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Riddle School: The Final Battle by pinkninja0014
Riddle School: The Final Battleby PinkNinjaMusic
Secrets will be unvailed Lines will be crossed Promises will be broken Fear bubbles inside A new war has started, and this time, Biz may be on the opposite side! Can Fai...
Riddle Memories (ON HOLD) by xDenKDenx
Riddle Memories (ON HOLD)by Egg with a wig
In this story, you get to know the backstory of a few familiar people, that we know about. No, not Phil, or Smiley, or even Zack or Phred. Contains Swearing, gore...
The Riddle School Collection by supershadicdude
The Riddle School Collectionby SuperShadicDude
This is the entire Riddle School series as well as a new chapter for Riddle Transfer 3
Riddle School: The Retelling by NightOfNetter
Riddle School: The Retellingby NightOfNetter
Riddle School is a simple point-and-click puzzle game, and is super short and fun to play. But, what if the game was more in-depth? More realistic? With more thought out...
Gathering (REWORK) by OddlesOfNoodles
Gathering (REWORK)by Meika Hime
(Book 3) After finding out Diz is alive after all these years, Phil and his gang take initiative to find him. Even their adventures, they aren't free from the obligation...
A Whole New Riddle by StarryCats
A Whole New Riddleby Octoling
Book 3. 10 years after R's defeat. Everyone is living their casual, peaceful lives...... Well, peace that would not last forever...... One summer night....Stella Cats;...
StarLight by DaisyTDM
StarLightby Daisy
Viz, Diz, and Quiz are gone, Vizion is finally over, or so we think, even though the terror is over, there are a lot of secrets about Vizion there haven't been told, Wi...
[ON HOLD] Vizion Division by Woodengirlygamergirl
[ON HOLD] Vizion Divisionby [insert Mii Channel]
Riddle Elementary School becomes subject to another drawing trend. Just one day after partaking in the trend, Smiley Sundae discovers something off about it. She now ded...
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Journey Through The Stars by StarryCats
Journey Through The Starsby Octoling
As the 20th century draws to a close, quite literally, a young scientist named Travis Nook is visited by his high school friend, Jack Amano, with a huge proposition. T...
Comeback by OddlesOfNoodles
Comebackby Meika Hime
Just ignore this one. Basically Skew breaks out of jail and he and his ex joins the Sentinels. (Book 7. Also the partner story to Story Jump.) It's been 13 years since V...
Redemption (REWORK) by OddlesOfNoodles
Redemption (REWORK)by Meika Hime
(Book 4) The RS gang has escaped, Vizion has left. This means things are worked out, right? Wrong. Wiz and Viz are now in jail, Fiz was reassigned to Diz, and the kids h...
Strikeback by OddlesOfNoodles
Strikebackby Meika Hime
(Book 5) It's been several years since the last encounter with Vizion. Everyone was leading normal lives. The kids now attend Riddle University in pursuit of lifelong ca...
Clod Writing Games 2018 [Concluded] by TheClodSquad
Clod Writing Games 2018 [Concluded]by We are the Crystal Clods
[Clod Points - Final Score] Liv - 5 Dead - 3 Stars - 2 Watch the Clod Squad compete in a monthly writing competition!
Vizion  by kirsten33q
Vizion by kirsten33q
A smile at life
Vizion Chronicles by pinkninja0014
Vizion Chroniclesby PinkNinjaMusic
This is the start of the second series/season of Riddle School stories. There are new enemies that threaten the galactic peace. Will Vizion be able to stop them? Or will...
Repetition by OddlesOfNoodles
Repetitionby Meika Hime
(I'll make a cover later lol) (Book 8) Phil Eggtree, Smiley Sundae, Phred Whistler, and Zack Kelvin have had their fair share of adventures. Now, the time has come for t...
Touchback by OddlesOfNoodles
Touchbackby Meika Hime
(Book 6) The Sentinels may be allies now, but that doesn't mean the threat is gone.... Vizion is still out there, and has more tricks up its sleeve. What will happen whe...