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big book of hazbin oneshots and scenarios by Lionholyboy
big book of hazbin oneshots and Brianna Al
This book will be made up entirely of hazbin hotel oneshots and scenarios whether it be character X character or X reader it dose not matter. requests will always be ope...
angelica's horror story by zedythecupcake
angelica's horror storyby zedy the oofton fnaf fan
its a teacher that killed her student but elizabeth had a plan...
Innocent Soul (Twilight Fanfic) [Complete] by journeymanxxx
Innocent Soul (Twilight Fanfic) [ gone
Vanessa is Victoria's younger sister who goes through hell trying to make her sister proud of her. She fails because she has an urge to do the right thing. She's pushed...
Age is just a number in my world. (Stray kids x Reader) by Chishiya1
Age is just a number in my Taylor
You are a 14-year-old girl living in a very dangerous world. You only trusted two people and that was Kang Taehyun a 19-year-old boy and Huening Kai an 18-year-old boy...
Todochako in Cinderella by Queen-At-Work
Todochako in Cinderellaby Queen-At-Work
Warning ⚠️ Any art I put in here and the cover is not mine it goes to the wonderful owners who made this. ⚠️Once a girl with the quirk of zero gravity was very happy per...
True blood. by Sugathesleepy
True Sugathesleepy
This a vkook fanfic. jungkook is a vamp and that V has a problem with a disorder of multiple personality disorder. Him and jungkook will have a rocky path at first bu...
Ripper,Blue and others in Remnant  by hellhound2356
Ripper,Blue and others in Remnant by hellhound2356
Project Ripper x Blue crossover with. Seeker of remnant. Also other characters from the story will be in e.g Karn,Indi,raptor squad,Hover,Rexy, Spike and more hope you e...
Brought Together By Fate by ASloveshttyd
Brought Together By Fateby ASloveshttyd
Astrid a poor but smart girl at 16 struggles in life. she lives with her mom and her step dad, who is abusive and a drug dealer. she goes to school with her friends who...
All alone. by 99990090o
All Little Flower
You move in after all of your family dies. You have a naibor named Yoongi(Bts) What happens next?
   ✨Destiny ✨ by jeonsohataekook630
✨Destiny ✨by jeon soha
3 girls from different countries with different characters.. People say character doesn't matters , but for them, yes ! character matters... Lee Ari and Kim Taehyung Th...
The Vampires Curse  by Edward545
The Vampires Curse by Ronna
A 12 year old girl is so exited for her sisters 15th birthday. There is going to be a huge water slide and lots of good food. As she goes down the water slide things get...
Counter games 1 by lightfang-absenth
Counter games 1by lightfang-absenth
It's about the world hosting the counter games given 200$ each to get guns and knifes counter games (hunger games in counter strike)
the dead live by Thumperlil
the dead liveby Assassins creed
2 best friends must survive in this new life together
Their Voices by Angels_Shotgun
Their Voicesby Daiji A.
There's a cause and effect to everything....What you do, what others do. But did we ever stop to think who else was being affected by this? I mean the world don't revo...
I Miss You. I'm Sorry. by Ynwhil
I Miss You. I'm Ynwhil
Being a teenager isn't as easy as many thinks. Throw in life and the need to grow up then stir. What you get is the daily struggles of 16 year old Lilly. Picture does no...
The Crash by morriganshea15
The Crashby morriganshea15
If u like horrifying stories that have canables hunting down your whole team then u will like this story. With horrifying blood and violence!!!!
Chi by Hachumiisbacc
Chiby Hachumi Cho
Just like your [typical] 11 year old kid. She's beautiful, has the perfect life, extremely rich, and gives good vibes to anyone around her. But.. is that really true? Is...