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A Sudden Realization 1/3 by rejoiceo
A Sudden Realization 1/3by 𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓯𝓾𝓵
"What have you been hiding from me?" "What?- nothing. Totally nothing." I could feel my heart pounding. No one was allowed to know. But somehow it fe...
The Last Scream (Noah Foster/ Scream Series FF) Wattys 2017 by EverythingLily
The Last Scream (Noah Foster/ *_*
Vex moves to Lakewood for a fresh start, or at least that's what she tells everybody. Her real reason... to escape her past. First day jitters are nothing compared to th...
BAD IDEA | ANDREWS by velarihs
[ B O O K O N E - S E A S O N 1 + 2 ] ❝Forget about him, forget about it, forget about me.❞ Vex Jones, the twin of Jughead Jones, life begins to fall apart after the d...
Skyrim oneshots by Majic2000dragon
Skyrim oneshotsby Dovawaya
A collection of oneshots involving Skyrim characters as well as the Dovakin him/herself. If there's something you'd like to see, let me know along with any specific info...
From hunter to vex god (hunter x vex) by Wheres_The_Funny
From hunter to vex god (hunter x Wheres_The_Funny
To make it simple this is a slight continuation of my first book but it is not required to read that one before this one I guess if you don't care about understanding e...
Cayde-6 In Remanant (Fanfiction Destiny x RWBY) Volume 1 by HootMeOwl
Cayde-6 In Remanant (Fanfiction Loaf
What if Cayde never died? If Cayde wasn't in the Prison Of Elders. If he was thrown into another dimension by the Vex? If Cayde was never saved by our Guardian from the...
A Lover's Tale (Skyrim X Readers!) by SomeoneIsWatchingMe
A Lover's Tale (Skyrim X Readers!)by SomeoneIsWatchingMe
Request some x readers you want me to do! I am pretty passionate about Skyrim, but it might take me a while to write one. Since I don't know the plot or have to understa...
3Below tales of arcadia Krel x oc by Flamestriker45
3Below tales of arcadia Krel x ocby Flamestriker45
While the prince and princess in waiting are on earth with varvatos and luug, a mysterious girl appears at the school, but who is she? And why is she there in the first...
Tales of Arcadia One-Shots by T-Night
Tales of Arcadia One-Shotsby T
A collection of X Reader one-shots for the characters from Tales of Arcadia. Strict rules, really long one-shots, you know the drill.
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A Vex Problem by DerpZachary
A Vex Problemby That One Writer
Mystogen is called to Mercury by Osiris because of a slight problem. . .Well, a big problem the Vex are going to another universe where guardians, the Traveler, and the...
A Dangerous Game (Krel x Reader) by T-Night
A Dangerous Game (Krel x Reader)by T
She had a mission, but it wasn't long before it seemed to be compromised by something seemingly far more powerful than any deal she'd come across so far.
Starlight ⋆ Varian x Reader Oneshots by YaGirlCheesely
Starlight ⋆ Varian x Reader Chelsea Gorman
This is a collection of one shots featuring Varian x fem!Reader. It's my first time making my own fanfic content. So, if you see any errors in me writing please let me k...
Child of destiny (destiny 2 x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Child of destiny (destiny 2 x Reaper-fire
A six guardian fire team was sent to earth to help a small town with a problem, when they arrived all they found was death, everyone had been slaughtered, except a small...
Rwby x Destiny crossover volume 3 by saltybot
Rwby x Destiny crossover volume 3by saltybot
After the events of volume 2, the entire city of Vale is on the edge. The vytal festival is now just around the corner and The White Fang and the Cabal are planning some...
Trinity Hostile Mob AU  by YanDanTDM
Trinity Hostile Mob AU by i don’t know what i’m doing
The Trinity get turned into hostile mobs. That's all you need to know.
Remnants  by Goldengun2002
Remnants by The Gunslinger
The War between the light and the dark is over, though the toll was great. The moon shattered, planets decimated, and the continents of Earth reshaped. Many hundreds of...
No Fairytale: a Varianxreader modern love story by awkward_clementine
No Fairytale: a Varianxreader ♥ Clementine ♥
First, the cover art was made by "chiscribbs" on Tumblr! You're the new girl at school, that has a reputation of being a delinquent. You meet a girl named Vex...
The Lone Wolf (Male Reader Hunter In Remnant) by aceofspadeswielder
The Lone Wolf (Male Reader Skully1562
As a young hunter is patroling he finds a fatal Hive ritual that killed 5 gaurdians, but he gets teleported to an unknown land. How will the young wolf fare against unkn...
Cayde-6 X Reader  by _-Spyro-_
Cayde-6 X Reader by Parker-6A5
after waking up in old Russia and being told that she was supposed to defend the world with her light, (Y/N) was strapped in from the moment she woke up for a wild ride...
Cassandra's Tangled Adventures by Faniac1238
Cassandra's Tangled Adventuresby Katrina
After the fight with Zhan Tiri Cassandra left Corona to find her own destiny. along the way she makes new friends and is reunited with old ones as they travel across th...