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MOB by ElviraScaff
MOBby Elvira Scaff
What if the Dursley family cared for Harry? What would happen if Vernon was in the MOB
11 years by faebelle
11 yearsby faebelle
Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter and how he began his journey through Hogwarts at age 11, like all students. But what happened before Hagrid burst down the door...
i hope you dance • harry potter by -eddiemunsons
i hope you dance • harry potterby ʀ
"you are my only priority." ══════════════════ in which an aunt will do whatever it takes to protect her nephew, including but not limited to, 'kidnapping' hi...
The mountain of despair (a Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover) by n1cod1angelo
The mountain of despair (a Harry n1cod1angelo
Nine-year-old Harry Potter finds out that he's a wizard and a demigod. And on top of that... he has an older brother!? Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover
MISTAKE- Percy Weasley x OC by snooper277
MISTAKE- Percy Weasley x OCby Snooper
"And there she goes again. I don't understand why she talks to Percy! She's beautiful, and he's a prat! Am I right George.""Oh you know Iris?""Y...
The Troubled Wizard (A Harry Potter Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
The Troubled Wizard (A Harry MolMcN
One day after Harry's third year at Hogwarts, the Weasley's stop by to check on him. However, they are shocked to discover the truth about the boy who lived. Harry has b...
Harry's New Guardian (A Snape Mentor/Adopts Harry  Fanfic) Book 1 by JessicaRivera821
Harry's New Guardian (A Snape Jessica Rivera
What if, instead of Hagrid giving Harry his letter, Snape is the one who gives it to him? What will Snape think of Harry once he meets him and the Dursleys. Will his p...
Until The Very End by nerdybookworm25
Until The Very Endby Lorraine O'Loralie
The year was 1977. The First Wizarding War was really heating up. Tensions are high and danger lurks around every corner. People are making efforts to bright spots in th...
Julie Anne Dursley by Spexis
Julie Anne Dursleyby Spexis
Julie Dursley is Harry Potter's mean and spoiled cousin. It goes without saying that Harry never liked her, but can people change for the better? Female Dudley Dursley
The Summer That Changed Everything ⤘ DRARRY by -MidnightsRaven-
The Summer That Changed Artemis
"Harry thought that maybe he was having a dream where Draco would have him, and they would stay in a small place in Godric's Hollow. Maybe he dreamt of a world wher...
Howling At The Moon by missgardian
Howling At The Moonby Kim.
Before Harry James Potter went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was merely just a ten year old boy who was starting to realise he might have much bigger...
Durlseys Visit Hogwarts by AubreyBurt
Durlseys Visit Hogwartsby Aubrey Burt
The morning of the day that Harry needs to go get his supplies for Hogwarts, the Dursleys get an interesting letter inviting them to the student-family ball. Somehow Dud...
My Older Brother (Harry Potter Wbwl fanfiction) by 000_Gamer_000
My Older Brother (Harry Potter Gamer
Harry had been taken to the Dursleys at a young age, the day after Halloween while he was one by his parents. They vowed to visit, not much, but it had made Harry and Pa...
Molly My Saviour (Drarry) by ImKingOfTheClouds
Molly My Saviour (Drarry)by ImKingOfTheClouds
*8th Year AU* Draco is abused extremely. He needs to escape the hell of his home and start a new life from the death and evil that lingers in his family's history. He re...
No One Can Know by huffle_-_puff
No One Can Knowby huffle_-_puff
Hi y'all!! This is a fanfic about Delilah Lily Potter; Harry Potters little sister!! Also this is my first story so don't judge pls. English is also my second language s...
Slytherin Harry Potter by giannini789
Slytherin Harry Potterby Mrs Sarrus
harry's second year in hogwarts. I plan to write Something rest of the books but I really wanted for start here. everyone Is apart of the same house but harry. there wi...
Hogwarts is my Home  by rexi_daze
Hogwarts is my Home by 𝚐𝚘 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚒𝚝
Harry Potter fanfiction in which Snape takes in the boy who lived after an unfortunate event takes place, leaving there to be no other way around it.
Daughter of a Prisoner by SophiasFictions
Daughter of a Prisonerby Sophia Magdalena
I've always wondered how it would be if infamous Sirius Black had a daughter, Rose, who was only two years older then the boy who lived, Harry Potter. Well, this story i...
The Mission (Harry Potter Fanfiction) by notsogoldentrio3
The Mission (Harry Potter Alivia.M.A
What if harry got captured and found some people that don't remember anything about there life's. and what if those people suddenly changed Harry's life for better and w...
Of Woes, Bows and Hoes (Vernon Dursley X Dolores Umbridge) by IAmSlain
Of Woes, Bows and Hoes (Vernon .
On a dreary, miserable eve Vernon Dursley finds himself swept away and enraptured by the most unlikely of woes. (and hoes). Join him on his life changing journey as he f...