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тнe ĸιттy - ѕ o p e  by ColorlessSeokie
тнe ĸιттy - ѕ o p e by ᴇᴀʀʟɢʀᴇʏ🌠
Yoongi, a 24 year old man and works as a vet. He owns 1 pet shop and 3 vet clinics. He never been this happy in his whole entire life. Until one day, he saw a Cat hybrid...
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nba burn book {complete} by beckhamjrs
nba burn book {complete}by tu madre
just a book where i make fun of nba players (THESE ARE ALL JOKES. DON'T GET BUTTHURT BC THEY AREN'T SERIOUS)
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Pet Vet by anushkamanjrekar
Pet Vetby HikaruHoshi
A small guide book for those who love animals, want to help them, like to be surrounded by furry friends and become veterinarians to do so. 'a hand for every paw'
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Veternarians by hells_angel_on_earth
Veternariansby Angel Of Earth
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Vets In Africa - Ed Lynch  by OohMrClarkson
Vets In Africa - Ed Lynch by Tom ❤️
Melissa Hart 26 year old Vet from England who's just passed her degree and is offered a position to train further in a reserve called Leopards Den after the reserve re...
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Started From A Blind Kiss by NightMonkey2019
Started From A Blind Kissby NightMonkey2019
A quiet artist madly in love with someone who has no clue who she is, or so she thinks, A player who is stuck between cliches, Could a blind kiss solve the small problem...
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The Seeding by Cholwellian1956
The Seedingby Cholwellian1956
They came to do what was expected: To Seed and Colonise. Billions were scattered - only a tiny percentage would find a viable, fertile home. One such seed fell to earth.
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What is Veterinary Surgeon by aescentre
What is Veterinary Surgeonby Animal Emergency Service
Here one thing is running in your mind that what is Veterinary Surgeon..?? Then here are talking about Veterinary Surgeon. It is usually known as for vets - work to safe...
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Football drought & other catastrophes by MadameTango
Football drought & other MadameTango
Newly minted teacher Poppy Fraser is starting a new life - she just didn't expect it would be in such an alien place where football is the main religion and anything els...
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Today We Remember by reactivewriter
Today We Rememberby the short story master
A short story written for Veterans Day.
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Pet Doctor by aescentre
Pet Doctorby Animal Emergency Service
If you alive in Brisbane or the surrounding place in Underwood, in addition to you have picked the conclusive site to locate a veterinarian. Dr. Alexandra Hynes is a lic...
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Veterinary Facilities For Your Pet Animals: by aescentre
Veterinary Facilities For Your Animal Emergency Service
Many people in the world have pet animals in their homes and they need medical care as they are also prone to be affected by various diseases and getting injured in acci...
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saving my best friend from his worst day by user61944548
saving my best friend from his
The sad story of unconditional love for billy
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Animal Emergency Service by aescentre
Animal Emergency Serviceby Animal Emergency Service
Animal Emergency Service is an after-hours emergency and critical care veterinary clinic providing support to specialists and veterinarians across Northern New South Wal...
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everythings ok by mollie2205
everythings okby mollie2205
this is based on a true story that happend to myself. some of the names have been changed. enjoy
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Pet Love by Matts_bae78781
Pet Loveby Matts_bae78781
Jake looses his dog cookie before leaving for vacation. Melanie finds Cookie tied to train tracks and can't help but feel her heart break and connect with Cookie, so she...
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The Kibble Dialogues by NickdaCosta
The Kibble Dialoguesby Nick da Costa
For some while now, a group of Dogs has been meeting every evening, under the old oak tree, to talk about the issues that concern them. Food, not surprisingly, is a majo...
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