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Veil Of Maya (On-going) by sserendipityautumn
Veil Of Maya (On-going)by S.Autumn
Veil Of Maya..... Unique. No one knows how veil of Maya created. And who's behind the white mask? Lot of students suffer, because of the game. RULE IS A RULE. There was...
Again and Again [Ventus x FEMReader] by Lok_the_Nobody
Again and Again [Ventus x Adiós
Arrived in the Land of Departure without any memories [Name] finally gets the chance to discover who she was when the opportunity arrives but is thrown into an unexpecte...
Sora X Roxas Highschool Fanfic by Kingphilipii
Sora X Roxas Highschool Fanficby Kingphilipii
This is the classic popular boy (Sora) becomes friends with not-so-popular boy (Roxas) and they are thrown onto the teenage ride of puberty, friendship and... love? Ple...
Kingdom Hearts One-Shots by alpha_wolfie
Kingdom Hearts One-Shotsby Wolfie-Senpai
A collection of kingdom hearts x reader One shots :)
Winter Days by Armybrat213
Winter Daysby miki
The third book in the Seasons Series begins. Things seem to cool down as Christmas approaches, and what better way to spend the holidays then with your Kingdom Hearts an...
GHOSTED by silentdeamy
GHOSTEDby LostSoul🙂
Venedict Ian, isang sweet ghoster paiibigin ka tapos pag umamin ka aalis siya. He's a man with flowery words and other girls label him as maginoong bastos. He's an hones...
Kingdom Hearts Oneshots by LostDreamer_of_Stars
Kingdom Hearts Oneshotsby Jackie
Bunch of one shots for the boys of kingdom hearts.
Fall Days by Armybrat213
Fall Daysby miki
Xemnas is dead. Sephiroth, Kadaj and Loz are in jail. Rufus is free… You wake up in a prison with no recollection of where you are or what happened to your friends. The...
Destiny High [KH/FF] by mangosherbert01
Destiny High [KH/FF]by Alex
[reposted here; originally posted on Quizilla] Two siblings are sent to live a normal life away from prying eyes in Hollow Bastion, only to find themselves attending a...
[Kingdom Hearts][Epic Mickey] Lost Lights by suprgrl1995
[Kingdom Hearts][Epic Mickey] Kessie-Louise Given
Terra, Aqua, and Ventus have been traveling the Realm of Darkness for awhile now in their pursuit to find Sora. But during a heated fight, Ventus accidentally transports...
your my light Riku love story by swanlover12
your my light Riku love storyby swanlover12
Aiko a child living in the land of departure. no one have ever seen a child heart so pure, but there a price, with a child pure of heart she was destine for great thin...
Kingdom Hearts: Terra x Ventus by terraven_lover
Kingdom Hearts: Terra x Ventusby terraven_lover
As Terra closed his eyes, the thoughts of Ventus - his young and supple friend - filled his mind and soon, the name slipped off his lips. It was a day off for the trio o...
Terra x reader (spoilers) by samuridragon
Terra x reader (spoilers)by samuridragon
You and terra are lovers together in the land of departure until the day of his mark of mastery, events unfold and you find yourself by his side until the very end ( ma...
Birth By Sleep by ohmymusaaa
Birth By Sleepby Azura
This is basically the kingdom hearts storyline, but inserting you, the reader in to it. I hope you enjoy! <3 I'll be updating at least once a day hopefully! This take...
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The Light Sparkle (KH/FF/Magic Renaissance X Reader) by Starlightfudo
The Light Sparkle (KH/FF/Magic Karina Estrada
Y/N was a amazing keyblade wielder who can make sparkles appear when ever she perform. This is her journey through out the worlds, meeting new people, performing, and co...
The Kindness In Her Heart by Starlightfudo
The Kindness In Her Heartby Karina Estrada
When a young girl was near to death, she was given a second chance. Until she find a way back to her world. She goes to Radiant Garden Academy. She meets new friends, en...
The Lonely Heart Learns  by Jaime9943
The Lonely Heart Learns by Jaime
This is a high school love story between Sora and Kairi Sora and Riku and the other's been in high school for a while and then suddenly everything changed when this unu...
Game Of Hearts by Whyareall
Game Of Heartsby Adrian
This is new and improved rewrite of my dark fantasy KH/FF fairytale that no one asked for but I felt was necessary.
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Game of Hearts (Original Version) by Whyareall
Game of Hearts (Original Version)by Adrian
This is the original version of the Story Game of Hearts that is bad and you shouldn't read. Je suis garbage...but I'm trying to improve. There's a rewritten version tha...
Ventus [One Shot Compilations] by BananaRoyalty
Ventus [One Shot Compilations]by ven.
A book of (shitty) oneshots with Reader paired with Ventus, a character from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. These are written by the self-proclaimed ruler of all banana...