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You're a jerk - Viktuuri AU by undeadlatte
You're a jerk - Viktuuri AUby himbo lover
High school AU in which Viktor bullies Yuuri. Yuuri katsuki, age 17, has had enough of Viktors taunts and teasing. What he does next shocks the whole school. (also on a...
Baby On Ice √ (mpreg) (boyxboy) (VictorxYuri) (yaoi) by BabyPuffies
Baby On Ice √ (mpreg) (boyxboy) ( Baby Puffies
#angst Everything was perfect as if nothing could rip their happiness apart. The time they had spent together were something Yuri couldn't have asked for more. Until o...
Missing Keys (Victor x Yuuri) by lemon_s_ofie
Missing Keys (Victor x Yuuri)by sofster, like toaster
Victor's sister, Anastasia, makes a fierce attempt to hook up her brother with Yuuri. What happens when Yuuri "loses" his hotel room keys?
Only You [Victuuri Mafia x Omegaverse Au] by Dorian_the_noodle
Only You [Victuuri Mafia x Dorian_the_noodle
Yuri on Ice Au The AU is a mix of the Omegaverse and Mafia There maybe some suggestive scenes later on in the story. An Alpha mafia boss Victor Nikiforov has an inter...
Money by fireprincess2002
Moneyby Xskylight7
Yuri a waiter at a cafe....a normal life, going to college has a job a nice normal family, until a customer came, Victor a very ritch man who wants his money back, but i...
this is educational by fireprincess2002
this is educationalby Xskylight7
Yuri is a bright and cute teatcher. A normal guy who teatches at a high school who might have a thing for the principal. Yuri can't let he's feelings get in the way...
Last December (VictUri) by utterlymelancholy
Last December (VictUri)by Jade
After his mother dies, Yuri Katsuki gives up the life of ice skating once and for all and lives in a world of monochrome without any brightness or color. The male now ha...
a skaters secret by Keiji_coffin
a skaters secretby keiji-san
Hinata is secretly a famous figure skater under the coaching of Victor and Yuri (who are dating). he still plays volleyball and keeps his popularity a secret to the team...
A Song Of Love| | Viktuuri by Lexialexus
A Song Of Love| | Viktuuriby Lexialexus
| He was tired. It was late. His feet were already bleeding. Yuuri wanted to stop. He wanted to stand up and walk away from the ice. He wanted to go home and sleep for h...
Mad by fireprincess2002
Madby Xskylight7
Yuri a boy, a peasant , a nothing. And forever will be nothing because that is what he is a nothing. At least that's what he's master told him but now he ran away and ra...
Enchanted - Victuuri AU by undeadlatte
Enchanted - Victuuri AUby himbo lover
Victor nikiforov is a prince in the kingdom of crystal waters, he needs to marry to become a king but arranged marriages happen where he lives, he goes to a mascarade ba...
Texts ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri  ( Viktor x Yuuri ) by undeadlatte
Texts ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri ( himbo lover
Yuuri suddenly gets a message from a stranger one day named Viktor, he thinks the guy Is kind of annoying and pushy but they eventually develop a friendship but soon eno...
Learning to love by fireprincess2002
Learning to loveby Xskylight7
Yuri is a student and we all know that he's going to college but what happens when victor the college professor? Well of course victor gonna teatch but why is the teatch...
Cream? - Viktuuri/Victuuri AU by undeadlatte
Cream? - Viktuuri/Victuuri AUby himbo lover
Yuuri Katsuki is a small anxious man who's only 24 and works at a coffee shop as a job while managing college at the same time. What happens when a sudden super attracti...
YURI OFF ICE (funny random pics) by Saricchi
YURI OFF ICE (funny random pics)by Saricchi
pretty self explanatory it's yuri on ice
Just going a little crazy by fireprincess2002
Just going a little crazyby Xskylight7
Yuri is a therapist. Oh no you must be thinking the therapist who work with people who have PTSD or depression. No yuri a different therapist. Yuri a therapist for the c...
The Secrets That The Ice Holds by Bubbly_Snowflake3
The Secrets That The Ice Holdsby Anna Nikiforova 😉
Helloooo! I decided to write a Yuri!! On Ice fanfic! This has no smut, just fluff and maybe some might consider some of it angst, but really just fluff. This book has a...
Victuuri creepy doll AU/ yuri on ice by karwena-chan
Victuuri creepy doll AU/ yuri on Karwena
"Rumours say that in one of the rooms there would be a human-sized porcelain doll. The last owners, the Nikiforovs, lived in the manor at the end of the nineteenth...
Fruto Prohibido (Victor x Yuuri) by krislanderos
Fruto Prohibido (Victor x Yuuri)by Kris Hellsing
¿Quién caerá primero ante la tentación de un sentimiento desconocido para ellos? Este fic es dedicado a mi amiga @kikuhonda154 ^v^ te quiero mucho amiga Y le agradezco a...
Seduced by the devil ~ YOI AU ~ ✔️ by Shadowhunterr1
Seduced by the devil ~ YOI AU ~ ✔️by Shadowhunterr1
I'm Yuri and I'm a angel, or at least I had been one. I had fallen because I was seduced, seduced by the devil. I don't regret my choice, at all. Why? Because I belong t...