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clouis 🍊 - smut 🍋 - angst - fluff - oneshots by clouistine
clouis 🍊 - smut 🍋 - angst - ⓒⓛⓞⓤⓘⓢ 🍊
mostly smut and fluff, occasionally angst (or maybe not..) fanfiction and oneshots of this cute couple there are no rules to this book, but ofcourse louis and clem will...
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Her - Violetine by Essencede
Her - Violetineby layne
Clementine Everette a quiet photographer, falls for the fiery singer, Minerva Leigh. Clementine pines for Minerva, until she gets to know Minerva's girlfriend, Violet A...
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sunflower ➸ clementine imagines by clemisthatbitch
sunflower ➸ clementine imaginesby ✧
❝you're a sunflower, i think your love would be too much.❞ started: 10/21/18 ♡ finished: ?
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The Caravan (A Violentine Story) by SatansSerpentGays
The Caravan (A Violentine Story)by SatansSerpentGays
When a mystery caravan brings back some familiar faces, the kids at Ericso- I mean, Texas Two have to adapt to their new guests.
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Whatever It Takes (Violentine) by lonewolfe024
Whatever It Takes (Violentine)by lonewolfe024
Everything was going fine for Violet. Her and her friends were getting ready to finish their Junior year at Texas Two High and they couldn't have been happier. But then...
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Gay Violentine One Shots by VioletsNuggets
Gay Violentine One Shotsby ᴳᴬᵞ կ ᵛᴵᴼᴸᴱᵀ
our gay babies [violentine]
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Apples // Clementine x female reader by DeviantClem
Apples // Clementine x female Sara 🎃💛
I grew up with Clementine, one of my first friends. When the dead started walking, Clementine hid me in her tree house. A man named Lee found us and the took care of us...
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i'm low on gas & you need a jacket (violentine) by zer0eclipse_
i'm low on gas & you need a Lexa
Even though the sky is falling down, don't let me go --------------------------------------------------------- Has Violet ever been happy? She wonders. Maybe she's been...
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TWDG S4 MEMES by LxneWalker
TWDG S4 MEMESby ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱᴅᴏɴᴛʟɪᴇ
Because this hasn't been done before.
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orange juice ➸ violentine fanfic by clemisthatbitch
orange juice ➸ violentine fanficby ✧
𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐣𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐞 🍊 . . for years, violet's been told that she's not good enough or that she'd never amount to anything in...
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Arrow to My Heart | Violentine [Medieval AU] by Lambogang24
Arrow to My Heart | Violentine [ 💯
[Cover is not mine it's a doodle that belongs to Thederpartist on instagram] When The Delta begin a war, Clementine gets captured only to be rescued from a group of Outl...
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Violetine/Violentine One-Shots by Essencede
Violetine/Violentine One-Shotsby layne
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Watch Your Words (Violentine) by the-captain
Watch Your Words (Violentine)by Captaion Nahorseon
Curses are real. They may not be anything like they are in the books, man turning into dragon, broken by a true loves kiss, but rest assured they are real. Unfortunate s...
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Ericson's Boarding School  by clemxxlouis
Ericson's Boarding School by clemxxlouis
Clementine starts a new school in Jackson, away from Georgia. Her parents died when she was 10, six years ago. So it's just her, AJ, Lee and Carley. Lee and Carley both...
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sign of the times ; twdg + 5sos by -seojunne
sign of the times ; twdg + 5sosby honey
"just stop your crying it's a sign of the times we gotta get away from here we gotta get away from here just stop your crying it'll be alright they told me that the...
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Spider-Clem: Into The Spider-Verse by TrxnsAutumn
Spider-Clem: Into The Spider-Verseby Autumn Baker
(Credit to the person who made the cover) This story is a AU about The Walking Dead that takes place in Brooklyn, New York. There will be some changes to the characters...
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Protect Me ~ A BrodyxClementine story by colestoner19
Protect Me ~ A BrodyxClementine colestoner19
(Cannot say I didn't want this to be a thing but I also never thought it was a thing either, But since seeing something similar to it on Tumblr I thought it would be gre...
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violentine softies 💖🤟 by awhclementine
violentine softies 💖🤟by 👼🏻💘
some violentine softies, including some of a future high school au and family au
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This is Your Own Battle [TWDG Modern au] by FabulousDrake
This is Your Own Battle [TWDG Italian Stallion
Clementine Everett is a excellent student with a long line of scholarships in her future, some coming from her long-term commitment to hockey, others coming from her 4.0...
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