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Weasley and Krum (REWRITING) by AiyaBookWrites
Weasley and Krum (REWRITING)by AiyaWrites
Weasley, Amora Adele. Molly and Arthur Weasley's gorgeous daughter, the youngest of the Weasley triplets, Fred and George. The redhead clan's first daughter. She is a pr...
Hufflepuff boy - Cedric Diggory x male oc x Viktor Krum by songzesura
Hufflepuff boy - Cedric Diggory songzesura
Started: April 5, 2024 Finished: July 4, 2024 Status: Completed Rewrite: Unknown Words: ∞ [Eternal Soul series book 4 of 4] [Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Harr...
Catch My Heart (Viktor Krum x Reader) by AbbyStrong
Catch My Heart (Viktor Krum x Abigail Strong
You are a sixth year with the intention of going to the Quidditch World Cup with your family and friends for a once in a life-time experience. It was great fun cheering...
Savior's Seeker by jumpingmanatee
Savior's Seekerby jumpingmanatee
Holly Lillian Potter is the fraternal twin of Harry Potter. While Harry looks like James Potter with his mother's eyes, Holly looks precisely like Lily. When Voldemort f...
The Flower Shop (Hermione/Viktor) by paigelindssay
The Flower Shop (Hermione/Viktor)by Paige Lindsay
Four years have passed since he left her at Hogwarts. Now a mediwitch at the Vratsa Vultures, Hermione is forced to deal with resurfacing feelings she once thought laid...
(1) Patrimony (H. Potter) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
(1) Patrimony (H. Potter)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Daughter of the legendary Grindelwald, Rhiannon has attended Durmstrang Institute for three years. But now year four rolls around and with it, the Triwizard Tournament...
The Unexpected by F0xeE1f
The Unexpectedby Pukah_Butterfly
Hesperia Potter-Black didn't want to be part of the war or anything it had to do with battle between 'light' and 'dark' when it is adult battles not children's battles...
kindof famous -- f. weasley by harry_potter_367
kindof famous -- f. weasleyby Frankie_evangeline
Saleen Krum is the younger sister of Victor Krum. She is a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. When she goes to the Quidditch World Cup to chear on her bother, she meets Fred Weasley...
One-shots Harry Potter boys by ErinMeMyselfAndI
One-shots Harry Potter boysby Simpformarauders
This will include all Hogwarts boys (you can request) I will not do part twos unless it is a popular request I will include the Marauders in their time. All characters...
A Flurry of Letters  by Angel_Wing_Ste
A Flurry of Letters by Angel_Wing_Ste
Harry Potter found the courage to praise a seeker after the World Cup. A flurry of letters ensued. Harry Potter / Viktor Krum Non explicit but some fluff. Language optio...
The Lioness of Ilvermorny by Jinxxy496
The Lioness of Ilvermornyby MacKenzie Shaw
They believed the Triwizard Tournament would be the only exciting thing to happen at Hogwarts that year... Everyone was proven wrong when the Lioness entered the Great H...
Krum's Girl by LMMorningstar
Krum's Girlby L.M Morningstar
When Durmstrang comes to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament and Viktor Krum meets a Gryffindor girl named Mazikeen who knows what can happen.
The four kings and queen by angiecarr17
The four kings and queenby angiecarr17
The four champions are mated and rulers of ancient dark magic. The characters are not mine.
The King of Slytherin by doctor_onion
The King of Slytherinby doctor_onion
Hadrian Sirius Potter, the older brother of the boy-who-lived. Forgotten by his family and feared by his enemies. The King of Slytherin. After going through his first si...
That Durmstrang girl (Harry Potter) by bellaaarose
That Durmstrang girl (Harry Potter)by bellaaarose
Sophie Krum, younger sister of the one and only Viktor Krum and the Irish Seeker, is the only girl at Durmstrang. But what she doesn't know that she has something in co...
Imagines [Book Two] by thatpunkmaximoff
Imagines [Book Two]by ↠ Melissa
Various 'Imagines' from various fandoms. Fandoms include: Harry Potter, Supernatural, The Originals, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Marvel, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight...
The Goblet of Fire    (Viktor Krum) by HamiPotter
The Goblet of Fire (Viktor Krum)by HamiPotter
One of the best Chasers in the World, Harry Potters Cousin, Student at Ilvermorny This is Hamilia Potters life. She's in her last year at Ivory. Who would expect that th...
Durmstrang Girl  by Accio_jax
Durmstrang Girl by JACKlyn
Ravin Phoenix is the only female student at Durmstrang Institute. When the Tri-wizard Tournament comes and she is asked to accompany her friend Viktor Krum to Hogwarts...
The Year Of Beginnings by grverrips
The Year Of Beginningsby grverrips
Samantha Krum doesn't know what she's in for when she's invited to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament, but she learns to cope as she meets new friends, enemies, and e...