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The eye of the storm  by Desire_dream_love
The eye of the storm by ❤A.Small.Rose.Blooming.❤
She had a reason why she didn't want to go to the ball the King organized. She had a secret, a secret that might get her killed. Only her father knew what she was capabl...
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Beast by pandaeyes90
Beastby pandaeyes90
He who breaks, must repair. Or spend eternal life in despair. No love, no place, No human face Canines, claws and red eyes. There is no time, for goodbyes. He will hunt...
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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 by Mioya17
Virtual Villagers Origins 2by Mioya17
The guide to playing the game
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The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic) by slasheRR
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic)by no thanks
The bandages that covered his face in life have fallen away, all incinerated and hanging loosely around his neck. His face is completely destroyed. Unrecognizable. The s...
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Rogue Uproar by xXJessTheCatXx
Rogue Uproarby PastelRegrets
Just a normal ordinary day in the Animal Mask community! Except it's not. Little does anyone know, pure chaos is about to reign upon their home. ...
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Isabelle x Mayor | My Greatest Mistake by NoellaBerry
Isabelle x Mayor | My Greatest ❤︎꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*
[COMPLETE] Hi! I'm Isabelle! A loyal secretary in (T/n). Hm? Mayor (Y/n)? He's a simple hard working mayor. Tall, smart, handsome-! I mean... cool? I-I meant cool! I-I s...
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No Giving Up On You by AstridHofferson892
No Giving Up On Youby Astrid
This is a Sontails story. It is Sonic Boom. You say you don't ship Sonic and Tails? Goodbye sir or ma'am
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my book of random stuff by bigolchip
my book of random stuffby bang bang, down down
Mostly Nintendo and smash shit uhhhhh expect to cringe at this and there's some shipping.. and if you don't like it- just skidoodle away or your dick will turn into a no...
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The Prince and the villager (blossick) [rewriting] by blackmixwhite
The Prince and the villager ( blackmixwhite
Who would have know that the world most unlucky girl would have met her Prince Charming
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How trying to sell a legendary hero's sword led me to battle the Demon Lord by komio223
How trying to sell a legendary komio223
The kingdom of Duskeverisle. It is situated in a world different from ours. There, there is magic, mythical beings and pretty much everything you'd expect from a fantasy...
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Total Drama Minecraft by Radishologist
Total Drama Minecraftby Todd
First season of "Total Drama Minecraft"! Twenty mobs will battle it out in challenges for one million emeralds! Who will prevail? Basic Minecraft and Total Dra...
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Animal Crossing x Reader Oneshots! by xXSpookyBlookyxX
Animal Crossing x Reader Oneshots!by ιℓσνємєттαтσи
What happens when you meet the cute little villagers of Animal Crossing and fall in love with them?
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Love in the smash mansion  by T-flames4
Love in the smash mansion by YEET ON MY NUTS✨
This is the new book for the new game smash bros ultimate. ^_^ rn. Ness x Lucas Villager x Toon link * very slow updates*
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Virtual Villagers: Resources and Crafting by Mioya17
Virtual Villagers: Resources and Mioya17
A guide to on how to craft resources using crafting hut in Virtual Villagers Origins 2
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Three turned into Four by Kitt40
Three turned into Fourby Kittgal
This is one-shots about Villager, Lucas, Toon Link, and Ness. Some funny and some cute, I promise you'll like it. My first story enjoy. (Updates are back!)
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Little Love by illumi_navi
Little Loveby Dragonborne
A collection of small stories between the little kids of Smash spanning from Melee to Sm4sh.
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Frozen Time, Broken Ties by Anime808
Frozen Time, Broken Tiesby Anime808
A Bleach Fanfiction Byakuya Kuchiki and his sister Rukia venture the outskirts of Rukongai, trying to find the cause of the high spiritual pressure. There they are shock...
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Stardew Valley Zodiacs [ENG] by ZuaaBestia
Stardew Valley Zodiacs [ENG]by ZuaaBestia
Yeah, in english, because why not? ;) Picture not mine. All copyrights belong to ConcernedApe!
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Talking Mobs by EmmaTheEnderGirl
Talking Mobsby Emma
-Book 1 of the Talking Mobs Series- Emma and Lindsey are two normal best friends girls who love to play Minecraft. What happens when the two girls actually get sucked in...
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wнaт lιeѕ вeyond || minecraft fanfiction. by fqndombleach
wнaт lιeѕ вeyond || minecraft makki_dusiren
Her eyes fluttered open, only knowing one thing. "Your name is Alex." She stood up and began walking. ( oct. 21, 2019 -??)
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