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Embry x Fem!Reader || its not me its my basement by 1-880-NagitoSimpHere
Embry x Fem!Reader || its not me Maria Shinohara
I did start simping for little embry so I wanted to write a embry x reader cuz there aren't any embry x readers on wattpad which kinda sucks so yeah...ENJOY!
Shattered Wings-Until Dawn (Josh X OC) by HailTheFreakShow
Shattered Wings-Until Dawn (Josh AA
Flowers in her hair Demons in his head Blood in her veins Madness in his mind Love in her soul Storm in his heart The tale of when Joshua Washington invited his dear fr...
Kirby X Bandana Waddle Dee by BiggNiggs
Kirby X Bandana Waddle Deeby Bylat Man
this is my first love fanfic! in this story,its like sonic and amy, Bandana Waddle Dee likes Kirby,but Kirby doesn't feel the same...
The Life Of A Turret (Portal) by ProBroFister
The Life Of A Turret (Portal)by sample text
Follow the life of a turret in the Aperture Science Laboratories from its creation to its journey to the Turret Redemption Lines. (BTW this is my first story so pardon m...
A Thousand Smiles. (Fanfiction) //The Last Of Us// *AU* by cherylangelina22
A Thousand Smiles. (Fanfiction) hectic snail
The Last Of Us 2 Ellie Fanfiction. *in an alternate universe, the fungus spread around the whole world after Avery and Ellie were about 7 so the both of them have an id...
I Love you MORE THAN HIM!! Gust X Reader X Mint by Tinyfoxylover
I Love you MORE THAN HIM!! Gust Tinyfoxylover
Moving to Portia at first was scary, inheriting my father's old workshop witch was definitely a fixer-upper if i had ever seen one, but luckily I made friends and my fat...
Identity V - The Mysterious Camera World by Kaifwa
Identity V - The Mysterious Kaifwa
Michiko Sakura was happy living with Eli Clark, her adopted child, and Joseph Desaulnier, her lover. But things take a dramatic turn and ruins her happy life forever. Or...
Waiting for my death | Horizon zero dawn fanfiction by IDlindberg
Waiting for my death | Horizon IDlindberg
This is a storyline (not canon) set during the Horizon zero dawn timeline before and during the Faro Plauge, a terrifying apocalyptic event that ended up devouring the w...
A Caleb Carol by theWallflower00
A Caleb Carolby Eric Juneau
Caleb finds himself to be going through the motions of Mr. Scrooge. Only this time, the spirits won't be as forgiving.
H λ L F - L I F E: Bishop's War✔️ by Obsidian_Thirteen
H λ L F - L I F E: Bishop's War✔️by Obsidian_Thirteen
Eric Bishop's life has stalled in a way he never quite expected. At twenty seven years old, he thought that he would be more than thrilled to run security for a top-secr...
⭐️ Monsters Among the Stars ⭐️ by steamedbeefs
⭐️ Monsters Among the Stars ⭐️by ✨⭐️💙 Beef 💙⭐️✨
4 months into colonizing the planet Polus, Brown and his crewmates receive a call from the space station MIRAHQ requesting them to research a mysterious life-form discov...
Terminator in Fodlan (fire Emblem X terminator Crossover) by TheGreatSummoner
Terminator in Fodlan (fire TheGreatSummoner
Somewhere in the Land a sphere came and dropped someone. Y/n a machine from the other Earth and was in another timeline and another world was a mistake. It was then his...
Dragon Age story collection - Fanfiction by Sandatori
Dragon Age story collection - ♔Abi♔
A collection of Dragon Age one shots; the silver haired siblings are taking Thedas by storm. ----- Sakurai Zenner and Gwendolyn Zenner belong to me. I do not own Dragon...
Travis's Journal// KEEP OUT // Sally Face Fanfiction by AddisonTeaThnkYouPlz
Travis's Journal// KEEP OUT // AddisonTeaThnkYouPlz
This Journal Belongs To... Travis Phelps ____________________ "I don't really know how to start this... I guess I'll introduce myself? This is so stupid. I alre...
The Legend of Zelda: Tale of the Hero by RoyLyon
The Legend of Zelda: Tale of the RoyLyon
The story of the chosen hero, his princess, and his nemesis. Evil is creeping into the land of Hyrule, and Link, a Hylian knight, must find and destroy the source. Only...