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i'm low on gas & you need a jacket (violentine) by zer0eclipse_
i'm low on gas & you need a Lexa
Even though the sky is falling down, don't let me go {cover by agarserv}
  • violetxclem
  • sadstory
  • lgbtq
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Malformed (Ericson Kids) by onihs_
Malformed (Ericson Kids)by onihs_
Clementine Marsh was a troubled girl with a dark past, after her father died, she changed completely. Her mother didn't like her attitude to life, so she sent her away t...
  • romance
  • brody
  • louis
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Demon's Romance (Violentine!demonAU) by MangoJangoJuice
Demon's Romance (Violentine! jade
Clementine sighs heavily "Almost home," she breathes. She pulls tightly on the sides of her leather jacket, bringing a small amount of warmth to her body. Befo...
  • violetxclementine
  • clementinexviolet
  • twdfanfic
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Memory Lane (Clouis) by linguae
Memory Lane (Clouis)by capite omnium mixto
Louis was a troubled young man who just got out from the boarding school. How fortunate he found himself in Clementine's school after that... >>(Clouis)<<
  • skybound
  • fanfic
  • videogame
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TWDG [Truth or dare s4]CLOUIS & VIOLENTINE <3 by oof_twdg
TWDG [Truth or dare s4]CLOUIS & OoF_tWdG/DeeDee
-Truth or dare with all of the twdg characters from season 4 of twdg and characters from other seasons can be asked truths or dares aswell! -In most of the chapters it's...
  • violetxclem
  • marlon
  • clementine
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Roommates by MaxinePhantom
Roommatesby bi4vi
Clementine never expected to become friends with her new foster-sister, but to fall for her? - Preview: Clementine felt an odd sensation, maybe it was because she was ki...
  • twdg
  • lee
  • thewalkingdeadgame
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Parent-Teacher Conference by PyreFlie
Parent-Teacher Conferenceby Pyre
*COMPLETED* Clementine loved AJ but becoming a mom at the age of 22 was not in the plans. How will she handle it when AJ's stressful home life leads to misbehaving at sc...
  • violentine
  • clemxvi
  • thewalkingdeadgame
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How To Save A Life (TWDG Oneshots) by chantelkillsall21
How To Save A Life (TWDG Oneshots)by •TheDeadCreator•
The Walking Dead Game's characters are back at it again, living on in different scenerios and understanding more about themselves and life as a whole.
  • clouis
  • telltale
  • clementine
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Monsters and Trauma (Violentine) by ThatGirlNamedHope
Monsters and Trauma (Violentine)by ThatGirlNamedHope
(!!COVER IS NOT MINE!!) Student Clementine Everett a young succubus goes through hell at a young age,her species dying out and parents death haunt her dreams.Could Viole...
  • monsters
  • twdg
  • violentine
TWDG Oneshots by middlemistQueen
TWDG Oneshotsby vivian
A collection of TWDG oneshots. Most of them are AU but requests are open. There are actually good ones in here so feel free to read. :)
  • louis
  • clementine
  • oneshot
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Clouis+Violentine by BarbieGirl935
Clouis+Violentineby Barbie Girl
Clementine is stuck between love and lust. She has two sides, two lovers and only one choice.
  • clouis
  • twd
  • violentine
Her - Violetine by Essencede
Her - Violetineby layne
Clementine Everette a quiet photographer, falls for the fiery singer, Minerva Leigh. Clementine pines for Minerva, until she gets to know Minerva's girlfriend, Violet A...
  • clementinetwdg
  • louistwdg
  • highschoolau
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Lovers In The Apocalypse. A Violentine Story  by Halseysocio17
Lovers In The Apocalypse. A Halseysocio17
This Is A Love Story About Clementine And Violet From The Telltale Video Games, The Walking Dead.
  • walkingdead
  • violet
  • clementine
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short oneshots uwu by lauren_reprise
short oneshots uwuby victory violet
like all of these are gonna be violentine. i love em.
  • thewalkingdeadgamethefinalseason
  • gabentine
  • violetine
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when the party's over by daisy_reprise
when the party's overby daisy and lauren's collab acc...
A different take on The Walking Dead (The Final Season), including daemons - 'external physical manifestation of a person's inner-self that takes the form of an animal.'...
  • violentine
  • twdg
  • twdgfanfiction
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Feeling Darkness by DemonataTG
Feeling Darknessby DemonataTG
What does it feel like to be surrounded by nothing? Tragedy struck Violet Adlon one year ago when an unfortunate event caused her to lose her eyesight completely. Now sh...
  • blindviolet
  • twdgclem
  • violetine
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Arrow to My Heart | Violentine [Medieval AU] by Lambogang24
Arrow to My Heart | Violentine [ 💯
When The Delta begin a war, Clementine gets captured only to be rescued from a group of Outlaws called "The Troubled Ones" who decided to keep Clementine with...
  • violettwdg
  • violentine
  • clemxviolet
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Whatever It Takes (Violentine) by lonewolfe024
Whatever It Takes (Violentine)by lonewolfe024
This is an au based on Clementine and Violet from the twdg. This story will take place in a modern setting with the teens from TFS. They all attend Texas Two High School...
  • violet
  • romance
  • highschool
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Our Darling Clementine (High School AU) by twdgstuff
Our Darling Clementine (High clemster
Clem was finally booted out of the house into Ericson's Boarding School after her 'troubled' behavior caused the death of her beloved uncle, Lee. Upon arrival she finds...
  • clementine
  • clouis
  • louisentine
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