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Falling For Him  by ShayLayzay
Falling For Him by ShayLayzay
Orginally: The Bad Boy Took My Virginity Sydney is forced to go live with her father, Todd Shawnfeld in New York, who left when Sydney was very young. She ends up meet...
  • secrets
  • familydrama
  • meangirl
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The Rules of Agreement (THE VIRGINITY GAMES #1) by AutumnWinters221
The Rules of Agreement (THE Allie Doherty.
----------THIRD PLACE WINNER OF THE PHOENIX AWARDS (romance)--------- Arinova Watkins had never worried about the so-called virginity games. As far as everyone at Haywor...
  • virgingirl
  • lovestory
  • virgin
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Virginity Game by waka2103
Virginity Gameby waka2103
4 bad boy. 8 filles. 1 jeu, le Virginity Game. Le Virginity Game va changé à jamais. Entre amour, trahisons, amitié, tristesse, joie et ennemis vous vivrez avec eux cet...
  • trahison
  • amitié
  • amour
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The Virginity Games by KateLet--
The Virginity Gamesby Kate
Shy and pretty, cute and cuddly. Meet Lucie. She is one of those girls that barely gets noticed but once Noel comes along, she wishes things stayed that game. 5 guys, 10...
  • baes
  • nerds
  • sluts
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The Virginity Games by misshorse4
The Virginity Gamesby miss horse
4 joueurs 8 pions 1 jeu 1 année explisive Cette version de V.G viens tout droit de mon imagination alors si vous voulez copier je vous castre cordialement -Loéva ;)
  • mannequin
  • drôle
  • jeu
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The Virginity Game by teefee9
The Virginity Gameby teefee9
Amanda moved into a new school district an hour away from her old due to her parent's divorce. Amanda worries she won't make any friends, until she meets David, a comple...
  • tvg
  • fiction
  • blakelivley
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Virginity game by Olixir
Virginity gameby Olixir
Je ne suis pas nouveau mais elle oui. Elle je la connaît pas. C'est la seule d'ailleurs. Elle, elle a l'air sympa. Je l'appelle elle parce que je sais pas qui c'est elle...
  • love
  • virginity
  • virginitygame
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Virginity Game by ShayDotCom77
Virginity Gameby ShayDotCom
3 garçons, 6 filles vont s'affronter sur le jeu de la virginité. Tiendront elles le coup ? Arriveront ils a les faire flancher ?
  • badboys
  • badgirls
  • garcon
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wasted [virginity game war] by mysticwar
wasted [virginity game war]by hollywarrior
dans un monde où la virginité devient rare. dans un monde où les viols s'enchaînent. un monde où réside la violence et la peine. le virginity game a detruit le monde que...
  • romance
  • findumonde
  • espoir
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Virginity Games by RiderRose
Virginity Gamesby Heidi Mowery
"You have no god damn right to do this!" I spat, my face burning with anger "Tricking girls into sleeping with you? Your sick!" He chuckled, circlin...
  • boy
  • badboy
  • love
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The Virginity Game (FR) by nemesisandmoon
The Virginity Game (FR)by nemesisandmoon
8 filles, 4 garçons 1 seul jeu. Qui résistera à la tentation ? Que le Virginity Game commence.
  • submissive
  • amour
  • français
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By the way by InvisibleAmongYou
By the wayby Welcome
Immerse yourself in"By the way", the story of a deep-seated evil that has been anchored for years and springs under the pressure of the wrong person. A poignan...
  • side
  • truestory
  • deep-seated
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If only... by IfOnlyFIC
If IF-ONLY-...
Si seulement elle n'avait pas louper son avion. Si seulement il n'en avait pas eu marre de tout. Si seulement elle n'était pas amener à devoir l'interviewer. Si seulemen...
  • avion
  • gabriellawilde
  • virginitygame
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Virginity Game by alix_dmg
Virginity Gameby typhaine
Les règles du jeu sont simple : 4 garçons, 8 filles, 1 jeu. 4 joueurs doivent prendre la virginité a leurs pions pour gagner. Eden, 16 ans, déménage de New York pour a...
  • edenettyler
  • edenvirginitygame
  • game
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I'm back by taprincesa
I'm backby taprincesa
Bonjour, je me présente, Skyler, Skyler Moore.
  • virginitygame
  • amour
  • fin
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To Death Do We Part by StarGazer1039
To Death Do We Partby StarGazer1039
"To Death Do We Part" They say this when we get married but do we even believe such things. I say this because people cheat and do things to their spouses that...
  • death
  • thehungergames
  • virginitygames
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Until i met you by ayyye_dee1
Until i met youby ayyye_dee1
This is the tail about two arch enemies becoming more than best friends. it's very romantic but you'll just have to wait and see.
  • love
  • iloveu
  • wetdreamz
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Virginity Game by clhoedcs
Virginity Gameby
une fille qui refuse de jouer a virginity game que va t-il se passer pour elle?
  • amour
  • amis
  • aide
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The Virginity Games  by NischkaSwinnen
The Virginity Games by Nischka Swinnen
My life changed ever since their arrival or should I say HIS arrival. I was dragged into The Virginity Games and I have the intention to win Them !!
  • wonsik
  • bts
  • kai
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Hidden in Plain Sight by dylan_is_lame
Hidden in Plain Sightby Dylan :)
A classic and cliche bad boy falls for the good girl who hates said bad boy story, except in this one, they don't say "I love you" by chapter 3 . . . EXCERPT:
  • romance
  • badboy
  • virginity
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