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Vera famiga x Reader by simpforverafarmiga
Vera famiga x Readerby littlewitch
I didn't see a lot of story about Vera and (female) Reader. So i decide to make a story... It my first story....and english is not my first language. I hope you going to...
¿Amar o dejar ir? by veraxpatrick
¿Amar o dejar ir?by veraxpatrick
¿Desconocidos, amigos, mejores amigos o amantes? Dos personas que se conocen por casualidad, que más tarde el destino los juntara haciéndolos compañeros de trabajo ¿Podr...
Parmiga: A Complicated Love Story. by vernafarmingale
Parmiga: A Complicated Love vernafarmingale
Patrick and Vera have been good friends for a very long time. Maybe too good of friends ?? Here's the story of what could have been.
Our Family by pianogirl69
Our Familyby Brianna Michelle
An Ed and Lorraine Warren fanfiction based on their love story with a exciting twist im sure you'll absolutely love! This book will be updated regularly so stay tuned...
Ed and Lorraine Warren  by carriefisher_fan
Ed and Lorraine Warren by morganbrooke
One shots on famous couple Ed and Lorraine Warren famous demonologists
Ghosts of a Longing heart by xXBehindTheAuraXx
Ghosts of a Longing heartby GirlBehindTheAura
a lorraine warren (from the conjuring universe) x female character story.
Trapped by merder_dempeo_feels
Trappedby merder_dempeo_feels
A few members of the cast of Bates Motel get sent to the universe of the series itself. They face obstacles of getting to know their character and having to think like t...
Love or let go? by veraxpatrick
Love or let go?by veraxpatrick
Strangers, friends, best friends or lovers? Two people who meet by chance, who later fate brought them together as co-workers. Will they be able to deal with desire and...
The Evil Within Me by leylab28
The Evil Within Meby leylab28
14 year old Amaya Warren inherited her mothers clairvoyant powers. But what happens when Amaya has these nightmares of a women that Lorraine and Ed thought they got rid...
Our story.  by warrqns_
Our story. by Angelina 👻
Let's start from the beginning of the Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson love story. Where we go through all the love, hearbreak, tragedies, and Beautiful moments of the co...
Mini Clips by NormaBates_x
Mini Clipsby verafarmiga_xx
My creative writing is a bunch of Normero stories! Some longer than others! But not too long as I know how much you want Normero to happen! Please if like what I write c...
A Touch Of Love and Diamonds  by BeaBillanes
A Touch Of Love and Diamonds by Curious Mind
The Pacific Inc. was a huge brand name, many wanted a job opportunity to work there but not all has given a chance due to one man's decision. He's a cold blooded person...
Maybe This Time by merder_dempeo_feels
Maybe This Timeby merder_dempeo_feels
Sequel to Time To Pretend (A Vestor Story). If you haven't read should. Anyways, this is placed about a year after the finale of Season Five of Bates Motel. I...
That Woman by kayspice04
That Womanby kayspice04
"you'll be the death of me Norma" "oh I could never hurt you" Obviously a Bates Motel fanfic! Androgynous FemXFem Probably going to be smut so read...
Whats wrong with Norman? (ON HOLD) by Angiebear71
Whats wrong with Norman? (ON HOLD)by Norman Demers
Piper is a 17 year old girl who moved from Cali to Oregon. Shes not happy about moving until she meets Norman, the sweet and sensitive 17 year old kid in her classes. As...
DEMONS OF THE DARK by luvvu_sadie
The conjouring x OC/fanfic -------------------- This is about the conjouring universe. The warren's daughter. Lana Warren, follows on a case with the perrons family. La...
THE STORY OF NORMA BATES  by JessicaJones513
This story is about Norma Louise bates and the story that drove her to be a broken soul . Caleb,Sam her mum and dad . Everyone drove her to be broken everyone except her...
Hide Away by merder_dempeo_feels
Hide Awayby merder_dempeo_feels
This is a very different Vera and Nestor (Vestor) story.