a Playboy by everyone. Although there's something you don't know about him. He...
MxL Cafe ☕ by thesucculent
MxL Cafe ☕by ♡
Read Lenku... Manga/ Doujinshi/ Comic Here!! Deviantart: MikuxLen MMD/TDA comic is also available! So, I've already read all of these and I just wanted to share it all M...
Multiverse Protection Force Origins ((Y/N)xMonikaxRubyxMikuxGwenxAyano) by Brodster36
Multiverse Protection Force Origin...by Brodster36
You're a normal kid, but suddenly, your hit with a traumatising event and are now destined to save the entire multiverse with a few friends you may very well recognise.
Len x Kaito Oneshots by Sock69
Len x Kaito Oneshotsby Sock
I'm bored. These are either lemons or just fluff. Enjoy! (I dont own the art work. If you know who drew it feel free to tell me so I can add it)
new love (  brothers conflict ) by Alicevbrose
new love ( brothers conflict )by Alicevbrose
a year has passed since their sweet little sister left to Paris . coming back after their mother Miwa has gotten married new surprises and secrets unfold .