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Mine  by taewithsoup
Mine by Taewithsoup
"We're fucked aren't we." He sighed. "No shit Sherlock, the moon goddess must've made a mistake." "I guess you're my mistake." My wolf h...
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Bound to be His by JoyfulLuvie
Bound to be Hisby Luvie
V was set to be married to one of the daughter of his parent's friend. He didn't care at first but when he saw a girl rushing to go inside the house, he didn't expect th...
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FOOLS | taehyung x joy by dojinshi
FOOLS | taehyung x joyby dojinshi
Only fools fall for you, only fools do what I do.
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#1 Dead Leaves 🍁 KTH by blackandvelvet
#1 Dead Leaves 🍁 KTHby j o e y 👑
"Just like today, you walked away as your back getting further." ㅡ Kim Taehyung He take a deep sigh and close his book. There's no such things as 'best friend'...
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Not Just Us by taborawin
Not Just Usby taborawin
The story is about v who is a college senior . V loves helping other people and is very popular in school. However his image resembles a cold hearted person so no- girl...
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the promised one by hrarby
the promised oneby hrarby
Jeon Jungkook and Kim Yerim were practically raised together -but after some years of living apart, they have trouble getting closer again. After an accident, they drown...
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The Kim Sisters by jenseouled
The Kim Sistersby IZZY
Kim Namjoon never thought that he'd be able to fall in love with someone who grated his nerves. Kim Seokjin thought he had everything figured out until she walked into h...
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On Rainy Day (Taejoy/Vjoy) Completed by redlabel_07
On Rainy Day (Taejoy/Vjoy) Complet...by theblackvelvet
you always come during rainy day until i realize that you is no longer with me Short story
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Let's Play The Game Of Chance by Btsvelvet98
Let's Play The Game Of Chanceby Btsvelvet 98
Redvelvet, bts and exo members individually set out for a long awaited vacation after having a totally successful but tiresome year. Their small trip turns into an une...
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i love you ➝ taejoy/vjoy by joyseus
i love you ➝ taejoy/vjoyby taevana
All she ever wanted was to hear those three words come out from his mouth. But she just can't get him to say them to her. - [ completed ] ➝ lowercased intended ©joyseus
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I'm Yours  by Vanilladolcelatte
I'm Yours by Vanilladolcelatte
Jika pada masa lalu Park Joy lah yang berkuasa, dengan berbagai tingkahnya. Maka jangan salahkan takdir bahwa ia sekarang berbalik menjadi yang paling tak berdaya. Harap...
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Newlyweds | KTH ✔ by tatayeontan
Newlyweds | KTH ✔by jk's Memes enthusiast
Tanpa pacaran, Taehyung ngelamar. Lalu setahun kemudian menikah. Tepat setelah lebaran. Dan karena itu pula, dia akhirnya jadi suami kesepian gara-gara sering ditinggal...
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Loving his daugh  by Vanilladolcelatte
Loving his daugh by Vanilladolcelatte
Joy, wanita itu hanya bisa menghela nafas akibat kasus yang tengah melibatkannya. Karirnya tak lagi lancar, dan satu-satunya sumber penghasilannya saat ini hanya toko bu...
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||My Haru|| Taejoy/Vjoy by Seoyoonkim
||My Haru|| Taejoy/Vjoyby アカリキム
Sooyoung and Taehyung were in a relationship. It seemed like a fairytale. But one night, an announcement breaks the two. Will they find their Happily Ever After? Inspi...
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One of the Boys by maurscar
One of the Boysby BlackOrchids
• she was never seen as competition • she grew up with five brothers and a single father • park sooyoung was not a girl other girls would be jealous of or fear, after al...
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Paroxysms by maurscar
Paroxysmsby BlackOrchids
It all started, with a twitch. The world is collapsing little by little. Only the strongest survive... or so they say. . . Jeon Jungkook was in basketball practice. . ...
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Bewilderment #1 by maurscar
Bewilderment #1by BlackOrchids
In where Kim Taehyung bites off more than he can chew ... in more ways than one and is thrown into a world he never knew existed, crushes on the new girl, and tells hims...
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Serendipitously, You ✔ by maurscar
Serendipitously, You ✔by BlackOrchids
He doesn't believe in the concept of soulmates. . . She longs to meet hers. . . As their paths cross in small encounters of random meetings, will he believe in soulmates...
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Age Of Youth by missy_is_me
Age Of Youthby missy_is_me
"Don't get your hopes high thinking i will ever fall for someone like you. Your parents only agreed to this marrige because of their greed for money." When Seu...
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vjoyrene; mây đen khiêu vũ trong gió by lasirimiri
vjoyrene; mây đen khiêu vũ trong g...by lux in tenebris
hừng đông liệu có trở về?
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