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Can We Create Something Beautiful? by mileenaxkitana10
Can We Create Something Beautiful?by WickedWitch
Kellin lives the invisible life, which is easy for him with his shy persona and small appearance. He craves some sort of adventure, something to break him out of his bor...
Disasterology ~ Vic Fuentes by 1031Delirious
Disasterology ~ Vic Fuentesby Ashley
This is a love story of one nobody who accidentaly bumps into her idol at a coffee shop. Her parents abused her ever since the age of 11 when her real father passed away...
My Deepest Apologies |Kellic| by tenebrificheart
My Deepest Apologies |Kellic|by Bandaholic
Vic's brother was severely bullied leading him to a failed suicide attempt. Vic is now made to realize how big of an impact his actions have on other people and is now...
Scream in the dark by laaame_satan
Scream in the darkby ᴡᴡᴡ
Ptv fanfic :) // im not a professional writer so yeah I will have a lot of flaws in my writing. Sorry! I'm just trying to have fun with my stories ^.^ // do I continue...
Drank the Poison. by watchmegetthere
Drank the watchmegetthere
Addiction. It happens to the best of us. What are the chances that it will bring Vic Fuentes, and a fan, from AA no less, together? Razor-thin.
Kidnapped. by EllieLove77
-A Vic Fuentes fan fiction- (UNFINISHED) Sometimes I feel responsible for what happened to my family and I. But I'm not responsible for falling in love with someone who...
You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground by Ofratsandboys
You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Ofratsandboys
Did they really think they could fix me? Title Credit: You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds: Mayday P...
In Slow Motion by hearteyedjk
In Slow Motionby Gukkie
Kellin Quinn suddenly wakes up one morning with the ability to read people's minds, and his parents disappear without explaining anything to him. His Aunt Jamie takes hi...
Props and Mayhem [Vic Fuentes Fan-Fiction] by SamiAguilar
Props and Mayhem [Vic Fuentes Sami
Vic finds a girl, named April, who doesn't seem to be interested in their band, but they both fall for each other sooner than the thought they would.
Have You Ever Really Danced On The Edge? (Vic Fuentes Fanfic) by piercethcvic
Have You Ever Really Danced On piercethcvic
When 22 year old Michaela James feels as though her life has gone down the drain, she almost ends her own life. Now with the help of a mystery man she's never met in her...
Pretend Like I Don't Entice You. by lolheyimanese
Pretend Like I Don't Entice lolheyimanese
Hey Guys (: so this fanfic is about 2 girls. One 24 year old named Kayla & a 15 year old named Abby. When Kayla was about 12 years old & Abby was 3 years old their paren...
I never want to lose my best friend ||v.f|| by psychedelic-princess
I never want to lose my best psychedelic-princess
"You could do so much better. Why do you waste your time on me?" "Because, who could possibly be better than you?" ((TRIGGER WARNING))
One Hundred Sleepless Nights ( Vic Fuentes Fan Fic ) by awkalex
One Hundred Sleepless Nights ( awkalex
Amber was never really into the hardcore/metal in fact, in high school Amber made everyone who listens to the music.. but when her sister drags her to a concert..and she...
Hold on till may // v.f // by GrungeGhostPrincess
Hold on till may // v.f //by ✨Space Babe✨
After her life gets out of control, Alexis Woods, better know as Lexi, is transferred to a new school. It is here where she will start fresh and even meet 4 boys that wi...
Te amo Kellin (I love you Kellin) [Kellic] by Ginger_emo_girl
Te amo Kellin (I love you Kellin) Rachel
When you think you're totally straight and then find you're gay for your best friend what would you do? Spend lots of time with them? Or distance yourself? As Kellin ge...