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The Other Henry VIII by RedPanda1203
The Other Henry VIIIby RedPanda1203
What if Henry VIII had married differently? What if his choice of wives changed his reign and the whole of England's history forever? A young man sits on the throne of...
  • historical
  • drama
  • obsession
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Jem of the King by TashaAmy1803
Jem of the Kingby Таshа Амеlia
Charlotte is the Niece of Charles Brandon. Best Friend of King Henry. She has lived in France nearly all of her years but comes back to reconnect with her Uncle. Yet ret...
  • third
  • anne
  • brandon
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The Delinquent's Haven by mavericks_
The Delinquent's Havenby desi ⚓
[Complete and edited.] Being moved from foster home to foster home sounds pretty difficult, right? Try being framed for arson, slashing tires and throw in a seriously b...
  • arson
  • death
  • juvenile
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The Treasure of Aragon Katherine's Great Secret by Dottiesgirl1069
The Treasure of Aragon Katherine' Dottiesgirl1069
First wife and Queen to Henry VIII, hides a secret or two. Banished from court, forcibly separated from the husband, she loves and the daughter, she cherishes Katherine...
  • hhenry
  • aaragon
  • fan
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The Lady and the Duke by TudorPrincess
The Lady and the Dukeby Azaria Frost
1544: Lady Mary Norton has just lost her husband and their newborn son to the sweating sickness, when the powerful and charismatic Duke of Lincoln offers her a place in...
  • bereavement
  • viii
  • historical
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Uralkodjék soká! ||| A koronák és a történetek mögöttük by entirelybonker
Uralkodjék soká! ||| A koronák é entirelybonker
NŐK, AKIKNEK KORONA KERÜLT A FEJÉRE. FELEMELKEDÉSEK ÉS BUKÁSOK. Boleyn Anna, Stuart Mária, Erzsébet királynő, Viktória királynő és még sokan mások. ...
  • viii
  • aragóniai
  • anglia
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To Catch A King by issyfh
To Catch A Kingby Issy ❤️
'...The first thing I notice about him is his weight. The rumours are true: he is spoilt and fat, so different from the young Renaissance prince I have heard he once was...
  • execution
  • romance
  • henryviii
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tear me to pieces, skin and bone by befham
tear me to pieces, skin and boneby Bethan
When Queen Catherine gives birth to a healthy baby boy, a devastated Anne must find a new path in life.
  • henry
  • henryviii
  • angst
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Star Wars: The Darkness Awakens (Book II) by MioneHoran
Star Wars: The Darkness Awakens ( MioneHoran
Sequel to Star Wars: Divisions of Time (Read that first please!!!!) Sixteen years after the events of Divisions of Time comes a new generation of Skywalkers and with a n...
  • finn
  • yoda
  • skywalker
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By the King's Order by LadyGenevieve20
By the King's Orderby Bella Addison
She never wanted to marry again. Not after her dismal first marriage. King Henry VIII, besotted with his third wife, decides that he is going to renege on his promise th...
  • arranged
  • wedding
  • henry
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Henry and the time Travler girl by JasmineYates0
Henry and the time Travler girlby Jasmine Yates
You have heard the story of the infamous Henry Tudor. Henry the VIII, it is said he had six wives and only truly loved one Jane Seymour. What if I told you it was lies...
  • despair
  • death
  • travel
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Final Fantasy Oneshots by HatterReloaded
Final Fantasy Oneshotsby Hatter
All Final Fantasy oneshots found inside! Various pairings and ideas~
  • viii
  • tidus
  • yuna
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Bound to Obey and Serve: A novel of Jane Seymour by TudorPrincess
Bound to Obey and Serve: A novel Azaria Frost
Plain Jane Seymour, daughter of a minor Wiltshire gentleman, has never wanted anything more than a nice home, a loving husband and a nursery full of children. When a fam...
  • court
  • wolf
  • king
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Loving a King by teengeekmess
Loving a Kingby teengeekmess
Annabelle had planned out every little detail. From the color of the drapes to the flavor of the cake. She had been engaged to the future King of England since the age o...
  • viii
  • france
  • kingdom
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Dragon Quest One-Shots by c0rrupted
Dragon Quest One-Shotsby c0rrupted
Dragon Quest VIII and XI One-Shots. German and English, since I wanna get better writing in both languages. Requests are open but I don't know if and when I'll get to th...
  • quest
  • dragonquest
  • dragon
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Henry VIII x Anne Boleyn by MyrraTheWolf
Henry VIII x Anne Boleynby MyrraTheWolf
Anne boleyn's murder
  • henry
  • viii
  • anne
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The Galaxy in Our Hands: A Star Wars Reylo Fanfiction  by swthebrave
The Galaxy in Our Hands: A Star Flecha
This story begins in Supreme Leader Snokes chamber, moments after Rey and Kylo Ren have defeated Snoke and his entourage of Redcoats. But, in the timeline, Rey said yes...
  • star
  • viii
  • starwars
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The other Boleyn girl by coldglassofcola
The other Boleyn girlby coldglassofcola
Alice Boleyn is the sister of Anne and Mary. Season one the Tudors. And one day she falls in love with the queen of England.
  • viii
  • tudors
  • alice
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The Six by wallflower321
The Sixby Patrick
'Divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded, survived." In this way, the six wives of Henry VIII were remembered not for how they lived, but in the way they died...
  • boelyn
  • background
  • serve
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Love of a King by DumDum123
Love of a Kingby DumDum123
Queen Katherine of Aragon is dead. Now, Henry VIII is in search of a new Queen and a male heir. It's a competition between the Boleyns, Seymours, and one Howard girl. Wi...
  • henry
  • seymour
  • howard
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