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I Love.....(COMPLETED)  by redlabel_07
I Love.....(COMPLETED) by theblackvelvet
please come back return the beautiful smile Taehyung once hurt Sooyoung. He broke his promise He disappointed her He left her And he brings the last soul of her So...
Temptation [2021]  by wildsoul_11
Temptation [2021] by Azalea
"I wish I could love you again."
Different (Completed) by Rainc_louds
Different (Completed)by Rainc_louds
Joy is a little different from the rest of girls at school but she doesn't care. And it doesn't change how he feels. Let's see how far their relationship goes.
Romeantics by Pawnim
Romeanticsby PAW
Sooyoung has never thought that she will be back in Rome. Moreover with her boyfriend, Kim Namjoon. After all, Rome is the city where her precious memories with her long...
I'm Yours  by Vanilladolcelatte
I'm Yours by Vanilladolcelatte
Jika pada masa lalu Park Joy lah yang berkuasa, dengan berbagai tingkahnya. Maka jangan salahkan takdir bahwa ia sekarang berbalik menjadi yang paling tak berdaya. Harap...
BangTanVelvet: Oneshot by starlight_joy
BangTanVelvet: Oneshotby starlight_joy
BangtanVelvet; one of the popular ships. Even if you don't ship them, you may have probably heard of them ¤All these stories are all written by me so if there is any...
Not Just Us by taborawin
Not Just Usby taborawin
The story is about v who is a college senior . V loves helping other people and is very popular in school. However his image resembles a cold hearted person so no- girl...
Sweet Night by ligayashii
Sweet Nightby jajajajajaja
When two people began to dream not only for their future but also about each other. Kim Taehyung who is a famous photographer always dreamt about a girl who became his o...
Why You?// Jungri And Vjoy FF  by JUNGRISHITHEAD
Why You?// Jungri And Vjoy FF by JUNGRISHITHEAD
Jungkook was shocked he didn't expect her to be his wife. Had to do it because he wants to pay back his mom. V never thought his bestfriend will marry his sister, he als...
A Lovers Paradise  by hobisluva
A Lovers Paradise by somin 🤍
BTSVELVET oneshots & more :) Highest rankings #1 seulgi #2 jinjoy #1 wenga #10 jungri #8 seulmin
Senja dan Varen [Hiatus disini] by DewiFortunaDfl
Senja dan Varen [Hiatus disini]by Kue putu
@JjRoumendium JJ.SJ Saya gak tahu kalo pertemuan kita adalah hal yang paling tidak ingin saya wujudkan Bagaimanapun cinta tidaklah ada di antara kita, kamu itu hampir se...
Let's Play The Game Of Chance by Btsvelvet98
Let's Play The Game Of Chanceby Btsvelvet 98
Redvelvet, bts and exo members individually set out for a long awaited vacation after having a totally successful but tiresome year. Their small trip turns into an une...
MARS by snglrtyyh
MARSby snglrtyyh 🌔
mArs - "god of war" Park Sooyoung was always the shy and timid girl since high school. She had no friends and never talked to anyone. Most of all, she was scar...
The Dim Moonlight by ParkKook8
The Dim Moonlightby Army ♡
"I have waited My Whole Life for her, But she doesn't even Remember me?" Han Jimin is the Man that every girl would die for but Mion is a Cold but Warm girl...
Occurencia by Aira_h
Occurenciaby Aria
Where my bangtanvelvet d̶e̶l̶u̶l̶u̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ daydream take a form of text ✨
You [Completed] by viridacorona
You [Completed]by vivalavc
The story begins during the month of December. "If we have beginning, will we have our ending?" [This is the first story I wrote. Bare with this.]
Age Of Youth by missy_is_me
Age Of Youthby missy_is_me
"Don't get your hopes high thinking i will ever fall for someone like you. Your parents only agreed to this marrige because of their greed for money." When Seu...
@_She'sOur_Joy by KiwiZiwi
@_She'sOur_Joyby KiwiZiwi
Let's go on a Instagram journey with red velvets Joy. This is about her story through friendship, love, and heartbreak. Let's watch her life through an Instagram formati...
The best of me  by zarysun
The best of me by ZaRi 💖
SHE, the girl whose heart was broken into a million pieces. HE is the one who wanted to collect all these pieces and put them together. For her, he is a new acquaintan...