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Word of the Day by vocabulations
Word of the Dayby ~vocabulations~
A new word everyday to keep the engines of your mind whirring smoothly because we don't want them to grow old and rusty, now do we? ;)
Beyond | ✔ by lullabells
Beyond | ✔by ☕ h a z e l
When I lost myself somewhere.. In those magical pirouettes.. And learned to love her.. To the moon.. And . . ~Beyond~ [Achievement] Publishing date (July 26, 2016) #315...
Global Galaxy by vocabulations
Global Galaxyby ~vocabulations~
Because it's not just about English. Non-English words with detailed meaning and origin to quench your wanderlust. That's what it's about! ;) For galaxies have no bounda...
Letters To R.H | ✔ by lullabells
Letters To R.H | ✔by ☕ h a z e l
A tale of longing that unveils through a collection of random letters without date and time. These are the letters to R.H, in finding whom, Elle lost herself. ♥ #772 in...
Cara Evelyn by lullabells
Cara Evelynby ☕ h a z e l
Life for Aaron Troy has been a version of normal until 'her'. With her short messy hair and wild spirit, she comes out of the blue on a clear night in the middle of a tr...
PsyPhiLit Magic by vocabulations
PsyPhiLit Magicby ~vocabulations~
A galaxy filled with - Psychological - Philosophical - Literary terms which will help you discover some interesting philosophies, psychological theories and literary mov...
Imaginations May Go Wild | ✔ by lullabells
Imaginations May Go Wild | ✔by ☕ h a z e l
Hazel Claire is a cute girl with dreams and passions. She's got a creative mind and artistic fingers. She keeps on dreaming and is not much into reality. Until her reali...
Test Your Vocabulary by vocabulations
Test Your Vocabularyby ~vocabulations~
For when you learn, challenges must be accepted. Only for those who dare enough! ;)
Lexical Evolutions by vocabulations
Lexical Evolutionsby ~vocabulations~
A platform to discover the evolution in language over the passage of time that has introduced us to trendy vocabulary wandering inside the souls of new generations. If...
dusty waves by sunswept
dusty wavesby lily
❝she lived in a world where the sky was always water❞
Aesthetic Cafe by vocabulations
Aesthetic Cafeby ~vocabulations~
A cafe to explore the alluring taste of aesthetically pleasing words and soft ecstasies hidden under their enchanting attires. All you have to do is... . . Knock. ;)
Aesthetically Blissful by lillremy
Aesthetically Blissfulby Carson
Words that either have a beautiful definition or are just pleasing to the ear.
Nostalgia | ✔ by lullabells
Nostalgia | ✔by ☕ h a z e l
Highest Achievement - #7 in poetry [Oct 3, 2016] ~Nostalgia~ It's delicate, but potent. The pain from an old wound. A twinge in your heart.. Far more powerful than memor...