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Long Live The Prince by littlewoodwind
Long Live The Princeby woody
Wilbur is a prince who used to rule the world. He is one of the unfortunate royals who experienced and witnessed a fallen kingdom, although it isn't his own. It's not li...
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The Limitations of a Mechanical Heart by gardensofroses01
The Limitations of a Mechanical Maya Rose
When Rin Findlay visits her late sister's mechanics workshop, she doesn't expect to find much. And she certainly doesn't expect to stay there, working on a project Lucet...
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Two Loves by Annael_The_Wise
Two Lovesby Annael_The_Wise
1892, London - Isaac Haywood and his twin sister Cymbeline could not be more different. He is a painter with a weakness for Byron, Greek mythology and dramatic outbursts...
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The Stars That Kept Us Apart [CHANBAEK] by lemonbaek-n-icedtea
The Stars That Kept Us Apart [ Hannah
There are opportunities that Fate blesses you with and there are moments she snatches those away. Park Chanyeol had been blessed enough to have gained a lover, a friend...
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Darkfeather and the Pocketwatch by ginandink
Darkfeather and the Pocketwatchby Gin
When Poe returns home to find her father missing and his clock shop ransacked, she is immediately drawn into a dangerous race across London to locate a mysterious pocket...
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Lord Bobbins and the Romanian Ruckus - A TeslaCon Novel by SeanPatrickLittle
Lord Bobbins and the Romanian Sean Patrick Little
All Nicodemus Clarke wants to do is head west, get away from civilization, and build a home well away from people where he could live out the rest of his days in relativ...
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Mimi Martin by shadowzinthedakrnezz
Mimi Martinby shadowinthedark
I've written this story with Asiyah A. Credits to her, she's an amazing writer. Set in the victorian era Mimi Martin is an ordinary girl in a workhouse but she can read...
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Amicia | The Wayfarer Series by AllthatAlice
Amicia | The Wayfarer Seriesby Alice W.
Eight people on the verge of death are offered a choice. Accept the end of your life, or live on in the past. It is only human nature to try and preserve life as long a...
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The Gentleman in Room 34 by dannicipriani
The Gentleman in Room 34by dannicipriani
Audrey Rose and Nerissa are working as chambermaids in a popular hotel in 1886 London. Audrey Rose is very confident and ahead of her time, with being a strong independe...
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Victorian Coloring Book. Grayscale [PDF] by Alena Lazareva by piwewuwe95129
Victorian Coloring Book. piwewuwe95129
Read Victorian Coloring Book. Grayscale PDF by Alena Lazareva Independently published Listen to Victorian Coloring Book. Grayscale: Coloring Book for Adults audiobook by...
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The mistiryus case of Rosalin Bates by Isilnar
The mistiryus case of Rosalin Batesby Isilnar
This is a recording of Rosalin Bates confusion from 1879. Under the aliases Black Ribbon she has killed many people of the londoner high society.
The children who will never grow up part 1 by serrenwrites
The children who will never grow serrenwrites
When the three children of a high profile politician are found dead outside their bedroom window, Detective Devitt has no hope of going home to his own family. What caus...
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The Queen's Affairs {The First Book Of The "affairs" series} by s_k_u_l_l_y
The Queen's Affairs {The First Skully
The Queens Affairs is about a demon named Victoria Nixavella , who took the body of a human in the royal french family to lead on as the Queen of france. She has a siste...
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Not If I Save U First | Ciel Phanthomhive x Reader by Alias_Ole_Me
Not If I Save U First | Ciel Alexandria Sirenth
Around the 1880s, Y/N L/N took the world by shock due to her capabilities to do things others cannot do. She of course had no idea of this before she ran into Earl Ciel...
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Mirror On The Wall by JonathanPagan1980
Mirror On The Wallby JonathanPagan1980
A short story about a mirror that shows more than it seems
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hogwarts 1845 by Gryffinpuff279
hogwarts 1845by 123
Well we all (hopefully) know the story of Harry Potter but let's go back to the history of Hogwarts when it wasn't so modern. Three girls. Three different houses. One sc...
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Wardrobe by SlapTheMoon
Wardrobeby SlapTheMoon
Help for creating accuracy with your fanfics set in a non-modern time period or any at all! Maybe your working on a fanfic or writing your own original story but need/wa...
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The Victorian Lady by EllaSpaghetti
The Victorian Ladyby Aspen
It's the Victorian era! A time of innovation, industrialization and individualism. And struggle. ...
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Deeper Than Roots [BxB] by PureBlooded7
Deeper Than Roots [BxB]by PureBlooded7
1800's when having a same-sex desire is defined as a crime with the penalty of death. • • • "how can two men have sex?" "do you know how to shit ?"
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Perfect (sander sides dystopian AU) by pastelilluminate
Perfect (sander sides dystopian AU)by pastelilluminate
In the land of Britain in 1936, a new ruler came into play do to the assassination of George Vl. The new king in question was Deon Smith, at first the country believed t...
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