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Not Another Girl (Hellsing x Reader) by mslcats
Not Another Girl (Hellsing x Tracy Carol Taylor
First, Alucard brought home Seras. Now Alucard is bringing home strays again. Will Integra be able to handle this new development? Or will it drive her to murder? It's t...
SANCTUM (Supernatural-Romance) by JMFelic
SANCTUM (Supernatural-Romance)by Master's_Pet
***Licensed under Typewriter Publications. Ebook and paperback version of Sanctum is now available on Amazon for purchase. Grab a copy now and you won't be disappointed...
Gacha Countryhumans for when I'm bored. by theexoticbutters
Gacha Countryhumans for when I'm Jynx
Title says it all.
𝐃𝐀𝐈𝐋𝐘 𝐆𝐎𝐒𝐏𝐄𝐋𝐒 by -angelxxx
just the daily gospel for anyone who wants to read it :)
Domino Effect (Yukio) by LionDuckling
Domino Effect (Yukio)by Jennifer
What if Yukio Okumura was given a chance to see what would life be like if he was never born? What if he was then also given the chance to see everything after if he we...
Never Forget You by NeverPlayBongos
Never Forget Youby NeverPlayBongos
((Don't own cover picture or Blue Exorcist)) Rin's execution is ordered by the Vatican and he does whatever he can to ensure his friends and family don't get hurt. Even...
Red Roses. (Countryhumans Italy X Spain) by C0PYCAT68
Red Roses. (Countryhumans Italy Copy
Italy and Spain have always been close. Italy knows his feelings are more than just close friends, but he's scared to tell because he's not sure if Spain feels the same...
Go SMARS! by Vexitus
Go SMARS!by Kaleb Keeton
Upon the discovery that he could use magic, Kail immediately quit his job in order to pursue a passion that he'd always had. However, in a modern society, there's a lot...
The Flames of the Dove by ElenaRose18
The Flames of the Doveby ElenaRose18
Italy, 1487. The Knights Templar, led by the notorious Rodrigo Borgia, head on a Crusade to slaughter all 'Doves' - a secretive society of the Old Religion who preserve...
A. I. Evolution: The Coming of Christopher by TheBobBaxter
A. I. Evolution: The Coming of R. M. Baxter
After a major car accident, Christopher finds himself facing a dire choice, either except a revolutionary new procedure to repair his partially crushed skull and damaged...
Trinity Bloods (FanFic) by InsidiousIntentions
Trinity Bloods (FanFic)by Jynx, Misty
This is a story based off of the Trinity Blood Books, Manga, and Anime.
Resurrect Thy Heart (Supernatural-Romance) by JMFelic
Resurrect Thy Heart ( Master's_Pet
Rank #815 in Romance, February 14, 2017 ---- Marcus chose to stay away from her, standing in the mattress with his hand tightly gripping the wooden beam. The whole time...
Slayer In A Pocket (Big/tiny Trope) by Lavender__Blue
Slayer In A Pocket (Big/tiny Trope)by Lavender__Blue
A female demon slayer tries to kill a demon, but when he accidentally makes her small, he doesn't know what to do. (Giant/Tiny oneshot. 2,000 words)
Sons of Dracula: Battle of Dracul by Starlla01
Sons of Dracula: Battle of Draculby Starlla
There are three sons of Dracula, each of a different mother. They are the protectors of peace and order within the vampire community. The eldest, Vladimir, is the head c...
The Girl in the Fountain by Weezie_24
The Girl in the Fountainby weezerz2490
One day, Cesare Borgia meets someone he did not expect. Who is this strange girl, and how will her presence affect their world? Will she become an asset or a hindrance...
Spirit Whirled: The Deaf Phoenicians by GreatTide
Spirit Whirled: The Deaf GreatTide
The Vault of Heaven This is a full chapter from Spirit Whirled: The Deaf Phoenicians that explores ancient and controversial subjects, among which is mind-control and ho...
Italy X Spain (ft. COVID-19) by Betterthanyoucanever
Italy X Spain (ft. COVID-19)by A Cool Person
Honest to god this wasn't supposed to end up being like this. I kinda let it go where it would. Anyway have some Spain, Italy, and coronavirus.
The Holy Bible New Testament (KJV) [COMPLETE] by CelestinoQuintanaII
The Holy Bible New Testament (KJV) Celestino Quintana I
This is the New Testament of the Holy Bible. It contains divine library of the New Testament of Jesus Christ/Yeshua (The Anointed One). Here is a tip for finding your fa...
Love & The Bishop by desosaurasrex
Love & The Bishopby Dylesia
Enrico Maxwell was, and still is well known for being the sadistic leader of the Iscariot organization. But will that all change when his life is turned upside down by a...