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Paralyzer [Gotham] by corpse_prxncess
Paralyzer [Gotham]by wulfy
"Some people aren't looking for someone to change them; they are only looking for someone to accept them." Gotham has no room for good doctors, it has to be pr...
A L L E Y S | Gotham by gothamfanfics
A L L E Y S | Gothamby gothamfanfics
In which a young girl is adopted by James Gordon, encountering and 'making friends' with terrible and good people in Gotham City. The ginger maniacs, mafia bosses, hitme...
Her Protector by sarahp5221
Her Protectorby Sarah
A trained assassin is forced to protect and help mend a terrified introvert
Contrast [a Victor Zsasz x Reader short story]  by violaeades
Contrast [a Victor Zsasz x mariah
Victor was the exact opposite of her. She was pure, he was a sin. She was light, he was darkness. She was everything he wasn't. He wanted to shield her from him, but he...
No One Can Know || Victor Zsasz by BrookeHB
No One Can Know || Victor Zsaszby BrookeHB
"No one can know, don't you know? No one can know what she is to him, because that's a weakness, and he doesn't do weakness." Victor Zsasz. The very definition...
Deadly Devotion  by AmuPshyeahVanity
Deadly Devotion by Paul Rudd Obsessed
Winter Dawn is just your normal goth girl, right? Wrong. She is actually a killer called Siren. Her targets? Men mostly. She also has some secret abilities that are pass...
Original in Gotham ~ victor zsasz by AshleighZsasz
Original in Gotham ~ victor zsaszby AshleighZsasz
"Isabel he's dangerous" "oh because a thousand year old vampire who can't be killed isn't?" What happens when the Mikaelson sister visits Gotham to s...
Falcone's Missing Daughter (zsasz × reader)DISCONTINUED  by MadisonCamarena30
Falcone's Missing Daughter ( ~Madison~
Falcone's daughter (y/n) returned to gotham. She stirs up alot of trouble and runs into a hitman that caught her eye, Her fathers hitman to be exact.
The Sadist's Lullaby by LadyDeville
The Sadist's Lullabyby N.W.Queen
'My niece is sick...she has been sick for a long time. ' Tara, the vivacious niece of Don Carmine Falcone is a sick woman, her nurses and doctors have met less than favo...
Mutt (Gotham X Reader) by FeirceAngel
Mutt (Gotham X Reader)by Anna
Two long years in Indian Hill has changed you, but when you escape, you discover that Gotham hasn't changed at all. This is the story of Y/n. A story of friends, enemie...
Mrs Black (Zsasz) by angelina_bukenovia
Mrs Black (Zsasz)by Angel ?
Before there was Zsasz, there was Victor. Before there was a murderer, there was a businessman. Before his insanity, he had her, but under unforeseen events they were se...
All my love|Victor Zsasz by Charliecjjones
All my love|Victor Zsaszby Charlie
"So you're the famous Tonks Penguin's been talking about? Aren't you a little young to be caught up in all this stuff" he smirked. "To be honest with you...
Gotham Preferences/Imagines by a_fandompr1ncess
Gotham Preferences/Imaginesby Fandom Fan
Preferences and Imagines for the men of Gotham. The characters I'll do are as follows: Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Jerome Valeska, Oswald Cobblepot, Victor Zsasz, Edward N...
Gotham Villains Oneshots | on hold :/ by DaLazyCouchPotato
Gotham Villains Oneshots | on (ノ°▽°)ノ︵┻━┻
Character x reader Sorry, but no ocs Will mainly be female unless requested otherwise Characters: [3] Edward Nygma {aka Riddler} [3] Oswald Cobblepot {aka Penguin} [3]...
gotham one-shots by multifandomqueer
gotham one-shotsby gay idiot <3
Romantic ships, platonic pairings, AUs (usually with some form of connection to what's actually canon), etcetera. A lot of this'll probably be Nygmobblepot. Also, a cont...
Gotham preferences by another_stereotype
Gotham preferencesby another_stereotype
This doesn't follow the Gotham plotline. I do not in anyway own any of the characters in this fan fiction. Jim Gordon Harvey Bullock Harvey Dent Oswald Cobblepot Ed...
Rise of the Villains (AOIG #2) by donthatelife
Rise of the Villains (AOIG #2)by Cassie
It had been a month since Annabelle Mikaelson had left Gotham after Carmine Falcone had said that he wanted to retire and leave his empire in the hands of whoever wanted...
Class Is In Session  by missgardian
Class Is In Session by 𝙆𝙞𝙢 - 𝖓𝖔 𝖔𝖋𝖋𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊...
When you've known your best friend since you were a kid and grow up together, they practically become your family. This is the case for Oswald and Edward. Ed, not gettin...
Wild ||Edward Nygma|| [2] by -JeromeValeska
Wild ||Edward Nygma|| [2]by -JeromeValeska
Sequel to 'Fools'. Six months have passed since the events at Arkham Asylum and both Charlotte Bateman and Edward Nygma are still locked up and kept away from each other...
Mad City (AOIG #3) by donthatelife
Mad City (AOIG #3)by Cassie
It had been six months since Fish Mooney and Hugo Strange's other experiments were let loose in Gotham. Six months that involved Annabelle having to go on dates with Vic...