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big book of hazbin oneshots and scenarios by Lionholyboy
big book of hazbin oneshots and Brianna Al
This book will be made up entirely of hazbin hotel oneshots and scenarios whether it be character X character or X reader it dose not matter. requests will always be ope...
Age is just a number in my world. (Stray kids x Reader) by Chishiya1
Age is just a number in my Taylor
You are a 14-year-old girl living in a very dangerous world. You only trusted two people and that was Kang Taehyun a 19-year-old boy and Huening Kai an 18-year-old boy...
The scorching evil // Lego City Adventures by Soulmamba9
The scorching evil // Lego City Mamba
After waking up from a horrible dream from his past, snake rattler realizes that there's more evil then him out there. The desert. He decides to go searching for this ev...
Innocent Soul (Twilight Fanfic) [Complete] by journeymanxxx
Innocent Soul (Twilight Fanfic) [ gone
Vanessa is Victoria's younger sister who goes through hell trying to make her sister proud of her. She fails because she has an urge to do the right thing. She's pushed...
Todochako in Cinderella by Queen-At-Work
Todochako in Cinderellaby Queen-At-Work
Warning ⚠️ Any art I put in here and the cover is not mine it goes to the wonderful owners who made this. ⚠️Once a girl with the quirk of zero gravity was very happy per...
True blood. by Sugathesleepy
True Sugathesleepy
This a vkook fanfic. jungkook is a vamp and that V has a problem with a disorder of multiple personality disorder. Him and jungkook will have a rocky path at first bu...
Huggy Wuggy x Reader by Viv_67
Huggy Wuggy x Readerby Viv_67
I'm bored ok- plus iv been seeing other ones of these- i. doing the real story then the one shots-
Escape the Cabin by DarklingFreakStudios
Escape the Cabinby Sky or Darky
A Group of Collage students go to Camp Blakeview for 2 weeks, as they settle down and enjoying themselves the group of collage students notice some strange things are ha...
The Floor Gaurdian by Meme-master
The Floor Gaurdianby Meme-Lord
This is a story about a floor guardian that was created by Ainz to guard the Treasure Room
Unknown Lover by tumblrdork55
Unknown Loverby tumblrdork55
Emily text a guy but she acts like she known him forever.
All Might and Class 1A's adventure into the great new era of  the LOV by fanfictmultishipper
All Might and Class 1A's March
⚠️i won't ship oc with mha characters ) So in ua izuku first year in the middle of the year (when nothings happening) Aizawa announces that a school burned down and they...
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Magcon bullied me a ranger story by ashantiarmstrong13
Magcon bullied me a ranger storyby ashantiarmstrong13
Hi I'm Ryder Joanne lee And I'm Riley Joanne lee And I'm Amanda Joanne lee When Amanda and Riley went to a orphanage when they were 15 because mom wanted to take care...
Hide and Seek (Done) by RoleplayerBoy
Hide and Seek (Done)by Shiro
"They Don't need you.... They Don't Want you.... They Don't love you...." was all that rings through my mind. "Whats wrong Emma?" asked Ace "y...
the dead live by Thumperlil
the dead liveby Assassins creed
2 best friends must survive in this new life together
Agent 47 HitMan by mawesome007
Agent 47 HitManby mawesome007
this is the story of hitman. based off the movies and games called hitman.. this is my first story on here and I hope you like it. This will be written in a episode form...
Bringer #3 How Shadow Sees by Wof_WarriorDragon
Bringer #3 How Shadow Seesby Warrior Dragon
These are NOT my pictures. I don't remember who made it. I found it on Pinterest.
A Minecraft story by huskymasterKATANAA
A Minecraft storyby Imperial japan/JE
This is actually my own story and world and me and my cousin And ye-