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Draconian by auburnstreaks
Draconianby Amy
Mystery floods Ami Silverlake's somewhat boring life. She's forced to attend Hogwarts after Voldemort returns to his almighty reign. She expects to enjoy a normal, wor...
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Amicus verus rara avis est by KarusiaS
Amicus verus rara avis estby Angelus Custos
Przyjaciółko, bądź mym aniołem.
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Verus and Priscus by AdiaNorine
Verus and Priscusby AdiaNorine
Verus and Priscus were gladiators who battle against eachother in the inauguration of the Flavian Amphitheatre in 80 AD. Told in Verus' Pov, we take a look on their memo...
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How to: Keep Savanna Chimpanzees off your winter vomiting bug pills by KozhamykRia
How to: Keep Savanna Chimpanzees Kozhamyk Ria
This is the Ultimate Rule Guide: How to keep Savanna Chimpanzees off your winter vomiting bug pills. Savanna Chimpanzees aka Pan troglodytes verus love eating pills agai...
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Seeing Double by jlsh123
Seeing Doubleby Janeesmiles
Iris Summers, after surviving three days of hell, lived with her cousin and went to a school that had a secret and a problem. 90% of the students were guys and most of t...
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