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Visionary Stories

112 Stories

On the Other Side by Chozi4
On the Other Sideby Chozi4
Highest Ranking #1 in Visionary and #4 in Wolverine "I'll give you two choices, Vee."He pushes me against the wall and begins to suck on my neck. "Get off...
The Brass Bell by DavidMaxfield
The Brass Bellby David Maxfield
A woman has a mystical experience that makes her question her worldview and her marriage.
The Visionary Awards by deadroses672
The Visionary Awardsby d e a d r o s e s
Open [✔] Closed [] Judging []
Teen wolf story - Layla Carter by TrueWolf15
Teen wolf story - Layla Carterby TrueWolf15
This story starts in season 4. A new face is seen in Beacon Hills. Layla Carter is Doctor Deaton's niece who recently moved in with Deaton. Is she trust worthy? Does s...
The Resurrectionist by Michael7070
The Resurrectionistby Michael Gesellchen
William Stark is not the hero type, at least not in his eyes. Awkward and anxious, mental illness and a confused faith keep him from loving the girl of his dreams, and h...
Romance N You by VisionaryTeam
Romance N Youby K&T's
The opposite sex puzzles many of us. In this issue we learn a little more about the things we already knew and we learn things we had no clue about with a little help fr...
Words of Sri Aurobindo by suvachana
Words of Sri Aurobindoby suvachana
Extracts from the writings of Sri Aurobindo
The Resurrectionist Book II: Lost People by Michael7070
The Resurrectionist Book II: Lost...by Michael Gesellchen
"Not all souls experience bliss. Not all aspects of the afterlife are fluffy clouds and golden halos. An insane mission, an epic rescue, that's what John was asking...
My Life: Reimagined  by srija_mallik
My Life: Reimagined by Srija Mallik
It has happened many a times that we are fed up of our boring life and we start imagining the perfect scenarios which may or may never occur in our life. But simply imag...
The Turning Paige by lilli_shirley
The Turning Paigeby lilli
Paige Krasikeva was an intelligent and talented student of Beacon Hills High School who kept to herself. She was always one to watch and wonder from the outside, observi...
I've Been Tagged... by BlueMistRedNight
I've Been Tagged...by BlueMistRedNight
Okay, so I mainly, purely, just read cause I tend to find I either don't have the time, patience or attention span to do the stories that I would like to write about (ma...
Visionary by hrtang
Visionaryby hrtang
“Its pretty simple. The government says all, and that’s the way it will always be. Ever since the civil insurrection, the Government decided to start shutting the major...
A Modest Platter  by nightbreeze44
A Modest Platter by Zammmmy
I let my words eat me up My thoughts consume my every waking moment So that when I put pencil to paper My words make your mind crumble And rebuild again With my per...
Visionary Awards 2017 by VisionaryAwards
Visionary Awards 2017by VisionaryAwards17
Welcome to the Visionary Awards 2017. The very first year to honour and celebrate new and upcoming authors worldwide. All genres allowed. The awards are here to create m...
© Visionary Recognition 2013  Submission Guidelines & Judging Criteria! by VisionaryTeam
© Visionary Recognition 2013 Subm...by K&T's
Welcome to Visionary Recognition 2013! We are currently accepting submissions from January 3, 2013 to August 3, 2013. Please be sure to take a look at Visionary Recognit...
Pardon Me Father by saatyaki
Pardon Me Fatherby Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma
I wanted to place on record , basic details / facts of seshendra sharma , my father's family and life. This essay fulfills this purpose / goal . He passed away on 30 M...