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OBSESSED WITH MY CLASSMATE..(Completed) by taekook_ff1992
OBSESSED WITH MY CLASSMATE..(Compl...by Taekook love
Its a story about Classmates Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung. They are in second year of their college.. Jungkook is obsessed with his Classmate Taehyung since 1 year...
My innocent husband from Village..(Completed) by taekook_ff1992
My innocent husband from Village...by Taekook love
When innocent boy Taehyung from Village get married to rich spoiled brat Jungkook from City , his life changes with full of challenges and surprises coming his way...
The Tale Of Joseon ||Taekook|| by midnightglitters9
The Tale Of Joseon ||Taekook||by Krystal
||Completed|| An era where the concept of love between same gender never even crossed anyone's mind . An era where the thoughts of people are manipulated by the royals...
My Little Innocent Husband ❤ by taekook_ff1992
My Little Innocent Husband ❤by Taekook love
Jungkook is 10 years elder to Tae.. When they forcefully got married for parents consent, their life changes and love blossoms ❤❤
Cold Truth by yang-si
Cold Truthby taekookimma
"Just fuck this world and be Mine" The story line and idea's are mine. Please don't copy anything. If the story somehow matches yours than it's pure coincidenc...
Romeo and juliet ♡ {T.k} by imanarmy355
Romeo and juliet ♡ {T.k}by imanarmy355
kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook are enemies from childhood . They never misses a chance to tease the other one.. what happens when the handsome tiger and the bratty bunny...
°Your Fault°   -  | T.K | by Snowflower130
°Your Fault° - | T.K |by Ana
°Your Fault° [Taekook AU] Top Tae Bottom Kook (Idol tk, M...
A Hidden Journey with my CRAZY TIGER 💞💞 (Bunny&Clara series) by ytPurpleBear
A Hidden Journey with my CRAZY TIG...by ytPurpleBear
Clara: Bunnymone.....😍 Bunny: Pannimon ninte appan😡 Clara: Panni alla Bunny.. Bunnymone enna viliche🤭🤭🤭 A story in Which a Cold CEO falling for His Bestfriend's Cra...
UNEXPECTED LOVE by jaanulouis
UNEXPECTED LOVEby mr_kunjoonju
Love ennu paranja saadhanam ullil pootti vechitt kaaryam illa..ath parayanda samayath paranjillel...... When will she confess her heart to him... ..its a lovestory full...
Masked ||Taekook|| by midnightglitters9
Masked ||Taekook||by Krystal
||Completed|| In everyone's story there are three main characters . Two main leads and a villiain . His story is also defined . He knows his hero , he knows his villain...
Vacant Soul ||Taekook|| by midnightglitters9
Vacant Soul ||Taekook||by Krystal
||Complete|| Misunderstandings , when it occurs, it can crumble the strongest bond within few seconds . Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook are each other's eternal love sinc...
STILL WITH YOU ♡ ✔  by imanarmy355
STILL WITH YOU ♡ ✔ by imanarmy355
A story of two lovers. Kim Taehyung and jeon jungkook are madly in love with each other. They got married a few months ago. They were lovers from college.. ...
When Dr. Jeon falls for Dr. Kim ❤ by taekook_ff1992
When Dr. Jeon falls for Dr. Kim ❤by Taekook love
When workaholic Dr Jungkook falls for his intern doctor Kim Taehyung his life fills with exciting events.. ❤
RISETTE || TK ✓ by Peoniex
RISETTE || TK ✓by ˗ˏˋえゆ´ˎ˗
[𝘈 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘵 𝘣𝘰𝘰𝘬] RISETTE [ʀizɛt] noun. • Laughter or a nice little smile. ──────────────────────── Jungkook's fiancé doesn't show up at his wedding. Everything...
,,Fan" by taekook_231
,,Fan"by Taekook Is Real 💖
TAEHYUNG POV. What are you doing here? - I asked. Can I come in first? - Jungkook asked as I nodded and let him inside, closing the door behind him. Kookie took off his...
IDGAF  - | T.K | by Snowflower130
IDGAF - | T.K |by Ana
IDGAF [Taekook AU] Top Tae Bottom Kook (Billionaire, CEO) ____________...
If Only You Knew || Taekook // Vkook [✔] by aestaekookie
If Only You Knew || Taekook // Vko...by ☾ ᴀᴇsᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ☽
[COMPLETED | UNEDITED] ✧ Being bullied by almost everyone in his school was a normality for Taehyung. And he knows exactly why they're bullying him, which is the reason...
love at first sight by kinkytaekook69
love at first sightby kinky tae kook
a story where jeon Jungkook got to feel the feeling of love at first sight when he saw Kim taehyung for the first time..this is a clean and a very happy love story along...
Why me? | Taekook by taekook_231
Why me? | Taekookby Taekook Is Real 💖
Why me? Taehyung always thought about that question and seems that he still don't know the answer. Why he was excatly who he was now and why is this his life? The most i...
Step brothers (Completed) by hffhbangtan7
Step brothers (Completed)by bangtan stan
kinky taekook ff adult language 18+ daddy smuts if you're homophobic to these kindly leave this chapter .