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Agent 38: I Never Forgot You by ViviOcto12
Agent 38: I Never Forgot Youby Cinthia Preciado
Hello there again! This is now my 2nd Wattpad story, which is the sequel to Agent 38: In The Making. If you haven't read it yet, please do go ahead and read it because i...
The Hero in our Zones (BNHA x Splatoon fanfiction) by C00kie_Kat
The Hero in our Zones (BNHA x Cookie Kat
A two and a half months after human discovery, Agent 3 was sent to UA High. Three wasn't the "Friendly" type, they thought it was a good idea because he can ma...
Agent 38: In The Making by ViviOcto12
Agent 38: In The Makingby Cinthia Preciado
Heyo! This is my first Splatoon fanfic here, so I hope it's not too cringy. A bit of swearing (maybe), but overall, pretty friendly (I hope). I'd say 10+ for ages. And n...
Splatoon One-Shots~ by SaraGamerz
Splatoon One-Shots~by Sara Gamer
The title says it all. Might have smut, so be aware of that. This includes my favorite Splatoon YouTubers... And Ships. Also, HOLY HECK all the tags I used on this. Plea...
Me!! - Tag book by xXMythraXx
Me!! - Tag bookby Diane
Boxie!! *goes to town on boxes*
Splatoon Memes by MallowGG-38
Splatoon Memesby Mallo
What does the title say?
Splatoon Oneshot With O.c And Manga Caracter by Lily_boomy
Splatoon Oneshot With O.c And Lily god of destruction
Dont ask why I wrote this piece of sh** it's just random things that I imagine in my head with my O.c My Oc:Lily,Emma Oc of Daph:Daph and Alex You read this test failed
.o. by a_squib
#9 record
i can sort of animate but its bad and I do every two years probably
Splatoon 2: OCs, Logs, Opinions by multifandomneutral
Splatoon 2: OCs, Logs, Opinionsby multifandomneutral
OCs: Whenever I play the game, I roleplay my OCs to gain experience of what I been doing. You can do a QnA with them too to find out more. Logs: Interviews for my OCs be...
Agent 8 by AgentWoomySplatoonYT
Agent 8by AgentWoomySplatoonYT
Story Cover: "Pale summer moonlight shimmers on the seafloor. An octopus, unaware that dawn will bring capture, Rests within a trap, d...
•The Tales from Deepsea Metro• by __sleepyy
•The Tales from Deepsea Metro•by ur mom (MOVED + BARELY INACTI...
Himari ,Aka agent 8 adventure down The Tracks to The New world..... ...
The girl from inkopolis (splatoon x bnha) by Inklinqq
The girl from inkopolis ( Eat_ur_veemos_owo
Mirai Fugushi, an inkling has now moved from inkopolis to Japan but little did she know that not everybody is the same
marie by PearlinaIsGood
marieby Woomy!
it not callie, it marie
Splatoon 3: Single Player by woominatorozzie
Splatoon 3: Single Playerby Mercury
This is my take on what I think Splatoon 3's Single Player/Hero Mode will be, keep in mind this is my story and not real! Enjoy :]
The X squad (a Splatoon 2 fanfiction) by hetafan13
The X squad (a Splatoon 2 hetafan13
The team of Foxy, Nova, Karisma and Mint couldn't get any stronger, but what happens when Mint leaves for a few weeks? This calls for a replacement, for now. They have m...