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Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 Percent by PiercingWind809
Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 Percentby Little Great Spade Z
A piece of divorce paper sent Xia Xinghe into a state of destitution. However, a car accident later, she transformed into a professional hacker with more money than sh...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • cleverprotagonist
  • brokenengagement
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The Bitch Is Back  by daesies_xxo
The Bitch Is Back by daesies_xxo
Luna Adams was tormented and humiliated constantly by everyone at Westview high. In the end she couldn't take it and transferred at the end of sophomore year. Now, she's...
  • cheerleader
  • luna
  • rich
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War Of Vengeance  by MarvinWenzel
War Of Vengeance by Marvin Wenzel
Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon was casted into Tartarus because they thought he is to powerful and just to make it worse the only reason for their act was the request...
  • powerful
  • pertemis
  • war
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ATTRACTION Dangereuse **Jortini** by EnjoyAmnelia
ATTRACTION Dangereuse **Jortini**by Enjoy*Amnelia
Je suis Martina Stoessel, la fille du fameux Alejandro Stoessel. Mon père m'a appris à me battre. Si un homme lève la main sur moi, je l'envoie au cimetière. Comme tous...
  • impossible
  • blanco
  • famille
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Dealing With The Gangs by angelica20000
Dealing With The Gangsby Angelica
Alex has had it tough. Her parents died at 15. Leaving her with her brothers, or should I say the twins. She leaves and joins the army young and comes back at 17 to fini...
  • love
  • vengeance
  • gangs
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The Black Flame of Beacon (Evil Vengful Abused Yang X Evil Male Abused Reader) by EvilKarma9
The Black Flame of Beacon (Evil Evil Karma
I was just dicking around. Looking at stories that looked fun to read when I encountered a story made by @funfox123 called "Abused Yang reader X Abused Male reader...
  • evil
  • malereader
  • rwby
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The Seven Deadly Sins x Male Reader by patrickthehedgehog21
The Seven Deadly Sins x Male Readerby Master Pie
"...nothing but a experiment..." The seven deadly sins or also known as Nanatsu no Taizai and it's characters belongs to Nakaba Suzuki You belong to yourself
  • meliodas
  • gluttony
  • elizabeth
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V is for Violet by Bailey-Elizabeth
V is for Violetby Bailey Elizabeth
Vengeance. Vendetta. Violet. These three words are her entire life. For three years now, Violet's world has been centered around killing Bill Pfeiffer, the man who murde...
  • love
  • prisoner
  • passion
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The Bad Girl Wears Pink ✅ by LeRoyaleJae
The Bad Girl Wears Pink ✅by Sassy Bella ❤
|| HIGHEST RANKS: #13 in HUMOR #79 in TEEN FICTION || If you are going to be BAD, then you have to do it the BAD way... It's pretty simple: 1) Don't get caught 2) Alw...
  • badass
  • wattys2018
  • bestfriends
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Vengeance- abused & neglected m reader by robbiewazup
Vengeance- abused & neglected m All Hail Megatron
Y/n Xiao Long was treated like filth. His sisters used him as a punching bag, his father saw him only as a slave... so when he is given the opurtunity to get revenge, he...
  • rwby
  • revenge
  • abuses
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Runaway teen by High_Hopes_and_Dream
Runaway teenby High Hopes & Dreams
"She's my step-sister and she's like a sister to Alpha Vincent." James said making me smile. I sat down and saw Vincent and James shift into beautiful wolves...
  • scars
  • beta
  • completed
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Blades of assassins (Hoseok X Reader) by JRoekie
Blades of assassins (Hoseok X JRoekie
For many years your clan has lived in peace, until your worst enemy appeared and changed all that. The koga clan. The day your village gets attacked your father forces y...
  • hoseok
  • bts
  • assassins
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Silence by spreadem69
Silenceby Elena
"Careful how you play your cards when you have a queen in your hands" The angel of London, the girl who everyone wanted to be, the name which would bring smile...
  • romance
  • sassy
  • depression
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Obsidian by Siennafrost
Obsidianby Sienna Frost
There are no monsters bigger than the worst of men. ----- How does one define righteousness? How much should freedom or pride cost? How far would you go for loyalty, o...
  • fantasy
  • swords
  • tragic
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Under the Crimson Moon by Confusedspaz
Under the Crimson Moonby Confusedspaz
Crime and punishment. Two things that didn't quite go together in the traditional sense when in regards to the Peaky Blinders. They committed the crimes and doled out th...
  • lovetriangle
  • vengence
  • vendetta
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The Angel of Vengeance | ✓ [EDITING] by ReneeShantel
The Angel of Vengeance | ✓ [ Renée Shantel [hiatus]
Zoe Halsman has had the dreams for as long as she can remember -- the dreams that show her all manner of terrible things before they happen. As a child they tormented he...
  • yaparanormal
  • paranormalromance
  • teenfiction
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A Nights Of Acrimony And Reprisal. by sadisticbeast
A Nights Of Acrimony And Dread Words
The avengement of her thirteenth year.
  • retribution
  • revenge
  • vengeance
Wife For A Day (COMPLETED) by raineyen
Wife For A Day (COMPLETED)by Raineyen Black
#46 - forgotten #54 - questions "You're too much. Everything that you do is too much to take. Even the pain that you gave me." - Cliff Mikael Montero "You...
  • watty
  • amnesia
  • wifeforaday
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Making her My Belonging ||completed||  by Toramimi5
Making her My Belonging || J.Antonette
*ORIGINAL STORY, WRITTEN IN 2015, COMPLETED & EDITED IN 2016.* BOOK I of the "Making her" Series "The Wolf, the Human & the Vampire" I, Daciana Lupu...
  • vampire
  • vengeance
  • werewolf
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Stockholm Syndrome. [Boy×Man] by Trillion2Oblivion
Stockholm Syndrome. [Boy×Man]by *°*YASHIRO KOU*°*
Klause locked his jaw. Growling in my ear, "I'll give you advice just this once," His tone was gruff --Grey eyes that could be seen as a storm next to a horizo...
  • murder
  • vengeance
  • mob
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