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TMNT: There's Another Turtle?! by tmntloverjess1994
TMNT: There's Another Turtle?!by ~ *Pisces - The Fish* ~
Based on the 2014 movie, When Venus De Milo, a normal 17 girl, gets mutated by some mysterious green ooze, she tries to figure out why this happened to her. She ends up...
𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐔𝐒 𝐃𝐄 𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎 ―plot shop. by -gloriouss
𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐔𝐒 𝐃𝐄 𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎. in which amelia gives you plots for various fanfictions that have been stuck in her head for a while, but sadly will never get the chance t...
TMNT GIRLS (2014/2016 version) by iiOmq_Oreos
TMNT GIRLS (2014/2016 version)by iiOmq_Oreos
Venus, Larota, Talena and Amoly come back from their training in Japan only to be met with surprises.
Rise of a New Ninja  by Andrite111
Rise of a New Ninja by Andrite111
Rise up and join the legendary heroes Raph, Leo, Donnie, and Mikey as they discover a hidden city beneath New York, learn amazing new Mystic ninja skills, battle absurd...
Tmnt 2012: New Turtle in NYC by MeadowSchmitz
Tmnt 2012: New Turtle in NYCby Meadow Schmitz
It's been months since the turtles along with their allies saved earth and stopped the demon dragon and saving the earth from the Krang and shredder from another dimensi...
TMNT girls love stories  by ThatYaoiObssesedWeeb
TMNT girls love stories by Raph_Gurl_135
Basically it's just a bunch of stories that I made up. Sooooo, yeeeaaaaahhhhhh. Ummm 😊 ENJOY 😊 Ranks: #1:#Venusdemilo
Venus De Milo (A TMNT 2012 Fanfic) by Cartoonprincess15
Venus De Milo (A TMNT 2012 Fanfic)by Cartoonprincess15
The turtles have known themselves as the only mutant turtles, minus Spike, to protect this city from any harm. But when a stranger comes to help their situation with mas...
More of Us by ThatYaoiObssesedWeeb
More of Usby Raph_Gurl_135
This is basically the rewritten version of my 'TMNT girls love stories' book. I looked back at it and I hate how I wrote it. Everything was so messy and bad. So, I decid...
Rise of the tmnt: Headcannons by Andrite111
Rise of the tmnt: Headcannonsby Andrite111
Short head cannons of Venus and her brothers
Hello Little Sister by ThatYaoiObssesedWeeb
Hello Little Sisterby Raph_Gurl_135
One night while looking for the missing mutagen canisters, the turtles discover a shocking discovery.
A New Ally - A TMNT 2012 Story (2020 Remake) by StormWolf234
A New Ally - A TMNT 2012 Story ( StormWolf234
*Originally Created in March 2017. Old story still available on my account if you want to check it out and compare* ~-~-~-~ "The shadows will turn against you, and...
Old Friends (TMNT Fanfic) by XxlittlerobotxX
April O'Neil and Casey Jones weren't the first human friends the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had. In fact they used to have 4 girl human friends they met they were 5. B...
A New Allie by StormWolf234
A New Allieby StormWolf234
Venus De Milo, a 15-year-old mutant turtle, has hardly known love. The only love she knows is her little brother, Felix's, love for his older sister... until fate brings...
TMNT girls love stories season 2😘 by ThatYaoiObssesedWeeb
TMNT girls love stories season 2😘by Raph_Gurl_135
You loved the first one. Now time for season 2! This is when the Triceratons took over earth. Taly lost Pebble, her pet dragon. You wanna know what else happens? Well, y...
Amazon by ThatYaoiObssesedWeeb
Amazonby Raph_Gurl_135
Venus, Leo, and the others get sucked into a different dimension. The Amazon. The girls get mistaken for the 4 Lost Sisters of the Jungle, kidnapped princesses that have...
Book 4: Backwoods by twilightpony4
Book 4: Backwoodsby twilightpony4
Please read previous stories to understand better. Birthday celebrations take an abrupt turn as Karai returns with new assailants that drive our mutants off the grid. Ta...
Somewhere In China by twilightpony4
Somewhere In Chinaby twilightpony4
The loss of a life is now a gain to two mutant sisters who learn more about the outside world and about themselves as they learn to live in New York sewers instead of fa...
Christmas Aliens by twilightpony4
Christmas Aliensby twilightpony4
A twist on a 2003 cartoon tale where Mona Lisa and Venus spend their first Christmas with their new family while trying out new Traditions while hanging onto their own...