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~~dom/sub thoughts~~ by Hamiltrash_and_stuff
~~dom/sub thoughts~~by Alice Warnick
i'm a lesbian with smut ideas. oneshots.
  • vignette
  • ideas
  • nsfw
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Unspoken Vignettes by anabananaana
Unspoken Vignettesby Ana
Perhaps it is better left unfinished.
  • heartbreak
  • ideas
  • excerptfromastoryiwillneverwrite
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a collection of crappy vignettes about growing into your own skin inspired by the house on mango street by sandra cisneros ® to DRE4MGRL; (2018)
  • discovery
  • grow
  • black
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vignettes from the notes app by roemon
vignettes from the notes appby sarah 🥶
I be writing short short short stories
  • wwi
  • vignette
  • poetry
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[BTS FF] Verstand by ryokucha136
[BTS FF] Verstandby ryokucha136
[A BrotherShip Collection] Starring : BTS member (Mainly V) length : Oneshot (with or without Sequel), Two Shoot, Longshoot verstand (Dutch) mind, sense, understanding...
  • brothership
  • vignette
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Vignettes by cathxrtics
Vignettesby Eve
A collection of my original vignettes.
  • picture
  • vignette
  • shortstory
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City of Bridges by cartazon
City of Bridgesby Stace Dumoski
In the city of Corregal, sword fighting is a way of life - unless you're a girl. While young men compete for prestigious positions within the ruling Houses, young women...
  • fantasyfiction
  • magic
  • adventure
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vignettes by tordnado
vignettesby tordnado
these are for a project in my english class edit: absolutely Screaming how is this ? #44 ? in vignettes ? OOF
  • vignette
Vignettes by Omgitsnothing
Vignettesby Ty
Sometimes a string of words is all it takes to relate to an entire story. Sometimes an entire story is within just a string of words. A quote contains an experience and...
  • fiction
  • quotes
  • oneshot
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Sometimes it's Hard to See the Sun by BeanLizardStewie
Sometimes it's Hard to See the Sunby Bean Lizard Stew
A collection of vignettes that'll hopefully catch your attention
  • truestory
  • vignette
  • freewrite
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Gabriel Dropout Oneshots by RowlfTator
Gabriel Dropout Oneshotsby RowlfTator
Hey Guys! I'm a new writer here and i decided to write a oneshot series for this anime as my first work ..i hope you all like it and i'd really appreciate any comment o...
  • raphiel
  • satania
  • xmalereader
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Reasons to Live -flash fiction stories *WattpadBlockParty-Featured* by Nyhterides
Reasons to Live -flash fiction Christine Bottas
This collection tells of life, pain, suffering, and sometimes even happiness. I hope you will enjoy. Thanks to @wendythestoryteller , a super talented writer and artis...
  • vignette
  • romance
  • sad
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▼over skin || hyunlix▼ by smoczyprencik
▼over skin || hyunlix▼by crabbyconnor
Gdy oczy desperancko patrzyły w ziemię, serce z nadzieją spoglądało w niebo.
  • kpop
  • fluff
  • slavefic
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Depictions of Love by justbeforesunrise
Depictions of Loveby ツ
A series of vignettes containing my thoughts and experiences on love. Though each piece does not necessarily correlate with the next, they all come together to paint a p...
  • randomthoughts
  • youngadult
  • firstlove
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the prince & the ladybug by its-ladybug
the prince & the ladybugby eliza b. rose
"tell me the story of how the Sun loved the Moon so much she died every night so that he could breathe." + started: 19.01.29
  • youngadult
  • teenfiction
  • smalltown
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Wattpad Stories Into Movies by 12amwriting
Wattpad Stories Into Moviesby Grace [on break <3]
**i'll be uploading new pieces soon** romance.steamy.heartbreaking.cliche bad boy good girl. each vignette is like a wattpad story made into a movie Love, Grace ...
  • happy
  • shortstory
  • visualstory
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The Essence of Me by Gamemaphosa
The Essence of Meby Gamemaphosa
A collection of vignettes and poems that give you a peek into my mind
  • life
  • shortstory
  • personal
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HIDDEN by BeanLizardStewie
HIDDENby Bean Lizard Stew
My friend's writing really inspired me. When I was upset, I began writing. The following vignettes are the result.
  • freewrite
  • truestory
  • vignette
I. PLUTO by banana-milk
I. PLUTOby july
❝i want to be among the gods, just to keep my mind quiet. i want to be among the stars, just so pluto isn't silent.❞ © july; banana-milk™
  • random
  • teen
  • vignette
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Good Midnight. by ofQuillsandInk
Good S Reed Foxwell
A series of Poems (free-verse or narratives) and Prose (short stories, flash fiction, vignettes); Trying to fix the Fragments of a Shattered Reality which nev...
  • thoughtsandfeelings
  • drabble
  • hidden
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