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Broken Trust - Season I ✔️ by penning_thoughts
Broken Trust - Season I ✔️by Avi
Inspired by the show - Maddam Sir : Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbaat Hai All world may not trust you but family always trusts you.. !! This is eternal.. What'll happen if t...
♥💫Anushma Shorts💫♥ (ON HOLD)  by Maddamsir_
♥💫Anushma Shorts💫♥ (ON HOLD) by Maddam Sir
Story-2 💓 Anushma Shorts For those who love anushma (Anubhav+Karishma) Brother and sister relationship is like a Tom and Jerry They tease and irritat each other But...
"The innocent One "  by The_cute_critic
"The innocent One " by Lost angel ✨
the story revolves around Veyom and Karishma... who started hating Anuseena for some reasons ...and they left them!! wanna know what happened ? why Karishma started hati...
Vyoshma - Hope It To Be A Nightmare  by yuki_happiness
Vyoshma - Hope It To Be A yuki_happiness
This is the story of our most wanted couple "Veyoshma". How will Karishma react towards the sudden change in behavior of her husband. Moreover how will she rea...
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Love Between War by TheFireMulgi
Love Between Warby Fire Mulgi
A charming doctor and a military officer cross paths and fall in love just to find out that they can't be together as their professions and ideologies are way different...
Can they be together ? ( On Hold ) by Yuki_lover29
Can they be together ? ( On Hold )by Yuki_lover29
Two person met in collage but for some reason they become separated . One of them loved the other but the other didn't realize her love . Yes it is a Kareena love story...
Recreation of ep 255 of maddam sir .... just a one shot ✌️✌️
U don't have to change yourself by yukixlove
U don't have to change yourselfby Yuki
just a one shot .......✌✌ know more read the story.....
Muhbbat Or Duty by blunder19
Muhbbat Or Dutyby unknown user
1) this story is between karishma singh, veyom singh(karishma singh's husband) and mahila police thana. 2) veyom singh is a psychologist. 3) in this story there is some...
veyoshma life shorts by rimorav_yukti
veyoshma life shortsby rimorav_yukti
just some imagionary shorts on veyoshma
veyoshma love story by rimorav_yukti
veyoshma love storyby rimorav_yukti
its a story which shows , how did veyoshma meets gets in love . how they face their parents how they get married . but with a little twist .
Will she be able to love again ? by Yuki_lover29
Will she be able to love again ?by Yuki_lover29
when a man loves someone selflessly but when that love cheat her then she can't believe in love anymore . This story is about two people . One Business tycoon Karishma S...
kareena story  by MalarvizhiRamya
kareena story by MalarvizhiRamya
The story is about the bond of Karishma and haseena. Their love for nation, families, and their friendship