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Behind the CLEAN ROOM by VertigoComics
Behind the CLEAN ROOMby Vertigo Comics
Take a peek inside Chloe Pierce’s notebook to find out what horrors await inside the CLEAN ROOM.
Lucifer 101 by VertigoComics
Lucifer 101by Vertigo Comics
@VertigoComics is launching a new Lucifer comic on December 16, featuring the character originally created by Neil Gaiman for The Sandman. In order to get new readers or...
Brutal Tips for Writers by GailSimone
Brutal Tips for Writersby Gail Simone
Gail Simone, writer of @VertigoComics’ new horror title CLEAN ROOM, details the unvarnished reality of what it takes to become a comic book professional.
Ask/dare All Fandoms by lyndiev4lyfe
Ask/dare All Fandomsby Lyndi the Proxy
I have decided to switch things up a bit by instead of focusing on one particular fandom, you would be able to ask all my favorite fandoms. The starting 8+ fandoms will...
The Devil's Playlist by HollyBlackAuthor
The Devil's Playlistby Holly Black
When working on Lucifer, writer Holly Black has a special playlist to get her in the mood. You know what they say, the devil has all the best tunes.
The Unforgiven by Waddlesandme
The Unforgivenby Waddlesandme
After almost a month and a half of knowing Lucifer Morningstar, Detective Chloe Decker still can't accept that Lucifer is the devil. As Chloe struggles with her personal...
From Isolation To Home: The Adventures of The Hellblazer's Daughter  by Sdcwrites
From Isolation To Home: The Lady Hellblazer
Separated from her mother, Her father a mystery to her. Maria Anne Martin has not exactly been dealt the easiest hand. Her mother being a psychic and her father the worl...
What's the Craziest $hit You've Ever Seen? by VertigoComics
What's the Craziest $hit You've Vertigo Comics
The experiences of an author and former paramedic, Daniel José Older, advisor on @VertigoComics new monthly series, SURVIVORS' CLUB.